Venkatesh’s younger daughter Havya Vahini got engaged

Venkatesh’s younger daughter Havya Vahini got engaged

The younger daughter of Venkatesh Havya Vahini got engaged in Vijayawada. The engagement was done on a private basis with Venkatesh ensuring that he preserved its confidentiality. Megastar Chiranjeevi and Superstar Mahesh Babu appeared for surprise, though only few people had been invited.

They also had an opportunity to attend the engagement ceremony. Over years, Mahesh Babu‘s bond with Venkatesh has been reinforced especially after SVSC where he was called “Chinnodu” whereas Venkatesh became “Peddodu.”

The friendship was not just limited to behind scene but played a major part in contributing as each other’s role players in movies.

Despite passing many years, Venkatesh’s family remains friends with Chiranjeevi and he is also present during the engagement ceremony.

So far few images from this event are there on the internet, also the identity and other details of other attendees remains unknown to us.

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