Balakrishna Birthday Surprise: New Movie with Boyapati Srinu Announced!

Balakrishna Birthday Gift to Fans: Balayya-Boyapati Combo Returns

The combination of Nandamuri Balakrishna and mass director Boyapati Srinu has delivered three blockbuster hits to date. This combination is a favorite not only among Balayya’s fans but also among all cinema enthusiasts.

The films “Simha,” “Legend,” and “Akhanda” are known for their massive success, establishing this duo as a hat-trick hit pair. It was previously announced that their next movie would be “Akhanda 2.”

Today (Monday), on the occasion of Balakrishna‘s birthday, a big update regarding the Balayya-Boyapati movie has been announced.

Under the 14 Reels Entertainment banner, with Ram Achanta and Gopichand Achanta as producers and Boyapati Srinu as the director,

Balakrishna will star in their fourth movie together. A poster was released with the working title “BB4,” extending birthday wishes to Balakrishna.

Additionally, Balayya’s daughter Tejaswini is also participating as a producer in this movie.

Tejaswini previously worked on Balayya’s “Unstoppable” show. It is reported that she will now be fully involved in the film industry.

However, while many believe this movie to be “Akhanda 2,” the film unit has not provided any clarity on this.

Meanwhile, Balayya recently recorded a hat-trick victory from the Hindupur constituency in the recent AP elections.

His fans are in high spirits following this victory, and the announcement of another movie in this mass combo has doubled their excitement.

Balakrishna Birthday Surprise

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