105 Minutes Movie Review (Aha)

105 Minutes Movie Review: Hansika’s Solo Act

Movie Name: 105 Minutes
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Cast: Hansika
Director: Raju Dussa
Producer: Bommak Shiva
Music: Sam C. S.
Banner: Rudransh Celluloids

In Tamil cinema, Hansika often appears in lead roles after Nayanthara, Trisha, and Aishwarya Rajesh. Similarly, in Telugu, she stars in the female-oriented movie ‘105 Minutes.’

Released on January 26th, this film has recently come to the ‘Aha’ platform. Shot in just six days with a single character, this horror thriller’s story is explored below.

Plot Summary:
The story revolves around Janu (Hansika), who finishes her work at the office and heads home. As it gets dark and starts raining, with thunder and lightning intensifying, she speeds up her car.

She feels as if someone is watching her, looking at her angrily, and following her. In this anxiety, she reaches her home.

Upon entering her house, the power goes out. She senses someone is in the house, hears strange noises, and begins to feel scared. She hears eerie laughter and crying.

Suddenly, it seems like she is transported to a forest area, increasing her fear.

Unexpectedly, chains appear on her legs, without her understanding who or how they were put there. She feels someone chasing her from one room to another.

She tries to escape the house, but an invisible force prevents her from doing so, saying, “I need your love… I need my life back because of you.”

Soon, Janu is injured due to this invisible force. Her phone rings on one side, and the doorbell rings on the other, but she can’t answer.

The questions of who is causing Janu so much fear and what her past is with them spark audience interest.

Telugu cinema has seen several experiments, and ‘105 Minutes’ is one of them.

The film features only one character on screen. The story revolves around her pain, fear, anger, and anxiety.

‘105 Minutes’ refers to the movie’s duration, and the story is about what happens within this time.

When a director narrates events within a specific timeframe, people are curious to know what happens during that period. Stories set in a timeframe create suspense about what will happen in the next moment.

However, this movie, intended to keep the audience on edge for 105 minutes, ends up disappointing them.

The only character is not introduced properly; the film starts with her being locked in a house. It’s like we are viewing her through a window.

She is scared and troubled, with invisible forces terrorizing her. The audience doesn’t know the connection between her and these forces.

Viewers want to see the evil force torturing Janu and know who it is. But the director doesn’t provide that opportunity. ‘105 Minutes’ is merely the beginning, suggesting viewers wait for the sequel.

Making a film with just one character is a bold move, but making it without a story is an even bigger risk.

There is not much to say about Sam C. S.’s background music, Shyam Vadavalli’s editing, or Kishore’s photography because such technical aspects are usually discussed when scenes and locations change.

But in this movie, everything takes place in one house with one character, making it an experimental film only if there is a fitting story, which is absent here.

At the end of the movie, Janu thinks, “Such suffering should not befall any girl.” This line could be changed to “Such suffering should not befall any viewer.”

Titling the film ‘105 Minutes’ and then not delivering any substantial content, promising the real story in the next part, seems laughable.

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