Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 17, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-June 17, 2023

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1-Biden’s Quirky Exit: ‘God Save The Queen’ Leaves Audience Confused

U.S. President Joe Biden created a moment of confusion and amusement among his audience during a gun control speech in Connecticut when he concluded his remarks with the unexpected phrase, “God Save The Queen.” Adding to the perplexity, the President was then observed seeking directions to exit the stage. The incident was captured on video and rapidly spread across the internet, triggering a wave of online mockery, with many questioning the meaning behind his remarks.

2-Viral: Lord Hanuman Poster in ‘The Flash’ Movie Creates Internet Buzz

Indian internet users are perplexed by a billboard for Lord Hanuman in the recently released American superhero movie “The Flash.” Several scenes in Barry Allen’s (The Flash) room use the poster. Many online users posted images of the situation and asked other users if they recognised the reference. According to a tweet from a user, “Pov: you’re a hindu and watching flash then you saw Lord Hanuman & you get more excited.”

3-A setback for Ariha Shah’s parents; a Berlin court awards the German state custody of the Indian baby

The German state was given custody of the infant Ariha Shah by the Pankow local court, which rejected the parents’ appeal. The court highlighted that “the child’s best interests are in jeopardy.” This comes after the court found that the parents harmed the youngster on purpose. While being showered in April 2021, Ariha, a 28-month-old, sustained head and back injuries. In September 2021, she experienced a genital injury. According to the court, parental care was withheld to “avert an existing danger to the child.” The baby’s parents have requested that the Indian government return the child to India.

4-On camera, Youth Congress Meeting in Mumbai Degenerates Into Chair Fight

A large brawl with chairs being thrown broke out during a Youth Congress meeting in Mumbai. According to sources, the argument between the two groups began over the desire to depose Kunal Nitin Raut, the leader of the Maharashtra Youth Congress. Both groups began hurling chairs at one another as the argument heated up. Images showed some males striking one another. After the meeting at the Congress office in Dadar Tilak Bhawan, the national leader of the Youth Congress, BV Srinivas, was going to address the media but instead he left without saying anything.

5-Rinku Singh, a KKR star, says, “Father Was a Gas Hawker, Life Was Tough…”

Rinku Singh, the star batter for the Kolkata Knight Riders, spoke about the challenges he had early in his cricket career as a result of his lack of financial resources during a chat on NDTV’s UP Conclave. Rinku claimed that he had once been given the opportunity to mop the floor in a teaching centre despite the fact that his father was a gas hawker. However, the southpaw left it and persuaded his family that he was going back to play cricket professionally.

6-Maharashtra girl Srushti Sudhir Jagtap achieves a world record by dancing for 127 hours

A teenage girl from Maharashtra broke the previous record of 126 hours set by a Nepalese dancer by dancing for five consecutive days and a total of 127 hours.Check out the video to learn more about it.

7-Brazilian aeroplane emergency door bursts open in midflight, viral video

A Brazilian passenger’s emergency door suddenly burst out in the middle of the flight at a height of thousands of feet, sparking chaos on board. A little time after the plane’s departure from Sao Luis for Salvador, the event happened. Members of Tierry’s band, a well-known South American singer, were on board the flight as they were departing from a concert. Instruments and luggage were put close to the back of the aircraft and by the hatch, which unexpectedly opened, according to social media footage of the incident.

8-The first Muslim woman to be confirmed as a federal judge in the US is Nusrat Choudhury.

As the first female Muslim federal judge, Nusrat Choudhury’s appointment has been approved by the US Senate. A 50-49 vote was required to approve her nomination. She will work as a federal judge for the Eastern District of New York’s US District Court. She is now the first federal judge in US history who is of Bangladeshi descent. She is the legal director of the Illinois chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which applauded the confirmation.

9 Priyanka Chopra honours the birthday of her mother Madhu Chopra.

On June 17, Madhu Chopra, the mother of Priyanka Chopra, celebrates turning 70. To learn everything there is to know about Madhu Chopra, please watch the entire video.

10- The two richest people in the world, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, eat together in Paris

Ever hear of a meal that costs $470 billion? In any case, it should be pricey when two of the richest people in the world lunch together. The two richest men in the world, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, had lunch together on June 16 in Paris. Antoine Arnault, the eldest son of Bernard Arnault, posted images of their meeting on Instagram.

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