Boris Johnson Resigns from Parliament Amid Speculation Over Conduct

Boris Johnson Resigns from Parliament Amid Speculation Over Conduct

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made an unexpected announcement, revealing his retirement from his previous role as a member of the legislative body. This decision comes as an ethics inquiry, long-awaited and highly anticipated, is on the verge of releasing its findings regarding Johnson’s conduct during his tenure as prime minister.

Johnson’s resignation was accompanied by a strongly worded statement, in which he denounced the parliamentary panel responsible for investigating his alleged misrepresentation of social gatherings within the constraints of COVID-19 regulations, labeling it a “kangaroo court.” It appears that the preview of the committee’s forthcoming report led to his decision to step down. In response, the investigation committee criticized Johnson for further damaging the reputation of Parliament. Opposition parties have characterized the situation as a “soap opera” and bid Johnson farewell with the phrase “good riddance.” It is worth noting that Johnson, alongside current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, has previously faced fines for his actions during the pandemic.

Throughout the investigation, Johnson consistently maintained that his misleading statements to fellow lawmakers regarding the infamous “lockdown parties” were not deliberate falsehoods. However, the purpose of the inquiry was to establish whether he had indeed deceived the Commons. As a result of his resignation, a by-election will now be held in Johnson’s closely contested constituency.

Reports indicate that Johnson had the opportunity to review a report prepared by the Commons Privileges Committee, which has been examining allegations of his deceptive statements to Parliament regarding Downing Street’s lockdown parties. In response to a letter from the committee, Johnson expressed his “bewilderment and appal” regarding the situation. The Privileges Committee, composed mainly of Conservative MPs, has announced that it will conclude its inquiry on Monday and promptly release its report.

In his resignation letter, Johnson characterized the committee as a “kangaroo court” that had been predisposed to finding him guilty regardless of the evidence. While he acknowledged deceiving Parliament during a heated hearing in March, he vehemently denied any intention of doing so.

Prior to his role as prime minister, Boris Johnson’s political career included stints as a magazine editor, a member of Parliament, and the mayor of London. He assumed office during a tumultuous period marked by deep divisions within his own Conservative Party, largely stemming from the complex negotiations surrounding Britain’s departure from the European Union.

Boris Johnson Resigns from Parliament

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