Kalki Movie Review (ETV Win)

Movie Name: Kalki
Release Date: 2024-06-07
Cast: Tovino Thomas, Shivajith Padmanabhan, Sudheesh, Samyuktha, Harish Uthaman
Director: Praveen Prabharam
Producer: Suvin K. Varkey
Music: Jakes Bejoy
Banner: Little Big Films

Malayalam Movie ‘Kalki’ Review

Starring Tovino Thomas, the movie ‘Kalki’ is primarily an action-emotion driven story with no elements of love, comedy, or romance. The first half is nearly perfect, while the second half falls short.

Tovino Thomas enjoys immense popularity in Malayalam cinema. ‘Kalki,’ featuring him as the lead, was released a while ago in Malayalam theaters. Directed by Praveen Prabharam, the movie, an action crime genre, is now available in Telugu on ETV Win from today. Let’s delve into the movie’s performance.

The story is set in Nanjan Kotta (Nanjan Kottai), an area along the Andhra-Tamil Nadu border. Amarnath (Shivajith) dominates Nanjan Kotta, with the support of Central Minister Vijayanand. Amarnath’s misdeeds go unchecked, aided locally by Umar (Harish Uthaman).

Amarnath plans to make his brother Appu (Vini Vishwalal) a minister, while Vijayanand’s daughter, Sangeetha (Samyuktha Menon), aspires to become a minister herself.

Amarnath expels Tamil migrants from Nanjan Kotta, forcing them to live in a slum. Suraj (Saiju Kurup) fights for the rights of these migrants.

Amarnath is responsible for the deaths of advocate Lakshman and SI Vaishakh, who supported the migrants’ cause.

Amidst this chaos, Kalki (Tovino Thomas) takes charge as the police officer, showing his unique action style against Amarnath’s gang from the get-go.

Previously, local policemen like Govind, Abdullah, Sundaram, Kuttan, and Bijul were living in fear, but Kalki’s arrival instills confidence in them, making them sincere in their duties.

Kalki focuses on Amarnath’s illegal activities, weapon manufacturing, and harassment of migrants, instilling fear in his followers.

Amarnath targets the policemen supporting Kalki and plans to undermine Suraj, who fights for the migrants.

What strategies does Amarnath employ?

What challenges does Kalki face?

Why did Kalki come to the village as a police officer?

What is his past?

These questions form the rest of the story.


Praveen Prabharam and Sujin Sujathan crafted the story. It revolves around a honest police officer confronting the alliance of politics and rowdyism harming society. The hero systematically dismantles the villain’s activities in the first part, while the main conflict starts in the second half.

The director maintains a brisk pace in the first part, blending emotions with action scenes. The real challenge begins in the second half, where the narrative needed to ascend to the next level but instead loses its momentum. Predictable scenes dominate, reducing audience curiosity. The lack of love, comedy, and romance elements makes the story less entertaining.


The cast delivered justice to their roles. Jakes Bejoy’s background music is captivating, with theme music highlighting many scenes. Gautam Sankar’s cinematography is impressive, especially the action scenes with rain effects. However, Ranjith’s editing in the second half doesn’t match the perfection of the first half. Avoiding the routine track in the second half might have elevated the movie.

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