Hit List Movie Review (Amazon Prime)

Hit List Movie Review: Thrills and Twists

Movie Name: Hit List
Release Date: 2024-07-10
Cast: Sarathkumar, Vijay Kanishka, Gautham Menon, Samuthirakani, Sithara, Munishkanth
Director: Soorya Kathir Kakkalla
Producer: K S Ravikumar
Music: Sathya
Banner: RK Celluloids

‘Hit List’ is a Tamil action thriller released in theaters on May 31 and now streaming on Amazon Prime.

Featuring prominent actors like Sarathkumar and Vijay Kanishka, this film directed by Soorya Kathir Kakkalla captures the audience’s attention until the pre-climax, but loses its grip thereafter.

Plot Summary:
The movie centers on Vijay (Vijay Kanishka), a soft-spoken individual working in Chennai, who shoulders the responsibility of his mother and sister after his father’s demise. Vijay befriends ACP (Sarathkumar), and their relationship deepens over time.

One day, Vijay’s mother and sister are kidnapped, and he seeks the ACP’s help, showing him a video sent by the masked kidnapper.

The ACP devises a plan to track down the kidnapper, providing Vijay with a button camera and a GPS-enabled bike.

Following the kidnapper’s instructions, Vijay navigates through various challenges, seeking answers about the kidnapper’s motives.

Vijay reaches the lair of Kali (Garuda Ramachandra), a notorious gangster with 36 murder cases against him. The masked man contacts Kali via video call, shocking him by showing his kidnapped brother.

The kidnapper demands a fight between Vijay and Kali, promising to release their loved ones based on the outcome. The story unfolds as Vijay and Kali prepare for this deadly confrontation.

Characters and Performances:
Sarathkumar excels in his role as the police officer, though his character could have been more powerful.

Vijay Kanishka delivers a convincing performance as the protagonist, while Gautham Menon and Ramachandra add depth to their respective roles.

The story, written by Devaraj, starts on a simple note but quickly picks up pace, maintaining a suspenseful narrative as the police chase the hero.

The kidnapper’s reveal in the pre-climax keeps the audience intrigued. However, the story loses its momentum when the flashback tied to the COVID-19 pandemic begins.

This part of the plot, involving hospitals, oxygen cylinders, and deaths, feels unappealing to viewers who are not keen on revisiting that distressing period.

The twist at the end is unpredictable but lacks lasting impact, raising questions about its plausibility.

With better thought on the pandemic flashback and climax, the film could have achieved higher acclaim.

Technical Aspects:
The cinematography and background score by Sathya are satisfactory, while John Abraham’s editing is decent.

Director Soorya Kathir Kakkalla manages to create interest but only to a certain extent.

‘Hit List’ offers an engaging narrative with notable performances but falls short due to its handling of the flashback and climax.

The film succeeds in parts but leaves room for improvement.

Hit List Movie Review

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