Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- Nov 12, 2021

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- Nov 12, 2021

1- Is Anee or Kajal correct?- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo

Watch the new Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo, hosted by senior actor Akkineni Nagarjuna.

In the promo, contestants Kajal and Anee Master engage in a verbal brawl over a task.

Anee Master has claimed that Kajal has acted dishonestly. Kajal has responded by stating that she has her own strategy.

Anee has referred to Kajal as Nagin and even performed a Nagin dance. Her dance moves have kept everyone entertained.

Sunny had previously objected to Anee Master’s comments accusing her of bias toward other contestants.

Bigg Boss Promo

2- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo: Sunny and Shanmukh have a heated argument.

The captaincy task ‘power in the tower’ is assigned to contestants in today’s Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo.

During the task, Siri and Sunny got into a fight. While Sunny was scolding Siri, Shanmukh Jaswanth intervened and spoke to Sunny in support of Siri.

Sunny became enraged at Shanmukh for interfering between them and told him not to say anything.

He claimed that Shannu is a taskmaster who uses women as a shield.

In response to his remark, Shanmukh warned Sunny about not respecting him. The entire episode will be broadcast on Star Maa tonight.

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3-Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Ravi is the new house captain!

Telugu Bigg Boss housemates are hard at work on the captaincy task in order to become the house captain for the 11th week.

The housemates were divided into hotel and guest teams by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss also assigned a secret task to anchor Ravi, who completed it successfully.

The hotel team chooses Priyanka and Maana as the guest team’s worst performers.

Ravi, Siri Hanumanth, RJ Kajal, and VJ Sunny all vied for the captaincy.

Bigg Boss assigned them a fun task to become the house captain.

Ravi is now the captain of the house for this week, according to the news.

Let us wait and see what happens in the Bigg Boss house, where anything can happen.

Bigg Boss Promo

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates- Nov 11, 2021

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