Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 28, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 28, 2023

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1-Kharge causes a major controversy with his “Modi snake” assault; the BJP criticises the president of the United States

In the political struggle for Karnataka, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s most recent jab at Prime Minister Modi has gained attention.

At a public rally in Kalaburagi, Kharge allegedly referred to Prime Minister Modi as a “venomous snake.”

The Congress President is currently the target of an all-out attack from the BJP due to his comment.

2- Rajnath declines to shake hands with the Chinese minister of defence and reminds China about LAC violations

Prior to the meeting of the SCO Defence Ministers, Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu and Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had a private discussion in New Delhi.

Rajnath Singh, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defence, “categorically conveyed that the development of relations between India and China is premised on the prevalence of peace and tranquilly at the borders.”

The two nations’ defence ministers had not spoken to one another since the Galwan conflict in May 2020.

3-New specialist formations are raised by the Indian Army to combat China and Pakistan

The Indian Army has increased its efforts to compete with China and Pakistan online.

For the purpose of protecting the nation from online threats, the Army has operationalized new specialised units.

The new units’ cyber warfare courses will enable them to deal with threats and difficulties.

Additionally, it will help the formations carry out the required cyber security tasks to improve the Indian Army’s cyber security posture.

The army has taken a number of actions in recent years to prevent hacking and enemy virtual honey trapping.

4-We Supported India But…: Poonch guy dies as police question him in a scary video

Police in Poonch allegedly interrogated a man about a terrorist attack on the army last week, and the man later died from what appeared to be suicide.

In a now-viral video that was recorded prior to his passing, he protests his innocence and accuses security personnel of harassing his family and villages in the wake of the terrorist attack on troops last week.

The man claims that he played no part in planning the attack and demands for harsh punishment for those responsible.

Exactly who took the footage is unknown.

5-Wrestling Body Chief Amid #MeToo Row: “I Would Wish Death…”

The BJP MP on Thursday issued a customised video claiming he would wish to embrace death the day he feels helpless amid further protests and a sit-in by Indian wrestlers demanding action against Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) chief Brij Bhushan Singh, who they accused of sexual harassment.

6 On a same-sex marriage, the center’s incest inquiry was ignored by the court

Case Concerning Same-Sex Marriage: The Centre argued before the Supreme Court today that if same-sex marriage is approved in India, it may allow individuals to challenge restrictions on other socially taboo relationships, such as incest.

Tushar Mehta, who represented the Centre in court, offered a fictitious scenario in which a guy might contend that he is attracted to his sister, assert his right of choice, and question the taboo on incest.

7-Parkash Badal was cremated with full state honours in his ancestral village

Badal, Parkash Singh Parkash Singh Badal, a pillar of the Akali movement, passed away on Thursday. Thousands of mourners and politicians from all sides of the political spectrum paid their tributes to the five-time chief minister by attending his cremation with full state honours in his home village in Punjab’s Muktsar district.

8-A company in Kanpur, India, creates helmets that are bulletproof and may be used by Sikh soldiers.

A helmet created by a Kanpur-based business can be used by Sikh soldiers as well. The helmet is resistant to bullets.

9-PT Usha slams the wrestlers who are demonstrating and requests to see the allegation report.

The head of the India Olympic Association, PT Usha, chastised the wrestlers who were protesting, stating they should first read the allegation report.

10-At Coachella, Jeff Bezos, who has a net worth of $125 billion, donned a $12 shirt from Amazon.

On a brief video clip and several pictures that have gone viral online, Amazon Chief is seen watching rapper Bad Bunny perform at Coachella on Friday night.

The fact that he may be seen sporting a shirt that is offered for sale on Amazon’s website is the footage’s most intriguing aspect.

11-E Jean Carroll, a writer from New York, accuses Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in court.

Accusations were levelled at former US President Donald Trump by a New York novelist. In the 1990s, she claimed that he sexually assaulted her in a changing room at Bergdorf Goodman. E Former advice writer for Elle magazine, Jean Carroll is a journalist.

12- Case against Nawazuddin Siddiqui brought up for harming the Bengali community with a Sprite advertisement

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is currently embroiled in another issue after a complaint was made against him in Kolkata for allegedly hurting the feelings of the Bengali population.
The CEO of Coca-Cola India and actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui were named in a police complaint made by the Bengali community to the Kolkata Police for allegedly offending their feelings in the Sprite advertisement.

The ‘joke’ that was cracked in the advertisement is purportedly offensive and hurtful to the Bengali community, according to the complaint.

13-Actress Chrisann Pereira’s drug case was resolved, and her brother posted a video online.

Chrisann Pereira, an actress, is now at liberty. After the actress’s release, her family’s happiness could be seen on their faces. The actress from Sadak 2 will soon return to India. Chrisann has been imprisoned in Sharjah since she was falsely accused of selling drugs. So let’s go back and figure out what actually happened.

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