Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 8, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 8, 2023

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1- Major Victory For Putin As The U.S. FAILS To Wean Itself Off Of Dependence On Russia Even though Sanctions

The US Census Bureau’s data has illuminated the U.S.’s incapacity to distinguish itself from Russian goods. The most recent data show a large increase in imports from Russia despite economic restrictions and tensions related to the Ukraine crisis. The limitations aimed towards Russia have come under scrutiny in light of this disclosure.

2-PM Modi receives a rousing reception during his roadshow at Warangal, and Telangana backs the BJP

Warangal gives PM Modi a rousing welcome during his roadshow; Telangana backs the BJP

3- Passengers on several AC trains will pay less, which is good news for Vande Bharat

In AC trains with sitting accommodations that had less than 50% occupancy in the previous 30 days, the ministry of railroads has instructed zones to launch a discounted pricing scheme. According to a statement from the ministry, the decision to grant authority to zonal railroads to carry out the plan was made with the intention of maximizing train accommodation utilization. The reduction on such trains will be effective right away, but people who have already bought tickets won’t get their money back.

4-Adipurush Is Moved to Accept With Folded Hands After Weeks of Outrage Manoj Muntashir, the author, apologizes

Manoj Muntashir, the author of the Adipurush conversation, has apologized “unconditionally” following nearly a month of widespread criticism. In a post, Muntashir stated, “I recognize that Adipurush has damaged people’s emotions. I sincerely apologize and stretch my hands in the air. This came after the film’s release, when it caused a significant debate over its dialogue.

5-Huge Khalistani Security Threat To Diplomats: India Declares Diplomatic Premises A “War Zone”

Indian diplomatic missions in the U.S., the UK, and Canada have been dubbed “war zones” by Khalistanis. New posters have appeared in Canada’s Greater Toronto Area targeting Indian diplomats. This is happening as Khalistanis rage over the June 18 murder of militant separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. India has firmly raised the issue with officials in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

6- Modi Calls KCR’s Party “Most Corrupt”

Following a rally in the Telangana district where he attacked the Congress and the ruling BRS, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted a massive roadshow in Warangal on Saturday. The KCR government, according to PM Modi, is the most “corrupt government.”

7-As real estate prices rise, the number of land grab cases is increasing in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad’s real estate costs have been growing, which has also resulted in an increase in land grab instances. Consequently, an increase in home values

8-In Haryana, Rahul Gandhi meets with farmers and plants paddy

Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, paid a surprise visit to the Sonipat region of Haryana on Saturday. While there, he spoke with locals and spent time with farmers cultivating crops. According to a top party leader from the state, he also participated in planting paddy.

9-Modi prays at the Telangana temple around nine o’clock

During his visit to this ancient Telangana town, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid prayers at the famed Goddess Bhadrakali temple in Warangal.

10-At A Campaign Stop, Donald Trump Orders Ice Cream For His Fans

Former President Donald Trump portrayed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a foe of corn-based ethanol while running for office in Iowa. Trump addressed more than 1,000 people in an arena in Council Bluffs on Friday, the largest Iowa campaign event he has hosted in almost four months. He later went to a nearby Dairy Queen.Before giving them out to delighted admirers, he amused the onlookers in the press media and asked aloud what DQ’s distinctive “Blizzard” was. He turned to the crowd, which was chanting “USA! USA! USA!” and asked, “Anyone want one back there?”

11-LVM-3, ISRO’s biggest rocket, will be used for the launch of mission Chandrayaan-3 on July 14.

At the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Andhra Pradesh, the Indian Space Research Organization successfully mated the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft with its launch vehicle, the Mark 3 or the LVM 3. The most potent rocket in the nation, Mark 3, was dubbed LVM 3 by the Indian Space Agency last year. With a gross lift-off weight of 640 tonnes, an overall length of 43.5 meters, and a payload fairing with a diameter of 5 meters, LVM 3 is the biggest rocket in India.

Up to 8 tonnes of payload can be delivered to the lower earth orbit, which is 200 km from the surface of the planet. However, it can only carry roughly four tonnes when it comes to the geostationary transfer orbits, which are significantly farther away. However, this does not imply that the LVM 3 is inferior to other rockets deployed by nations or space agencies for comparable missions.

12-Hugh Hefner’s widow will expose harmful Playboy Mansion secrets in her memoir

The widow of Hugh Hefner, who founded Playboy magazine, Crystal Hefner, has said that she will publish a memoir that would expose the “toxic” truth about the famous Playboy home.

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