Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 13, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- May 13, 2023

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1-Election Results in Karnataka: Congress Wins, BJP Recognises Loss

Election Results in Karnataka 2023: The BJP lost its sole hold on the south today, as Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai of Karnataka conceded defeat as soon as the Congress lead surpassed 130 seats. With over 60 seats, the BJP is in the lead, followed by HD Kumaraswamy’s JD(S) in over 20 seats.

2-Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha Will Get Married

On Saturday, star Parineeti Chopra and AAP MLA Raghav Chadha are expected to propose. Here are some pictures of Raghav Chadha’s home the day before his engagement, which was decorated with rangoli and lighting.

3-Rahul Gandhi on BJP defeat, Cong victory | Watch First Reaction: “Karnataka Hate Shops Closed”

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, described the Karnataka Assembly election results as the triumph of love and the defeat of hate as his party prepares to create an independent government in the southern state by ousting the BJP.

4-‘Bajrang Bali is’: Cong ecstatic on Karnataka victory, BJP admits defeat | Who Said What

In Karnataka, Congress is prepared to form the government. With this historic victory, the Grand Old Party drove the BJP out of its lone southern stronghold. Workers and leaders of the Congress party celebrate in every corner of Karnataka. While the findings discourage the BJP. Basavaraj Bommai, the BJP’s departing chief minister, stated that the party would examine its loss and try to make amends in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

5-DK Shivakumar falls down; Siddaramaiah declares a mandate against Modi in the Karnataka Verdict

Across the nation, Congress is rejoicing over its victory in the Karnataka elections. When DK Shivakumar was vying for the position of CM, he started to cry. DKS was seen on tape, visibly upset, declaring that he had kept his commitment to the leaders of the Congress. On the other hand, Siddaramaiah described it as a mandate against PM Modi.

6-Priyanka Gandhi on the significant Karnataka victory: “Congratulations To Siddaramaiah, DK Shivakumar”

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, general secretary of the Congress, praised the Karnataka electorate on Saturday for the grand old party’s victory in the assembly election and dubbed it a political victory to unify India.

“I appreciate the historic mandate given to the Congress by the Karnataka people. It is a triumph for your concerns as well as a victory for giving Karnataka’s development top priority. It is a political win to unify India, Vadra tweeted.

7-Salman Khan and Mamata Banerjee met while filming “Jab Bhaijaan” in Kolkata.

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was visited by actor Salman Khan at her apartment in Kolkata. She gave him a customary gamcha as a greeting.

8-According to the Karnataka poll results, the corrupt government has been overthrown.

Priyanka Gandhi comments on the results of the elections in Karnataka: “Politics of distraction to irrelevant issues won’t work, corrupt govt has been removed.”

9-Sachin Tendulkar complains about the usage of his name and image in advertisements.

The cyber unit of the Mumbai Crime Branch has received a complaint from former Indian player Sachin Tendulkar. The former India captain claimed in his complaint that false adverts online were using his name, voice, and images to deceive potential customers.

10-Should Band-Aids Have Different Colours to Complement Different Skin Tone? What Internet Users Say

Band-Aid is included in an image that industrialist Harsh Goenka uploaded that has gone viral. The tweet features Band-Aids that correspond to various skin tones. In this ‘What’s The Fuss?’ episode, (WTF?! ), we looked at many online voices’ perspectives to determine whether the change is genuinely warranted. Watch to learn more.

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