Abhishek Sharma Hits Three Sixes to Achieve Historic Century

Abhishek Sharma Hits Three Sixes in international T20s

Team India’s young player Abhishek Sharma has added an impressive record to his tally. In the second T20 match against Zimbabwe in Harare yesterday, Abhishek scored a century, becoming the first Indian player to hit three consecutive sixes to reach a century in international T20s.

Additionally, he became the third fastest player to score a century in T20s. Notably, Shubman Gill holds a similar record, but in ODIs, having achieved a double century with three consecutive sixes against New Zealand in 2023.

In the latest match, Abhishek Sharma scored his century in just 46 balls. Rohit Sharma holds the record for the fastest century by an Indian, achieving it in 35 balls in 2017.

Suryakumar Yadav scored a century in 45 balls in 2023, both against Sri Lanka. In 2016, KL Rahul also completed a century in 46 balls against the West Indies.

Abhishek is also the first player to score a century in his second match, an achievement unique among players from ICC full member countries.

Previously, Evin Lewis scored a century in his second match after being dismissed for a duck in his debut, and Richard Levi also scored a century in his second match.

Abhishek Sharma scored 65 runs against spinners in this match, a feat unmatched by any other Indian player in T20 cricket.

In 2012, Yuvraj Singh scored 57 runs against spinners in a match against Pakistan in Ahmedabad. Abhishek scored these 65 runs with a strike rate of 232.14, hitting six sixes and four fours in just 28 balls.

In his final 23 balls, Abhishek scored an astonishing 72 runs, including seven sixes and five fours. In contrast, he managed only 28 runs in the first 24 balls he faced, which included three boundaries.

Before Abhishek, only two players had scored centuries in Zimbabwe in T20s.

Australia’s Aaron Finch set a world record with 172 runs in 2018, and USA’s Steven Taylor scored an unbeaten century (101) in 2022.

The Indian team’s total of 234 runs in the second T20 against Zimbabwe is the highest score recorded in Harare against Zimbabwe.

Australia’s team had previously scored 229 runs here in 2018, and Zimbabwe scored 236/5 against Singapore in 2022, which is the highest total in Harare.

In the last 10 overs, the Indian team scored a staggering 161 runs, the third-highest in T20 history.

Nepal scored 192 runs against Mongolia in 2023, and Japan scored 161 runs against China earlier this year.

Abhishek Sharma Hits Three Sixes
Players to hit three sixes off the first three balls they’ve faced in an IPL innings:

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