Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
Deepthi SunainaDeepthi Sunaina

Emo ne Teaser- Deepthi Sunaina, Vishal-New Teasers Telugu-Jan 4, 2023

There is no need to introduce Deepti Sunayana, a well-known YouTuber and former Bigg Boss competitor. Every person who uses social media is aware of this beauty.

Due to her outstanding performance, she has a sizable social media following.

Now that she’s back, Deepti has a brand-new music video.

Deepthi Sunaina is getting ready to work her magic with a brand-new independent music video called “Emo ne.”

The most recent details regarding it were disseminated through her social media platforms.

This will show Vishal and Deepti Sunayana as a couple. The song’s director of photography is Vinay Shanmukh.

The song’s composer is Vijay Balganin. Deepti Sunaina also transitions to producer with this song video.

She took on the production duties along with Maka Sampath Kumar.

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