Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates-November 19, 2021

Bigg Boss Promo- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Updates-November 19, 2021

1- Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo: Housemates are given an eviction free pass challenge.

Contestants were requested to play an eviction free pass task in today’s Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo. When the fire alarm goes off, any two housemates must sit in the fire engine.

They can save one of the two candidates from a burning residence. If a housemate’s portrait is not burned until the end, he or she will be exempt from eviction.

Sunny and Priyanka exchanged pleasantries with Siri and Shanmukh, who were seated in the fire engine, to avoid their photographs being burned.

Siri and Shanmukh, on the other hand, have informed Srirama Chandra that audience votes are more significant than an eviction pass.

Bigg Boss Promo

2- Sunny’s future is in the hands of his pals in Bigg Boss Telugu 5.

Telugu Bigg Boss season 5 producers have released a new promo in which the housemates are depicted in high strain after being asked to save each other.

The promo began with a discussion about the process between anchor Ravi and Sree Rama Chandra. RJ Kajal and Maanas got into a furious confrontation about other housemates.

Sunny, a VJ, has been quoted as saying that his destiny is in the hands of his pals.

Sunny will be spared after Siri and Anee master are fired, according to Kajal. Maanas claimed he’ll go back on his word and support Siri, while Kajal said she’ll back Anee master.

Bigg Boss Promo

3-Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo- Sunny dances in the midst of Anee Master and Priyanka’s rage.

Watch the latest promo for the upcoming reality show ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ here ( Saturday).

The contestants Anee Master and Priyanka Singh lost their cool in the commercial after being upset by Kajal’s comments and Sunny’s gesture as part of the chores.

Sunny has attempted to defuse the issue by dancing to music connected with Tamil superstar Vijay.

Manas had previously played the assignment in place of Siri and won, making her the second candidate for the upcoming leadership task.

The captaincy job was contested by Manas, Priyanka Singh, Siri, and Anne.

Bigg Boss Promo

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