Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 7, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 7, 2023

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1-In Karnataka, PM Modi and Amit Shah Hold a Massive Roadshow

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended a smaller roadshow on a different route today, a day after a major three-hour roadshow in Bengaluru, Karnataka. A massive roadshow was also staged in the Belagavi South constituency by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

2-Observe Rahul Gandhi’s Unplanned Scooter Ride With A Bengaluru Delivery Agent

Karnataka polls 2023: Rahul Gandhi, the party’s senior leader, surprised Congress fans in Bengaluru on Sunday by hopping on a delivery man’s scooter and riding pillion while promoting the party ahead of the Karnataka polls.

3-Power outage in Odisha during the president’s speech. Then this occurs

At the 12th convocation of the Maharaja Shri Ramchandra Bhanjadeo University in Baripada, Odisha, on Saturday, lights fell out during President Droupadi Murmu’s speech, leaving the arena in complete darkness. The high-security programme encountered a problem between 11.56 and 12.05. President Murmu’s address was barely underway when it happened, but she kept going because the microphone setup at the event was untouched. The air conditioner operated normally as well.

4-After 36 years of service, the Navy’s landing ship INS Magar has been decommissioned.

The Indian Navy’s oldest landing ship, INS Magar, was retired on Saturday after 36 years of illustrious service. At a ceremony performed at dusk at the Naval Base in Kochi, the ship, which was under the command of Cdr. Hemant V. Salunkhe, was decommissioned.

5-King Charles’ coronation is celebrated by Mumbai Dabbawalas

King Charles Coronation: Mumbai’s “Dabbawalas” celebrated the coronation of King Charles III by giving out treats to the loved ones of hospital inmates.

6-Dancers In Puducherry Set A New Record For Bharathanatyam

In an attempt to break a world record, 1,600 Bharatanatyam students mass-exhibited the ‘Ananda Thandavam’ on Friday on the Beach Promenade, recreating the glorious dance of happiness connected to Lord Shiva.

7-Watch: Mamata Banerjee Uses A Treadmill And A Puppy In Her Workout Routine

On Sunday, Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, posted a video of herself on a treadmill. She needed a little additional encouragement, like most of us who work out on the weekends, and a tiny, cuddly puppy provided it.

8-Next Republic Day, there will be an All-Women Parade: A Memo To The Forces

Republic Day 2024: In a dramatic change that is sure to draw attention, official sources suggested on Sunday that the Republic Day parade could feature solely female participants in 2024, from the marching contingents and bands to the tableaux and acts.

9-Rahul Gandhi dines in Bengaluru with delivery personnel.

Karnataka Elections 2023: In a kind act, Rahul Gandhi today attended lunch in Bengaluru with gig workers and delivery partners of numerous food conglomerates. Mr. Gandhi spoke with the workers as well. They were observed consuming dosa and coffee.

10-‘Who Paid For Her Dress?’: British spectators jeer Ukraine’s first lady at the King’s Coronation

UK residents jeer Olena Zelensky, the first lady of Ukraine, and Denis Smigal, the prime minister, for attending the King’s coronation on Saturday in London. Many individuals questioned the pair’s attendance and inquired, “Who paid for their fine clothes?” As a show of support for Ukraine, US First Lady Jill Biden and her granddaughter wore blue and yellow clothing. The Ukrainian flag’s primary colours are blue and yellow.

11-Kartik Aaryan’s mother defeats cancer and writes a heartfelt letter

Mother of Kartik Aaryan has triumphed against cancer. The actor opened up on social media about his mother’s cancer diagnosis and shared about the period when “cancer sneakily crept” into his family.

12-Texas shooting: A man opened fire in a mall, killing 8 people.

8 individuals were murdered in the US state of Texas by a man wearing tactical gear. A blurry footage depicts the shooter getting out of his car and starting to fire randomly.

13-Amritsar: A suspected explosion near the Golden Temple resulted in numerous injuries

On Saturday night in Amritsar, there was reportedly a small explosion close to the Golden Temple. The incident just slightly harmed a few persons. According to police, there was no terrorist attack.

14-Why are Hollywood writers on strike? What effect will it have?

The organisation that represents 11,500 writers for films, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment is currently on strike. It’s the first major Hollywood strike overall and the first writers’ strike in 15 years. The WGA, often known as the Writers Guild of America, was forced to go on strike. The usual culprit is economics. The major Hollywood studios have changed their business models from broadcast to streaming.

15-Priyanka Chopra balances her career and personal lives and spends time with her daughter.

Priyanka Chopra is now in New Jersey with her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas. In New York, Priyanka attended both the Love Again movie premiere and the Met Gala. The famous person, who has travelled the globe to support her most recent flicks, including Citadel, shared a number of cute photos of her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas taken at their house.

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