Instagram Update: Add Music to Your Posts and More!

Instagram Update: Add Music to Your Posts and More!

Instagram, which is owned by Meta, has just given us a cool new feature to make our posts even more awesome! You know how you can add music to your Stories and Reels? Well, now you can also add your favorite tunes to your grid posts.

Guess who introduced this cool feature? It was none other than the talented singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo. She used it to release her brand-new song, ‘bad idea right?’, and it’s really catching on.

Here’s how it works: If you have a bunch of photos or videos in a carousel post, you can now attach a song to them. Just like you do with Stories and Reels, you can make your posts even more fun with music.

This feature is starting to show up for users, and it’s spreading out little by little.

But wait, there’s more! Instagram is bringing some other cool stuff too. They’re adding a “add yours” sticker. This sticker lets you make a video based on a prompt, and if the original creator or artist likes it, they can feature your video. It’ll show up at the top of a special page with more videos that use the same sticker prompt. You could be famous!

Creators are also teaming up! Now, up to three accounts can work together to make a post. It’ll show up on both of their feeds, whether they’re public or private accounts.

Instagram is also looking out for you. They’re making it tougher for people you don’t know to send you messages. If someone wants to message you but you don’t follow them, they’ll have to follow some new rules.

This is all part of Instagram’s way of making things better and more fun for you. So get ready to add music, collaborate, and stay safe on Instagram!

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