Jaya Prada’s 6-Month Jail Sentence Breaks the News

Jaya Prada’s 6-Month Jail Sentence Breaks the News

In Egmore, Tamil Nadu, a court has handed down a six-month jail sentence to Jayaprada and three other individuals. Their punishment stems from their failure to fulfill their obligations in paying worker insurance at a local movie theater. The accused, Jayaprada, Ram Kumar, and Rajababu operated a movie theater situated on Anna Road in Chennai.

Upon investigation by the Labor Insurance Corporation, it was discovered that they had not remitted the insurance funds collected from their employees as required by law. Subsequently, the corporation filed an official complaint with the court.

Upon review of the case on Friday, the court established their culpability beyond reasonable doubt. In addition to imposing a six-month imprisonment term for each party involved in this offense, they were also ordered to pay a fine amounting to Rs.5,000 individually.

Jaya Prada’s 6-Month Jail Sentence

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