Experience the Desi Vibe in Honey Singh Song ‘Naagan’- Latest Teaser

Experience the Desi Vibe in Honey Singh Song ‘Naagan’- Latest Teaser

Renowned rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, celebrated for his chart-topping hits such as ‘Desi Kalakar’, ‘Brown Rang’, ‘Blue Eyes’ and ‘Love Dose’, recently announced that his upcoming single, ‘Naagan’, will be his first ever pure Punjabi track, in stark contrast to his earlier compositions that blended western urban music with Punjabi elements.

The music video for this track has been shot on an opulent and grand scale in the breathtaking location of Tulum, Mexico.

Speaking about his latest release, Honey Singh commented: “‘Naagan‘ is an unprecedented and unprecedentedly unique musical piece, one that shall transport the listeners to a realm of musical serenity never experienced before.”

The rapper went on to express his gratitude towards his ardent supporters, adding: “I am grateful for the unflinching love and support that my admirers have bestowed upon me over the years. They are the backbone of my artistic pursuit, and it is my obligation as a performer to gratify their unquenchable thirst for novel and innovative musical creations.”

The much-awaited track is scheduled to premiere on the 15th of April, 2023.

Honey Singh Song ‘Naagan’ Teaser

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