Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 17, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 17, 2023

1-Indian-American Neal Mohan succeeds Susan Wojcicki as the new CEO of YouTube.

Neal Mohan, an Indian-American, is in line to succeed Steve Chen as YouTube’s CEO. Susan Wojcicki will be replaced by Neal Mohan. She announced her resignation from her position on Thursday. Wojcicki led the international social media and video-sharing website for nine years.

2-Video: 150 shops destroyed in Assam Bazaar after massive fire breaks out

At least 150 stores were destroyed by a large fire that broke out at a market late on Thursday in the Jorhat district of Assam, according to the police. In the centre of Jorhat town, at Chowk Bazar, 25 fire fighters were battling a fire that, according to them, had not yet been put out.

3-Citizens of Kolkata do not want the city’s iconic trams to vanish into history.

Pride of Kolkata for almost 150 years. The famous tram, which is the oldest in Asia, has slowly but surely carved out a special place for itself. Several tram routes have been cancelled for a variety of reasons. Many people also view the sluggish trams as an outcast in a busy, fast-paced city. However a sizable portion of the population still favours keeping this service.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 17, 2023

4-Khatija, the daughter of AR Rahman, spoke to NDTV about her song Sagavaasi. Dad advised me to go on.

Sam Daniel was interviewed by singer Khatija Rahman about the success of her song Sagavaasi, which she co-wrote with Arivu. Coke Studio Tamil’s Sagavaasi has received over 12 million views since its release.

5-Ujjain Gets Ready for Mahashivratri by Lighting 21 Lakh Lights to Break Guinness Record

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, Ujjain is getting ready to break a global record by lighting 21 lakh lamps along several “Ghats of Shipra River.” According to BJP leader Mohan Yadav, who made the announcement on Friday, the Mahashivratri Festival will be observed as “Diwali,” and people are gearing up to break a record by burning 21 lakh lamps.

6-Nepal’s Pashupatinath Temple Is Decorated for Mahashivratri

The Pashupatinath region of Nepal has a fresh appearance in preparation for Mahashivratri, with decorations being set up. This year, Mahashivaratri will be celebrated on Saturday in Nepal, India, and other nations with a large Hindu population. One of the biggest festivals in Nepal, where “Sadhus” tented all over the temple.

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- February 17, 2023

7-Bengaluru is the second-most congested city in the world, behind London.

In the city centre (BBMP area) category, Bengaluru was classified as the second-most congested city in the world in 2022, according to the traffic index released by Dutch location information specialist TomTom.

8-Chetan Sharma resigns from his position as the head of the BCCI selection committee days after being exposed by a TV sting

Chetan Sharma, the head selector for Team India, resigned from his position a few days after he was exposed in a TV sting operation when he made a number of stunning assertions. Sharma offered his resignation to BCCI secretary Jay Shah, who accepted it. Sharma was being investigated for his alarming comments made on the TV sting.

9-Woman arrested after allegedly attacking the car of Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw

The person accused of hitting Prithvi Shaw’s vehicle, Sapna Gill, was detained by Oshiwada Police on February 16th. On February 15, Sapna Gill and her companions got into a fight over a selfie with Prithvi Shaw in a late-night incident before things became worse.

10-Suspense reigns in Kalapathar, Hyderabad, as BJP and AIMIM cadres clash.

AIMIM-BJP Cadre Fight in Hyderabad Causes Anxiety To Prevail In Kalapathar, Hyderabad

11-More Over 3,000 People Were Arrested As Part Of The Assam Government’s Crackdown On Child Marriages

As part of its campaign against underage marriage, the Assam government detained over 3,000 people.

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