Arambham Movie Review (Amazon Prime)

Arambham Movie Review: An Experimental Village Drama

Movie Name: Arambham
Release Date: 2024-07-06
Cast: Mohan Bhagath, Supritha, Bhushan, Ravindra Vijay, Surabhi Prabhavathi
Director: Ajay Nag
Producer: Abhishek Thirumalesh
Music: Sinjith Yarramilli
Banner: AVT Entertainments

The story of ‘Arambham’ is set in a village backdrop with intriguing content, impressive photography, and necessary graphics. It asks the audience to be accommodating regarding some aspects.

Generally, small films avoid experiments, focusing instead on commercial elements. However, ‘Arambham’ stands out by taking risks with experimental content.

Released in theaters on May 10th, it is now available on ETV Win and started streaming on Amazon Prime from yesterday.

The story is set in ‘Madikonda,’ a remote village near a forest. ‘Miguel’ (Mohan Bhagath), a young man, lives in this village. His world revolves around his mother Leelavathi.

Since childhood, Miguel has been interested in experiments and meets Subramanyam (Bhushan), who has been working on an experiment for several years.

Due to this experiment, he loses his son, prompting his wife to leave with their daughter in anger.

Twenty years later, Subramanyam’s daughter Sharada (Supritha) comes in search of her father and starts assisting him in his experiment.

Miguel develops a close bond with her. In the same village, ‘Ponnan’ secretly grows marijuana and lends money at high interest, later harassing people for repayment.

This leads to conflicts between Ponnan, Subramanyam, and Miguel. Miguel spends most of his time at Subramanyam’s house, assisting in his experiments.

Miguel ends up in prison for Subramanyam’s murder and is sentenced to ‘Kalaghati’ jail.

One night, he escapes from the jail, which has a 20-foot wall and electric fence, leaving no traces of his escape.

The jailer, fearing for his job, contacts Detective Chaitanya (Ravindra Vijay) to investigate.

Detective Chaitanya finds that Miguel was friends only with Ganesh (Meesala Lakshman) in the jail and summons him for questioning.

What does Ganesh reveal? How does Miguel escape? Did he really kill Subramanyam? The rest of the story unfolds these mysteries.

Despite being a low-budget film, the story is well-structured within its frame. The director tells the story neatly without confusion.

The chosen content requires significant graphics, but they managed with available resources. The newness in the story keeps the audience from focusing too much on the graphics.

Half a dozen main characters play key roles in this story. The director succeeds in depicting the village atmosphere effectively.

The screenplay is a plus, and the mother sentiment works out well. The locations help the small story significantly. Dev Deep Gandhi’s photography stands out, and Sinjith Yarramilli’s background music complements the story.

The editing by Preetam Gayatri and Aditya Tiwari is good.

The story revolves around Subramanyam’s experiment, which needs to be understandable to the audience.

Such content should not be touched without graphics, as the audience needs visual clarity to connect with the experiment.

The second half is interesting but lacks logic at times. Although it’s not a big-budget film, the director has somewhat succeeded in delivering suitable content within limited resources.

Arambham Movie Review

Arambham Movie Trailer

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