From Bigg Boss 16 to Bigg Buzz: MC Stan spills the beans on his love story with Buba

From Bigg Boss 16 to Bigg Buzz: MC Stan spills the beans on his love story with Buba

The winner of Bigg Boss 16 MC Stan gushed endlessly about his wife Buba to his roommate, haq se. Previously, Stan only gave a brief explanation of how he and Buba met; however, he has now revealed how the two became romantically close. When the rapper dropped his bombshell, he appeared on Krushna Abhishek’s show Bigg Buzz.

Stan said he and Buba first connected at a gathering. His current partner was someone else at the time.

The two first crossed paths in Kalyan or Ambernath, where the rapper had a friend’s house and Buba (Anam Sheikh) was hanging out. She posed for a picture with Stan before she even knew who he was. Because Buba’s brother was a die-hard Stan fan, she snapped this photo for him.

After settling in Mumbai for a while, Stan moved there from Pune. Next door neighbour Buba was named Buba. That was the beginning of their conversation.

Stan requested that nobody play matchmaker between him and his crush. The goal of the rapper’s romantic pursuits was to earn Buba’s love without any outside help.

When asked by Buba’s mother if she approved of him, Stan blushed and said “yes” on Bigg Boss 16. A raavas thing, as he put it.

In fact, after seeing Salman’s show, Stan gave up completely. Seeing the squabbles around him, he wanted out of it. Stan cried quietly by himself. Forcing his way out, he begged Bigg Boss to do so.

It took some persuading, but Stan finally decided to stay. Bigg Boss also sent Stan Buba’s t-shirt to encourage him. When the rapper took a whiff of the shirt, it became a topic of conversation between him and the show’s host, Salman.

Stan and his mandali member and best friend Shiv Thakare were vying for the Bigg Boss 16 trophy together. When it was all said and done, Stan was the recipient of the trophy, as well as the cash prize and the automobile.

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