Shashi Madhanam Web Series Review! (ETV Win)

Shashi Madhanam Web Series Review: A Refreshing Romantic Comedy

Movie Name: Shashi Madhanam
Release Date: 2024-07-04
Cast: Soniya Singh, Pavan Siddhu, Keshav Deepak, Rupa Lakshmi, Sri Lalitha, Venkatesh
Director: Vinod Gali
Producer: Harish Kohirkar
Music: Sinjith Yerramalli
Banner: Mark My Words

Romantic Comedy ‘Shashi Madhanam’

Lead roles: Soniya Singh and Pavan Siddhu
Engaging storyline
Entertaining scenes
Suitable content for both youth and family audiences

In recent times, OTT platforms have been dominated by thriller genres, including suspense thrillers, crime thrillers, and horror thrillers, which have garnered significant popularity.

Amidst this trend, the romantic comedy web series ‘Shashi Madhanam’ has been released today. Starring Soniya Singh and Pavan Siddhu, this series is directed by Vinod Gali and consists of 6 episodes.

Let’s see how it fares.


Madan (Pavan Siddhu) lives in Warangal with his elder brother and sister-in-law. His elder brother works as a traffic policeman.

Despite not doing anything substantial, his brother tolerates him with love. Madan is in love with Shashi (Soniya Singh) from Hyderabad. Shashi’s father is an advocate, and her family includes her mother, younger brother, and grandfather.

One day, her entire family sets out to a relative’s wedding ten days in advance.

Due to gambling, Madan incurs a debt of 5 lakhs to a rowdy named Bhaskar. Unable to repay the amount, he decides to hide somewhere for a few days.

At the same time, Shashi informs him that she is leaving for the wedding. Madan pleads with her to stay home for him.

When her family leaves for the wedding, Madan sneaks into her house. However, the wedding gets canceled, and her family returns midway.

With no way to escape unnoticed, Madan hides in Shashi’s room. Shashi goes to great lengths to hide him from her family.

Meanwhile, Shashi’s aunt Rangamma (Rupa Lakshmi), a police officer, brings a marriage proposal for Shashi, making Shashi anxious about being caught. As predicted, her aunt notices the changes in Shashi’s behavior and starts observing her closely.

The suitors arrive at Shashi’s house for the marriage talks, and during this time, Rangamma spots Madan in Shashi’s room. What happens next? How does Shashi deal with the situation? What turn does Madan’s life take? This forms the crux of the story.


The scenario of a girl hiding her lover from her parents has been seen in many stories. However, this story revolves entirely around this theme.

Most of the events occur within one house, confined within four walls. Yet, the director successfully keeps the narrative engaging without any dull moments.

The first episode might seem a bit slow until the story picks up pace, but from then on, it remains interesting until the end without any dragging scenes.

Out of the 6 episodes, the third episode is particularly humorous and stands out as a highlight. Despite being a romantic comedy, it keeps the viewers on edge, wondering what will happen next.

The main cast delivers natural performances, connecting well with the story. The pairing of Soniya and Pavan appears very cute. The director earns good marks for screenplay and character design.

Rehan Shaikh’s cinematography is commendable. Sinjith’s background score significantly enhances the series. Anil Kumar’s editing work is perfect.

Although it’s a romantic comedy, there are no objectionable scenes or dialogues. This series, filled with heartfelt love and emotions, connects well with both youth and family audiences.

Shashi Madhanam Web Series Review

Shashi Madhanam Trailer

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