Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

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1- Tina Datta Breaks down

Tina Datta will be seen crying on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 because of Soundarya Sharma. After being accused of taking Soundarya’s vegan meal, the Uttaran actress sobs. Shalin Bhanor tries to comfort Tina when she starts to cry.

2-Sreejita De Makes a Negative Call to Tina Datta

Tonight, Sreejita De, a wild card participant, will return to the Bigg Boss 16 house, and Tina Datta will be her first target. Sreejita is back with a fury, calling Tina names and imitating her camera pose with Shalin Bhanot.

3-Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot Relationship breakdown?

Simply Friends On the show, Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot will be shown having a passionate discussion about their relationship.

Shalin closes the dialogue by providing the Uttaran actress with closure while Tina seeks to get clarification. Is Shalin and Tina’s blossoming love story now over?

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 7-While Soundarya is taking a shower, Shalin walks into the bathroom

Shalin Bhanot, a competitor on “Bigg Boss 16,” made a mistake by entering the bathroom while his housemate Soundarya Sharma was in the shower.

While having a shower, Soundarya was unaware that the door wasn’t locked. When Soundarya informed Shalin that he might also take a bath, Shalin only slightly opened the door. She was observed enquiring about the door’s opening. She questioned him about seeing anything until she realised it was Shalin.

In response, Shalin said he didn’t and expressed regret to her.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 6-Sumbul Touqeer Nominates Shalin Bhanot

Tonight during the nomnation’s task on BB 16, Sumbul Touqeer will be seen picking Shalin Bhanot’s name. The Imlie actress claims that Shalin has always made her feel inferior and it’s time to give him back.

2-Tina Vs Archana-Soundarya

On tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, the audience will see a catfight between Tina Datta vs Soundarya Sharma and Archana Gautam over ration.

It will so happen that Archana will complain about Tina to captain Ankit Gupta, which will lead to chaos in the house.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 5-In their captaincy challenge, Priyanka and Shalin team up against Sumbul

Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Choudhary will be seen teaming up against Sumbul Touqeer in the upcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 16” during a captaincy job in the contentious reality show.

Ankit Gupta will take over as captain, Priyanka and Shalin decide in a promo posted by the channel on Instagram.

Sumbul notices that they are all aiming at her as soon as the task gets underway. Shiv tries to make a point, but Shalin ignores him and keeps working.

There will be a battle for the position of next captain of the house on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 between Sumbul Touqeer, Shalin Bhanot, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary, and Ankit Gupta. After that, Priyanka and Shalin work together to remove Sumbul from the situation in order to install Ankit Gupta as the new raja.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 4-Priyanka, Shiv, and Archana emotional in the Confessional room

Contestants on Bigg Boss have the chance to describe how they feel about their experience up to this point in the confessional.

As they discuss the situation, Priyanka Chahar Choudary, Shiv Thakare, Archana Gautam, and others can be seen crying.

2-Shekhar Suman roasts contestants while channelling MC Stan

This time, Shekar Suman will roast the competitors during his Bigg Bulletin segment in the manner of MC Stan. Shekar is making fun of his fellow housemates’ actions and fights in a stylish manner.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 3-Salman Khan chastises Archana Gautam for her actions

1-Salman Khan chastises Archana Gautam for her actions

Salman Khan is annoyed by Archana Gautam’s interactions with the BB16 housemates. The latter corrects her for making comments on Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer’s appearances.

Archana is asked, “Apne aap ko samajhti kya hain?” by the show’s host.

2- The voters reject Shalin Bhanot

Contestants are asked by Salman Khan to identify the roommate they want to lose.

The host requests that they stick the roommate’s photo on a football before kicking it out of the garden area.

Shalin has been nominated by Archana, Nimrit, MC Stan, and Ankit to leave the BB16.

3-Tina Datta’s Black Heart Task Is On Housemates’ Minds

In the Black Heart assignment, the housemates must select between Tina Datta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary.

They must select who, in their opinion, is unreliable before they can pour the black water into the heart-shaped containers that have been set in front of Tina and Priyanka.

Many people are observed identifying Tina as the person with a “kaala dil.”

1-On December 2, 2022, Ankit Gupta is EXPOSED

In a task on Bigg Boss 16, Priyanka will learn the real truth about what Ankit thinks of her.

She’ll be angry with him after being stunned. Priyanka snaps at Soundarya when she attempts to defend him.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 1-Shalin Bhanot vs. Nimrit Kaur fight

1-Shalin Bhanot vs. Nimrit Kaur

The competition for captaincy and a chance to recover the lost Rs 25 Lakhs will be featured on Bigg Boss 16. Sumbul Touqeer will now declare her candidacy for the captaincy, causing Archana Gautam to act.

She will hear Archana advise her to work with them to recover the funds rather than competing for personal gain. Shalin Bhanot will also make fun of Nimrit Kaur’s mental state during the game, which will further exacerbate the turmoil.

2-Shalin Bhanot – Archana Gautam’s Big Encounter

Shalin Bhanot is seen managing his rage on Bigg Boss 16, and Archana Gautam will inform the other contestants that he has spilled tea and is not cleaning. Shalin loses his composure over her and engages in a verbal altercation.

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 30-Bigg Boss Berates the Housemates

1-Bigg Boss Berates the Housemates

Bigg Boss will criticise each and every housemate for questioning the Golden Boys about how they are perceived outside the house on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16. Even after that, Bigg Boss will inform them that they have been observed questioning many things, including their social media following.

2-Contestants’ Nimrit Rankings

Captain Nimrit will have the opportunity to order the competitors on Bigg Boss 16 based on their performances. Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Archana Gautam, and the rest will be disappointed even though she places Shiv Thakare first.

Ankit Gupta will then advise her to, at the very least, not participate in this assignment for her team.

3-Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot’s reunion song

Shalin Bhanot severed connections with Tina Datta on Bigg Boss 16. He told her that he doesn’t care about her and doesn’t feel anything for her.

Tina declared that she would avoid him. Now that Shalin has arrived to make things right, they embrace.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 29-Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta Have a Fallout?

1-Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta Have a Fallout?

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, Priyanka Chahar Choudhary breaks down and tells Soundarya Sharma that despite her best efforts to show Ankit Gupta how much she cares, she always seems to be following him about and attempting to rule him.

2-Archana Gautam’s Most Recent Domestic Fight

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, Archana Gautam will declare her desire for freshly baked rotis.

Nimrit will interrupt the housemates who are already enjoying chapatis when she informs them that Archana requires chapatis cooked with the flour she provided and that they must return the chapatis.

On the same subject, Shiv Thakare will explode in wrath.

3-Golden Boys Enter With Rs. 25,000

Salman Khan-hosted show tonight will welcome Sunny Nanasaheb Waghchoure and Sanjay Gujar.

They will provide the housemates with a fantastic opportunity to recoup the Rs 25 lakh in prize money that was taken from them.

4-Captain Nimrit hits Archana four times.

Captain Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia will be seen taking command and instructing everyone on how to properly carry out household tasks.

She also accuses Archana Gautam of causing the garden area to become a mess. Nimrit and Archana argue as a result of this.

1-Tina Datta refers to Nimrit Kaur as a con artist

Shiv Thakare will choose to give Nimrit Kaur the captaincy on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 rather than Tina Datta.

Shiv and Nimrit will argue with Tina Datta over the same thing. Nimrit will ask Tina what issue she has since she is Shiv’s preferred candidate, but Tina dismisses her as a con artist.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

2- Tina Datta Has A Breakdown

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16, Tina Datta has a breakdown because no one bothered to come and check on her following a significant altercation between Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and her.

She communicates her displeasure at receiving such treatment on her birthday to Shalin Bhanot.

3-Shiv Thakare vs. Tina Datta Battle

Shiv Thakare chooses Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia over Tina Datta to serve as captain on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16. In a fit of rage,

Tina Datta attacks Nimrit and Shiv. Shiv, however, escalates the conflict when he is shown making fun of Tina on her birthday and promising her a present in an apparent attempt to nominate her.

4-Nimrit Kaur Begins to Lead

The Bigg Boss 16 nomination task begins on tonight’s show. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia plays the game deftly, confusing others in the process.

Archana Gautam even goes on to advise her to consider her wrongdoing because the audience is watching.

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 27-Shekhar Suman calls all of his housemates fake in one.

Shekhar Suman will appear in a new avatar on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 as he chooses to entertain the housemates with qawwali.

Shekhar’s musical night seems spot on, from making fun of Shalin Bhanot to labelling all of the roommates as fake.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

2-Shekhar Suman Insults the competitors

Through his qawwali, Shekhar Suman criticises every resident.

By informing Soundarya Sharma, a vegan, that it is almond milk, he tells how Shalin Bhanot offered her regular milk and much more.

Suman’s musical night does appear to be enjoyable, though. Look it up!

3-Archana Gautam Casts Criticism

Tonight, Archana Gautam will be seen yelling and denying that she completed a task assigned by Bigg Boss.

But her obstinate behaviour and drama will result in a severe penalty for the entire household.

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 26-Archana Gautam is calmed by Salman Khan

Sajid Khan and Archana Gautam will receive instruction from Salman Khan for their ugly altercation at the ration task.

He warns Archana to maintain her composure because Sajid cannot remove her from the reality programme and that he would call out both of them for their transgressions.

Play a fun game with Kajol and Salman

Bollywood actress Kajol will appear on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 and be seen having fun with Salman Khan.

It will be hilarious to see the actress and the host play “the guessing game.” Just so you know, Kajol is on BB 16 to promote her upcoming Salaam Venky.

Priyanka’s Photo Is Flushed by Abdu Rozik

The participants will be asked to play the “Use and Throw” game on tonight’s episode of BB 16

. Abdu Rozik flushes Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s photo because he believes she is using Ankit while Shiv Thakare chooses Ankit Gupta’s name. Do you concur?

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 25-Salman Khan Schools Priyanka

1-Fahmaan Khan pops the bubble of the competitors

During the Weekend Ka Vaar show, host Salman Khan greets Fahmaan Khan. His mission is to deflate each contestant’s ego.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

2-Salman Khan Schools Priyanka

Salman Khan confronts Priyanka Chahar Choudhary over her hypocritical behaviour with Archana Gautam at the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. He also doubts whether they are pals.

3-The Parents of Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul Fight

Salman Khan introduces Shalin Bhanot and Tina Dutta’s parents, Sumbul Touqeer, in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

While Tina’s mother and Shalin’s parents argue that Sumbul is not a child and ask him why he sent her to Bigg Boss if he feels she is,

Salman Khan accuses Sumbul’s father of using the pretext that he is in the hospital to connect with Sumbul.

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 24-Nimrit Kaur – Tina Datta Indulge Fight Over Captaincy

Sajid Khan is attempting to reconcile Nimrit Kaur and Tina Datta at the start of the captaincy task. Nimrit advises Tina to put her faith in her ability to serve as a fair captain. Tina, on the other hand, asserts that she wants to be the captain since she has never held that position and for no other reason.

Shalin kicks the table in a fit of rage over Sumbul

There will be a significant confrontation between Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, and Sumbul Touqeer in the forthcoming “Bigg Boss 16” episode.

According to the ad posted on Instagram by the channel Colors, Shalin will lose his composure and make Sumbul cry.

Shalin lashes out at Sumbul in the video and says: “Why on earth are you talking to us? ! Dur Raho! Is dimag kharab true?” He furiously kicks the table.

Character assassination kar rahe hai, Tina exclaims while punching the wall in the room.

Later, while Shalin and Tina are there, Bigg Boss makes the first wildcard entry for the season announcement.

Sumbul rushes to embrace actor Fahmaan Khan as soon as he enters the home.

Fahmaan Khan, a co-star in the movie “Imlie,” enters as a wild card.

The first wild card participant to join “Bigg Boss 16” is Fahmaan Khan, who co-starred in the movie “Imlie” with Sumbul Touqeer.

The channel Colors posted a teaser for the next episode on Instagram. Fahmaan may be seen walking into the performance in the video.

Everyone exits the living area in the video as Bigg Boss announces the admission of a new candidate, and Fahmaan is seen entering.

When Sumbul sees him, he becomes distraught and rushes over to give him a bear embrace.

“Mera Fahmaan aya hai,” she may be heard saying.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 23-Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s verbal altercation

Ankit responds angrily as Priyanka attempts to strike up a playful chat with him.

Priyanka will confess to Ankit that she waged her own war within the home in addition to his.

Ankit will respond by stating that she is handling it independently and that she shouldn’t criticise him for it.

2-Archana Gautam’s Appropriate Rebuttal of Sajid Khan

When Sajid remarks, “Hakale jaane wale logon ko lagta hai unka baap chalata hai show,” it is during the Ration Card challenge. “Mera baap itna ameer hote toh woh Bigg Boss ko chala sakte, aap apne papa ko bol dijiye na woh chala lenge,” teases Archana in response.

Sajid becomes enraged at this point and tells her, “Aukat dekh apni.”

Tina and Nimrit argue, casting doubt on the friendship between them.

Tina Datta and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, who are friendly with one another on the show “Bigg Boss 16,” got into a heated disagreement as Tina kept pleading with her for help with the captaincy duty.

Tina, Shalin Bhanot, Nimrit, and Sajid Khan were seated next to each other in the garden area when it all began.

This time, Tina declared, she wanted to lead the team as captain, and she asked for everyone’s help.

All of them, according to Nimrit, will back her.

Tina requests a promise. Nimrit acknowledged that she wasn’t always able to defend her decisions, but she did promise to do so.

They then had a disagreement after this. This irritates Nimrit, who then exits the room.

Spicy weekend for “BB16” with the parents of Sumbul, Tina, Shalin, Kajol, and Revathy.

To promote their upcoming movie “Salaam Venky,” Bollywood actress Kajol and actress-director Revathy will appear on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the reality television series “Bigg Boss 16.”

Shalin Bhanot, Sumbul Touqeer, and Tina Datta’s families will be attending the show while they discuss their film with the host Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 22-Shiv Thakare takes over as captain once more

After defeating Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Abdu Rozik in a task, Shiv Thakare was chosen to serve as captain of the “Bigg Boss 16” house once again.

In the most recent episode, participants Shiv, Nimrit, and Abdu had to complete an assignment. Shiv was told to eat a dish of salt, Abdu consumed raw eggs, and Nimrit was required to perform 100 push-ups

Shalin’s father criticises Sumbul’s father for making a crude remark about his kid.

Sumbul Touqeer’s father said in an audio discussion with her during a recent episode of “Bigg Boss 16,” “Shalin Aur Tina ko unki aukaad dikha doh (show Shalin and Tina their worth).”

The father of Shalin Bhanot did not take well to these remarks and stated: “Is this the language used on public television? Making unpleasant remarks against other participants on national television without justification is quite cheap! Even more astonishing is the fact that these insults and remarks were left intact and were really displayed.”

Sumbul defends herself.

In the forthcoming “Bigg Boss 16” episode, Sumbul Touqeer will finally defend herself after receiving abuse for weeks.

Shalin and Sumbul may be seen conversing in the promo that channel Colors posted on Instagram. “Is ghar ke sabse badhi taakat pata hai kaun hai, Aap, main aur Tina (The greatest strength of this house is you, me, and Tina),” he is heard saying to her.

Which Sumbul answered: “How do you feel about aankh band karke aapka saath diya mereko? (I stood by you obliviously and received insults in return.) Bezatti”

Housemates target contestants on the elimination task hitlist.

A novel nomination challenge called Crime Scene, which is carried out in four rounds, will be announced in the forthcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 16.”

The drama and arguments continue unabated, along with the worry about nomination.

Tina Datta’s mother sobs and questions whether it’s okay to physically assault a child on live television.

Sumbul Touqeer’s father instructed his daughter in an audio communication with her during the most recent episode of “Bigg Boss 16,” telling her to prove Shalin and Tina wrong and even kick them in the face. After that, Tina Datta’s mother questioned if it was OK to physically abuse her daughter on live television.

Watch some sneak peek videos of the episode-

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 21- “I Don’t Really Have To Prove My Love,” says Gautam Singh Vig

Gautam Singh Vig. in addition, says, “If She Thought It Wasn’t Real,” when discussing his relationship with Soundarya Sharma.

The Bigg Boss 16 eviction this week startled both the viewers and the competitors. While many people—including the other housemates—thought Shalin Bahot would leave on her own own, Gautam Singh Vig was the one who was escorted out.

Team Koimoi caught up with Gautam after his eviction and spoke with him on a variety of topics, including his friendship with Soundarya Sharma. Was it a hoax, staged solely for the cameras?

Sajid Khan screams to the top of his lungs during the Bigg Boss 16 challenge. Here is what transpired.

During a captaincy duty on Bigg Boss 16, director Sajid Khan was at his most irate. Sajid is depicted in a new reality show teaser as the sanchalak, who forbids people from performing acts that he deems to be too risky.

Also, watch sneak peek video of the reality show.

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 20- Salman criticises Shalin for promoting Sumbul even though he is aware of her feelings

Salman Khan lost his cool with Shalin Bhanot for encouraging Sumbul Touqeer in the most recent weekend edition of “Bigg Boss 16,” despite the fact that she has a crush on him.

Salman was mediating the altercation between Tina Datta, MC Stan, Shiv Thakare, and Shalin in the episode.

Salman then inquired about Sumbul’s role in the altercation between MC Stan and Shalin. He informs her that everyone in the home concurred with the presenter that she is fixated with Shalin.

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot argue about doing the dishes

Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta, participants and close friends on the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16,” will be shown fighting viciously over doing the dishes in the upcoming episode.

In a promo posted on the Colors channel’s Instagram page, Tina is seen being stopped by Shalin as she enters the kitchen to wash some dishes.

Shalin refuses to let Tina go despite her repeated requests. Shalin pulls her up as soon as she reaches the sink.

Don’t do that, Tina screams.

Shalin responds, “I’m not aggressive,” to that.

Tina responds to his outburst with: “Be quiet. Why are you unable to see your own image in the mirror. Some people are incapable of ever changing.”

Priyanka’s housemates criticise her for having double standards and reveal their “targets”

The upcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 16” will feature Bollywood actor Salman Khan reprimanding Priyanka Chahar Choudhary for exhibiting her double standards in the house and choosing sides for her personal convenience.

He will, however, be seen encouraging and praising Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia for her improvement in her mental health and for persevering in the most trying circumstances inside the family.

Also, watch sneak peek video of today’s episode including memes of contestants shared by Sekhar Suman

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 19- Shalin chooses to leave “Bigg Boss 16” voluntarily

The voice of “Bigg Boss” had to step in when a nasty brawl between Shalin Bhanot, MC Stan, and Shiv Thakare broke out in the show house.

The housemates were debating who was wrong between Stan and Shalin after their altercation. They even talked about whether or not any of them ought to be fired from the reality series.

Tina, Shalin, and Stan were summoned into the confessional by Bigg Boss’ voice. In an effort to calm things down between Stan and Shalin, Bigg Boss

Shalin claimed he feared for his life inside the home. The actor went on to say that he wished to quit the reality programme. Additionally, he was told that doing the same would result in a fine. Shalin acknowledged this and said he would leave the show on his own will.

Tina scolds Sumbul, “You take advantage of my fights with Shalin!”

In the upcoming “Bigg Boss 16” episode, Tina Datta will confront Sumbul Touqeer for exploiting their altercation with Shalin Bhanot.

Tina may be seen loosing her cool in a teaser published on Instagram by the television network Colors regarding Sumbul.

She uttered: “You take advantage of our arguments every time Shalin and I have one. Because of you, I can’t relate to him. You constantly fill the gap. He truly cares about me, and you feel the same way about him.”

Shalin’s pet peeve is guns He claims Tina used him.

After the incident involving roommates MC Stan and Shiv Thakare, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta will be seen fighting in the future episode.

In the restroom area, Tina and Shalin can be seen conversing. In the video, Shalin is heard telling Soundarya that Tina made him change.

Bollywood actors Ayushmann Khurrana and Jaideep Ahlawat will appear on the “weekend ka vaar” episode of the Salman Khan-hosted programme. They will have some enjoyable interactions with the housemates while discussing their new movie, “An Action Hero.”

Salman will also be seen criticising the participants’ overall performance inside the house and roasting them.

On Colors, “Bigg Boss 16” airs on Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

Bigg Boss 16
Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16-Dec 8-Tina Datta Breaks down

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 18-While fighting with Stan, Shiv Thakare grips Shalin Bhanot’s face.

Another incident involving Shalin Bhanot, MC Stan, and Shiv occurred on “Bigg Boss 16” just one week after Archana Gautam physically fought with Shiv Thakare.

Tina Datta stumbled and hurt her ankle in a recent episode. Shalin rushed over to assist her. Tina, on the other hand, urged him to stop since her foot hurt.

Shalin was assured by MC Stan that he may let the doctor take care of her if she was in discomfort or agony. Shalin proceeded, though, insisting that he knew how to handle such harm.

Stan was enraged by this and abused him before leaving.

Also, watch a sneak peek video

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 17-Sajid warns Archana that if she ignores him, he will punish her

Contestant Archana Gautam from “Bigg Boss 16” risks the wrath of the other housemates and house captain Sajid Khan for refusing to carry out her responsibilities.

Archana must get up and perform her responsibilities in 20 minutes, according to Sajid, or else.

She, however, claims she is not listening to him and that he is free to do as he pleases.

The roommates ultimately take all of Archana’s clothes out of her luggage and throw them in the jail area because she refuses to listen to anyone, despite their best efforts.

MC Stan attacks Shalin following a dispute about Tina Datta.

MC Stan, a contestant on “Bigg Boss 16,” got into a violent altercation with Shalin Bhanot and assaulted Shalin with whatever was at his disposal. This might come up on “Weekend Ka Vaar,” where host Salman Khan might ask MC Stan about his behaviour.

When Tina Datta stumbled, she hurt her ankle, and everything else followed. Shalin approached her and put her feet up. She began to scream in anguish, and MC Stan ordered Shalin to let the doctor treat her if she wasn’t comfortable or was in pain.

It was before noticed that Archana Gautam caused Sajid anger by refusing to complete her tasks and staying in bed. Sajid predicted that things wouldn’t turn out this way, and that Archana would be held accountable for disobeying the captain.

On Colors, “Bigg Boss 16” airs.

Also, watch a sneak peek video of today’s (November 17)

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 16-Archana Gautam yells at Shiv, “tere kapde phaar dungi,”

Archana Gautam yells at Shiv, “tere kapde phaar dungi,” on “Bigg Boss 16”

Archana Gautam, the most contentious candidate on “Bigg Boss 16,” will clash with the captain Sajid Khan and Shiv Thakare about responsibilities.

The most recent commercial, which was posted on the channel Colors’ Instagram, depicts Archana refusing to carry out her captain Sajid’s duties, angering him.

Archana informs Sajid that she is not here to serve as labour and that individuals with fewer responsibilities can receive more work from him.

Sajid yelled fiercely, “Archana get out of the kitchen now!”

He is heard telling Archana that at the end of the day, she will be in tears. Shiv removes all of her clothing from the closet and threatens to burn it.

Shiv is then warned by Archana that she will destroy all of his clothing if anything happens to hers.

“Tere kapde phaar dungi.”

Shalin tells Tina in BB16, “We are both scarred, but I want to give our lives another shot.

In the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16,” Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta appear to be falling in love.

Tina was seen in the most recent episode asking Sajid Khan if she thought Shalin would keep her content.

Sajid’s response was that he believes Shalin will take all measures to ensure that she is satisfied.

After that, Sajid is seen telling Shalin that Tina is falling for him and that he shouldn’t break her heart.

Shalin tells Tina in BB16, “We are both scarred, but I want to give our lives another shot.”

In the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16,” Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta appear to be falling in love.

In the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16,” Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta appear to be falling in love.

Tina was seen in the most recent episode asking Sajid Khan if she thought Shalin would keep her content.

Sajid’s response was that he believes Shalin will take all measures to ensure that she is satisfied.

After that, Sajid is seen telling Shalin that Tina is falling for him and that he shouldn’t break her heart.

Shalin sat next to Tina’s bed at night. We hardly know one another, we are new, and I can’t lose you, he remarked while holding her hand.

He was informed by Tina that both of their lives had scars.

Tina puts flowers on the bed to celebrate Shalin’s birthday.

Shalin Bhanot, one of contestant Tina Datta’s closest friends, received a birthday surprise from her when she made his bed seem festive with rose petals.

She even made him a special “sooji sheera.” On the reality show, Shalin and Sumbul Touquer celebrated their birthdays.

Tina was seen in the most recent episode asking Sajid Khan if she thought Shalin would keep her content.

Throughout their time on Bigg Boss 16, Tina and Shalin have maintained a close relationship. Shalin Bhanot even admitted to having affections for Tina to Gautam Vig last month.

Everyone in the house rebels against Archana Gautam.

All of the housemates will be seen rising up against the most contentious participant on “Bigg Boss 16” in the upcoming episode.

All of Archana’s roommates will throw her possessions in the jail. The mattress that Archana is lying on will be seen being lifted by Shiv Thakre, Gautam Vig, Shalin Bhanot, and MC Stan.

Smoking room sealed, Sajid won’t accept responsibility

The makers of the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss” will be seen for the first time ever shutting the smoking room close to the house’s garden area to penalise the residents for smoking outside.

Bigg Boss can be shown expressing his displeasure with the housemates for smoking outside the room despite numerous warnings in a trailer published by the programme on the channel Colors on Instagram.

The choice was made following repeated requests for the housemates, notably Sajid, to refrain from smoking in the garden area.

Also, watch some sneak peek videos of today in Bigg Boss 16 show

Bigg Boss 16-Nov 15- Despite the #MeToo controversy, Sajid Khan is named the new captain of the house

After taking first place in the contentious reality competition “Bigg Boss 16” challenge, filmmaker Sajid Khan was awarded the title of captain and given additional authority to rule the house.

In the most recent show, Bigg Boss revealed that the captaincy task will involve touring the house, with Sajid acting as the tour guide.

Rapper MC Stan said during the captain election that if Tina is chosen, no one will follow her orders.

Benefits were altered as well once Sajid was named the new captain of the house. The two candidates who would share a room with Sajid will be exempt from chores and protected from nominations, according to Bigg Boss’ voice.

Soundarya calls Nimrit the “most unclean” contestant.

Soundarya Sharma was overheard calling Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia the “most unclean” competitor on a recent episode of “Bigg Boss 16.”

She gave Priyanka very little specifics about it and promised to explain her later when there is no microphone.

The tragedy happened as the leadership task was underway. In the house, Soundarya and Priyanka were overheard questioning the participants’ cleanliness.

Nimrit is deemed to be the most unsanitary member of the home by Soundarya. After putting off the microphone, she will reveal something, she continues.

Priyanka is informed by Archana, “maa-baap ne sikhaya nahi kya khana banana.”

In the forthcoming “Bigg Boss 16” episode, Archana Gautam and fellow participant Priyanka Choudhary will be seen fighting uglily in the kitchen.

On the channel Colors’ Instagram, a preview of the upcoming episode was posted, showing the two having a nasty argument.

Later, Priyanka is seen in the garden area telling Sajid Khan, the new captain of the house, that Archana is acting inappropriately. Then he states that he wants the responsibilities changed?

Memorable television personality rivalry in the programme

One of the key components of the contentious reality programme “Bigg Boss” that keeps viewers riveted to the television screen are taunts, heated disagreements, and fights.

However, since spectators get to see the true side of their favourite characters, the clashes between small-screen bahus and actors have been among the most thrilling and unforgettable ones.

Sreejita De, Tina Datta, and Uttaran’s fame all had a bad relationship before entering the house, and the cold war between them was evident to the audience during the show. Tina and Sreejita were called to the confessional by the master of the house, who requested that they resolve their differences there. Sreejita called Tina “dominant,” but Tina made it clear that their arguments were about “petty matters” by calling her out on it.

On Shalin and Sumbul’s birthday, Tina Datta prepares “sheera.”

Tina Datta did something extra for co-winners Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer to make their birthday even more memorable.

Tina and Abdu Rozdik inscribed “HBD S” in rose petals on the suji ka sheera. Since it was Shalin and Sumbul’s birthday, they did the same thing in Sumbul’s room.

Priyanka Choudhary and Archana Gautam will be seen arguing over cooking duties in the upcoming episode.

When Priyanka first started helping Archana make lunch, she was given the additional responsibility of slicing the veggies. Priyanka receives a reprimand from Archana for being unclean and kaamchor.

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Bigg Boss 16-Nov 14- Shalin can now participate in the captaincy task on show

Shalin got into a violent altercation with Archana Gautam during the first week of the captaincy challenge between Shiv Thakare and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, and as a result, the show’s producers disqualified him from the captaincy contest.

The Bigg Boss voice revealed that Shaleen can now participate in the task for the new captain in the upcoming show while introducing it.

Tina Datta disagrees with everyone regarding captaincy

Channel Colors posted a teaser for the next episode on Instagram. It reveals discussions over who should lead the house this week between Tina Datta, Sajid Khan, Shalin Bhanot, Nimrit Kaur, MC Stan, Shiv Thakare, and Abdu Rozik.

Tina ke captaincy mein koi kaam bhi nahi karega meko aisa lagta hai, claims MC Stan.

Tina becomes angry with Sajid for breaking his pledge to stand by her.

Tina approaches Shalin a little while later and warns him not to say “don’t say we are a family. Now I will flip.”

Soundarya Sharma describes the eerie incident she had while filming a web show in Varanasi.

For her new web series “Country Mafia,” which stars Ravi Kishan, Anshumaan Pushkar, Anita Raaj, and Satish Kauski, “Bigg Boss 16” star Soundarya Sharma recounts a shooting experience in Varanasi.

The 28-year-old actress made a cameo appearance in “Thank God” and made her playing debut in “Ranchi Diaries.” Soundarya talked more about her experience, which she found to be rather frightening and was unable to discuss for a few days.

IAS hopefuls Ajay (Anshumaan Pushkar) and Nannu (Soundarya Sharma) are forced to give up their goals after getting into a confrontation with Babban Rai, a liquor baron from Bihar, in the film “Country Mafia” (Ravi Kishan). On ZEE5, it will start streaming on November 18.

Priyanka requests sugar on “Bigg Boss 16,” which leads to a heated argument with Archana

Fights over food items continue to happen on the contentious reality show “Bigg Boss 16,” where Archana Gautam has returned.

In the forthcoming episode, when Priyanka asks for sugar, Archana tells her to ask Tina and denies ever providing it to her.

Archana, Soundarya Sharma, Shalin Bhanot, and Priyanka get into a fight, and Priyanka orders that no “Cheeni ke Parathe” be made in the house.

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Bigg Boss 16-Nov 13-Gori Nagori tells Salman, “I love you, mamu,” as she leaves “Bigg Boss 16”

In an interview with “Lehren TV,” “Bigg Boss 16” participant Gori Nagori declared her affection for the host and referred to him as “mamu.” The host Salman Khan was mentioned by Gori, who was recently kicked off the show, and she showed her appreciation for him.

She smiled and added “mamu” after saying “I love you.”

She was referred to as “Haryana ki Shakira” by Salman.

She later shared the names of three people she wanted to stay in touch with even after leaving the Bigg Boss house: “Abdu (Rozik), Soundarya (Sharma), and Archana (Gautam).”

Gori Nagori labels Tina and Nimrit “attention seekers” and Shalin a “chameleon.”

Gori Nagori, a well-known Rajasthani dancer and stage artist, was sent out of the Bigg Boss 16 house due to receiving insufficient viewer votes. She remained inside the house for nearly 40 days.

She recently made an appearance on the reality series “Bigg Buzz,” which is hosted by Krushna Abhishek, and talked candidly about the games played by the players inside the “Bigg Boss” home.

She also commented on Tina Datta and Nimrit’s game, saying that she was relieved to leave the house because both of them are phoney “attention seekers.”

“Shalin Bhanot manipulates Tina and Sumbul in the home for his own gain, like a girgit (chameleon). Depending on the circumstances and his comfort, he alters his colour. He fluctuated between amorous and hostile moods. I had no idea who he was “She revealed.

“Bigg Boss 16”: Housemates bar the claws as Archana returns

The politician-turned-actress has returned to the house following all the drama and significant altercations between Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare inside the “Bigg Boss 16” home that resulted in her eviction.

The most recent channel promo currently depicts her making a comeback while remarking, “Mayke gayi thi, sasural vaaps aa gayi” (went home and is now back at the in-laws’ house).

But opinions about her comeback are divided among the other contenders. Disappointed were Shiv, Sajid Khan, MC Stan, and other roommates.

Bigg Boss 16-November 12- Gori Nagori was eliminated from the show

The departure door from the contentious reality series “Bigg Boss 16” has been shown to Gori Nagori, dubbed the “Rajasthani and Haryanvi Shakira.”

Fewer audience members voted for Gori, who is a dancer and stage performer.

The other housemates chose Gori over Priyanka Choudhary and Archana Gautam, the latter of whom was asked to leave mid-week after getting into a physical argument with Shiv Thakare.

Gori, who was born in Nagaur, Rajasthan, rose to fame thanks to the Rajasthani song “Le Photo Le.”

Later, she may be seen in a few songs, such as “Ganderi,” “Pone ki Bahu,” and “Kamar Tod Beteli.”

When Bigg Boss 16 debuted in October, she entered. She is well-liked in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana in northern India.

She claimed in an interview after leaving the competition that she had a “gut feeling” she would be removed this week when she was nominated.

She added that she would miss the house and the voice of Bigg Boss.

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Bigg Boss 16-Priyanka Choudhary and Tina Datta argue about who should handle the kitchen tasks

The 16th season of “Bigg Boss” appears to be characterised by fights and more fights, as the forthcoming episode of the contentious reality programme will include a confrontation between Tina Datta and Priyanka Choudhary over kitchen tasks.

In a preview for the episode, Tina asks the other competitors to hold off on eating their rice because Priyanka has already taken up the gas and she is unable to prepare it.

“Abhi banane lag rahi ho, toh kahan se milega phir kisi ko time se,” responds Priyanka in response.

Priyanka exaggerates the situation and claims Tina isn’t directing her to make chappatis and isn’t using the pan, which is why she can’t.

“Phata hua tape recorder chalati rehti hai,” Tina responds.

Despite Archana Gautam acting violently, the other residents praise Shiv Thakare for being gallant.

Bigg Boss 16’s most recent episode was unlike others since Shiv Thakare and Archana Gautam engaged in a fierce fight. After Archana attempted to choke Shiv Thakare during a fight, the altercation that had begun over the trivial matter of “tissue paper” became out of control.

Abdu is lonesome; there is trouble in Soundarya, Gautam’s love paradise.

In the forthcoming episode of “Bigg Boss 16,” there will once more be trouble in Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig’s paradise.

Despite her greatest efforts, Soundarya is unable to make him smile.

On the one hand, love is put to the test, while on the other, commitments are made in the hopes of finding love. Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta’s chemistry and their more-than-friendship-but-not-quite-solid-as-love relationship have drawn attention.

Shalin is creating room for romance and new relationships. The singer from Tajikistan, Abdu Rozik, who seems depressed and homesick, and the actor share a bromance moment. Shalin notices everything and tells Abdu that Tina loves him, Nimrit is there for him, and he is too.

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