Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 9, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 9, 2023

1-Why Not Use His Surname With All This Information About Nehru? PM’s Insult to Gandhis

In a jab at the Gandhis today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated, “What’s the shame in preserving Nehru surname?” In his speech to the Rajya Sabha today, Prime Minister Modi made the comments.

2-Hema Malini On Trinamool Leader’s Speech: “Should Control Tongue”

Hema Malini of the BJP today criticised Mahua Moitra of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) for using a “offensive” word in the Lok Sabha, saying that the opposition should “control their mouth.”

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

3-The PM’s Dig At The Opposition Amid “Probe Adani” Chants, “Lotus Will Bloom”

In response to the opposition’s constant shouts criticising him over the Adani Group, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared in parliament that “the lotus (the BJP’s symbol) will bloom no matter how much mud you hurl at us.”

4-India Sends Rescue Teams and Material To Earthquake-Affected Syria and Turkey

India has donated supplies to both Turkey and Syria in an effort to help those nations recover from their recent earthquakes. A 30-bed medical facility has also been established in Turkey by India. Parmeshwar Bawa of NDTV reports on the assistance that India has provided to the two nations.

5-Mistakes by Google’s Chatbot “Bard,” $100 billion Loss for Alphabet Shares

After sharing false information in a promotional video, Alphabet Inc.’s new chatbot saw a $100 billion decline in market value on Wednesday. Arun Singh describes the mistake and its effects.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News

6-Video: Indian Team in Turkey Saves 6-Year-Old Girl From Rubble

She had a blanket covering her. As a doctor examined her, a support device was tightly fastened around her neck. She was gently transported on a stretcher by people wearing yellow helmets. In Turkey, where significant portions of the country have been destroyed by a string of powerful earthquakes, a team of the National Disaster Response Force, or NDRF, has been sent. Using this method, a six-year-old girl was rescued from the wreckage of a collapsed building.

7-Taliban welcome homecoming Indian-trained Afghan soldiers in Kabul, saying they are “Ready to serve” | Watch

After they finished their military training, the Taliban administration in Kabul welcomed 20 Afghan soldiers who had received their training in India. The soldiers will be given new responsibilities, according to a statement from the Taliban’s ministry of defence, and they have vowed to support Afghanistan and her citizens at all times.

8-Watch as a U.S. Raptor shoots down a Chinese spy balloon in “Bullseye”; debris is discovered in Californian waters

The U.S. Air Force has released a new video, five days after the U.S. took down the Chinese “spy” balloon that was seen above a nuclear launch site. In the viral footage, Lockheed Martin’s F-22 Raptor jet fires a single AIM-9X missile at the Chinese “spy” balloon from a height of around 58,000 feet. The footage demonstrates how the balloon was cornered by many aircraft before the Raptor shot it down. Later, the U.S. Navy published images of the debris discovered in Californian seas. Learn what happened in the skies by watching the video.

9-UK turns Zelensky away over fighter jets? The Sunak government makes its position on air support for Ukraine clear.

A day after Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, paid a visit to Britain, the UK announced that it would not send fighter jets to Ukraine if there was a threat to British security. As it considers sending aeroplanes to Ukraine, the UK is keeping an eye on “possible escalatory dangers,” according to a Downing Street spokeswoman. Over the decision to send fighter jets to Ukraine, the Western allies are still divided. Sending F-16s to Ukraine has already been ruled out by the US. Olaf Scholz of Germany also disagreed with the notion of sending combat aircraft to Kiev.

10 – Angela Merkel receives the UN peace prize for welcoming refugees into Germany

Due to her efforts in government to welcome refugees, former German chancellor Angela Merkel received the UN peace prize.

11-Charlie Hebdo’s cartoon that trivialises the earthquake in Turkey causes uproar

Much of the world is in shock following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria that left massive wreckage in its wake. Over 16000 people have died in total in both countries. However, there are individuals and groups that are trivialising this enormous loss in this tragedy as well. Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical publication, has drawn criticism for running a cartoon making fun of the tragic earthquakes that struck this past Monday.

12-Leopard Enters Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad Court Building; Attack Leaves Several People Hurt

On social media, a terrifying video of a leopard within the Ghaziabad Court grounds has gone viral. The leopard attacked numerous persons after entering the local court building in the city of Uttar Pradesh. According to ANI, the leopard in the district court hurt numerous people.

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