Aarya Season 3 (Hot Star) Web Series Review-Sushmita Sen stars as the lead

“Inside the World of Aarya Season 3: A Journey of Power, Passion, and Peril”

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen stars as the lead in ‘Aarya 3’
Episodes 5 to 8 streaming since yesterday
A strong, gripping narrative
Engrossing screenplay that clings to life
Scenes that unfold intriguingly
Production values, photography, and BGM stand out.

Sushmita Sen, having completed Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Aarya’, now returns in Season 3. The first 4 episodes were released for streaming on November 23 last year, and episodes 5 to 8, part 2 of this season, became available on Hotstar starting February 9, under the banner “The Ultimate War”. Let’s delve into how these episodes fare.

Aarya (played by Sushmita Sen) is seen making efforts to smuggle goods worth crores from police warehouses. As soon as she attempts to move the goods out, Nalini Saheba’s (played by Ila Arun) group prepares to claim them.

Meanwhile, Police Officer Khan (played by Vikas Kumar) aims to arrest Aarya by proving the goods in the warehouse belong to her. At the same time, he also tries to pin Aarya for the murders of Suraj and Nandini.

Amidst this, Aarya plans to strike a deal with Russian dealers, a piece of information Khan learns through Dhruv. Khan sketches a plan to catch Aarya red-handed. Aru (played by Aarushi Bajaj) discovers that Dhruv has been informing the police about his mother’s movements. Dhruv admits he is a police informant and tells Aru that his mother is in danger. With this information, Aru helps her mother escape from Khan’s trap.

Aarya becomes frustrated upon realizing that Dhruv was the reason her goods were seized. She learns about the whereabouts of her goods through him. She also finds out about Dhruv and Aru’s love affair. Consequently, Aarya warns both Daulat and Sampat not to harm Dhruv. However, taking advantage of Aarya’s absence, Sampat shoots Dhruv. Veer (played by Viren Vazirani) learns that his mother was the reason behind Roop’s death.

Veer, believing his mother caused Roop’s departure, feels heartbroken. Aru, thinking her love for Dhruv led her to shoot him, is distressed. Aditya, disliking his mother’s reunion with Daulat, holds resentment towards her. The children, unable to bear their mother’s actions, decide to leave with their grandmother, leaving Aarya unable to digest the fact that her actions have driven her children away.

What decisions will Aarya make in such circumstances? What will Nalini Saheba and Abhimanyu do in their quest to take over the goods? What actions does Police Officer Khan take upon finding the bodies of Suraj and Nandini? And what dangers do the three children face after leaving their mother? The rest of the story answers these questions.

‘Aarya’ is indeed a grand series, featuring a vast array of characters. The memorable portrayal of key characters, despite the gap between the series, has left a lasting impression on the audience.

The storyline is expansive, and the character designs are impressively executed. The series has been meticulously crafted, with a strong screenplay that has held the narrative together.

Significant locations have been chosen for the series, ensuring a rich visual experience that matches the stature of the characters. The dialogues feel natural, negating the need for translation. Sushmita Sen’s performance is a major highlight of the series, with the photography and background music elevating it to the next level. The editing is neat, avoiding any confusion in the storyline.

The series conveys that without the right path, one ends up facing difficulties and tears. Sacrifices made off the correct path lose their meaning, leading one to stand guilty. This story, subtly conveying this message, keeps the audience engaged without feeling monotonous, even across three seasons. Among the list of grand series, ‘Aarya’ secures its place as a highly intriguing watch.

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