Google Pixel Camera 9.2 Update- Details

Google Pixel Camera 9.2 Update- Details

Google Pixel Camera 9.2 Update: Google has released Pixel Camera 9.2 update for all Pixel devices, enhancing the user interface and adding new features. This update is available via Google Play.

Redesigned Interface: The update introduces a new interface with the Brightness, Shadow, and White balance options moved to a carousel in the bottom-right corner. A preferences panel with flash, Top Shot, Timer, Ratio, etc., is now in a bottom sheet, accessible by swiping up.

Ultra HDR and Rich Color Features: New on/off switches for “Ultra HDR” and “Rich color in photos” are included under Camera settings > Advanced. These options offer enhanced image quality and utilize the Display P3 color format.

Display P3 Color Format: The “Rich color in photos” feature uses the Display P3 color format, providing a wider color range than sRGB. However, this might not be noticeable before capturing the photo.

Palm Timer Enhancement: The Palm timer is now activated by default only with the three or 10-second timer. Users have the option to set it to “Always On.”

Reset All Button for Pixel 8: Pixel 8 users receive a new “Reset All” button for quick adjustments, a feature previously available only on the Pixel 8 Pro.

Summary: Google’s Pixel Camera 9.2 update brings a user-friendly interface and new features like Ultra HDR, Rich color in photos, and enhanced Palm timer settings, making it a significant enhancement for Pixel device users.

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