Draymond Green Suspended

Draymond Green Suspended

A case in point is the recent suspension of Draymond Green, a player of the Golden State Warriors. As a result of Green’s fighting during one of the Timber Wolves games, this disciplinary action took place. It got even worse when Green choked Rudy Gobert, a Jazz star. This act exacerbated the scenario and was deemed extremely violent.

This incident resulted in Green together with Thomson Klay and Jaden McDaniels being sent off the field from the game. The suspension of Green in NBA for five games goes to show that the NBA does not take chance players’ safety lightly and also observe good sportsmanship. The suspension comes at a very high cost because it’s partially related to Green’s past behaviors, including his behavior towards a player on the Sacramento kings. ESPN reveals that Green may forfeit about half a million dollars in salaries by means of this penalty.

It is noteworthy that NBA did not stop at just Green. Their part in the incident warranted that they pay $25 000 fine:` The league’s response to these fines is a clear sign of their commitment in eliminating unethical behavior on the pitch. These penalties are imposed by the NBA in order to emphasize the need for security, decorum, and good sportsmanship. The objectives of these measures are also to prevent such occurrence in future by strengthening the moral principles among players and showing that the NBA values honorable performance.

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