Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 18, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 18, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 18, 2023

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1-“Chand Toh Dikhta Hai” controversy had Pakistan’s Fawad Chaudhry mocking India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission.

Fawad Chaudhry, a former minister for science and technology in Pakistan, is once again disrupting the internet. An old TV debate featuring Fawad Chaudhry’s strange response to India’s moon project has gone viral. He said in the video, “When you can see the moon from here, then why go there?” On July 14, Chaudhry commended India for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-3. However, the Pakistani leader is now a laughingstock as a result of an old video he made disparaging India.

2-Sunak Govt Reveals Biggest Threat To UK; Braverman To Issue Warning | Details

This week, the UK is expected to announce the return of the counterterrorism strategy competition. The UK Home Secretary will give a warning about jihadist terrorism, according to The Sunday Times. According to The Times, Suella Braverman would identify Islamist terrorism as the largest threat to Britain. This is because the contest review stated that the majority of the caseload is added by Islamist terrorism.

3-“Still Love You”: Pakistani Man Begs Wife Who Left Him For Indian Lover | Seema Haider Mystery

Seema Haider, a Pakistani national, and Sachin Meena, an Indian, as well as his father, were questioned by U.P. ATS. Their recent bail is followed by the interrogation. During the pandemic, Seema and Sachin met online while playing the game PUBG. Seema traveled to Noida, where Sachin dwells, after crossing the border into India illegally with her four children through Nepal. Sachin was held for harboring illegal aliens while she was jailed for unlawful entry. In the meantime, Seema has been given a 72-hour deadline by the Gau Raksha Hindu Dal to leave the nation, on the grounds that she might be a Pakistani spy.

4-China’s ‘Missing’ Foreign Minister: Is Xi having problems or is he ill?

Since approximately three weeks ago, the Chinese Foreign Minister has been’missing’ from the media. The absence of Qin Gang comes at a time when Beijing is experiencing a very hectic diplomatic season, which has led to rumors. On June 25, when he met with representatives from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Russia in Beijing, he was last spotted in the open. Qin recently skipped a meeting with John Kerry and Janet Yellen of the United States. He also skipped the ASEAN Summit in Indonesia earlier this month. His absence from the ASEAN summit was justified by “health reasons,” according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

5-‘I-N-D-I-A’ Name Is Finalized For 26-Party Opposition Coalition at Bangalore Opposition Meeting

The name I-N-D-I-A has been decided upon for the 26 opposition parties that are meeting in Bengaluru today to coordinate their strategies and present a unified front against the BJP in advance of the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections, according to sources.

6-PM At the Port Blair Airport, Modi dedicates a brand-new shell-shaped terminal building.

The new integrated terminal building at Port Blair’s Veer Savarkar International Airport was essentially opened by PM Modi. General VK Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia, the minister of civil aviation for the Union, also attended the opening ceremony.

7- PM Modi Launches Full-Fledged Attack On Opposition: “Family First, Nation Nothing”

The opposition, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is only concerned about their families and not the country. “Family comes first for them; nation means nothing. Their motivation is corruption. When opening a new terminal at Port Blair’s Veer Savarkar airport, Prime Minister Modi said: “The bigger the scam, the more corrupt the person, the higher their seat at the table.”

8-Australia: A mysterious object was found on a beach, and it may have an Indian link.

In Western Australia, a strange object washed ashore on a deserted beach. About 250 kilometers north of Perth, in Green Head, the object was discovered on the beach. On Sunday afternoon, a couple of locals on the Mid-West Coast discovered the mysterious object after spotting it floating in the sea and dragging it out. State and federal agencies worked to determine the nature of the object while the police secured it.

The Australian Space Agency, in an interesting statement, suggested that it might be a component of a foreign space launch vehicle. The Australian Space Agency said in a series of tweets that the object may have come from a foreign space launch vehicle.

9-Oommen Chandy, the former chief minister of Kerala, dies at the age of 79

In the wee hours of Tuesday, senior Congressman and former Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy passed away in Bengaluru. His passing was announced by his relatives. His son Chandy Oommen posted on Facebook to inform his followers that “Appa has passed away.”

10-“Unstable Prime Ministerial Candidate” Nitish Kumar Poster Storm-Bengaluru

Anti-Nitish posters appear in Bengaluru as opposition occurs. The words “Unstable Prime Ministerial Candidate – Nitish Kumar” and a mention of the Bihar bridge’s collapsed Sultanganj are prominently shown on the posters. Why is Nitish the subject of a viral poster?

11-Typhoon Talim, which made landfall in China, forced thousands of people to evacuate to Vietnam.

On Monday evening, Typhoon Talim made landfall in China for the first time this year. As a result, authorities issued flood warnings, canceled flights and trains, and instructed people to stay at home. As the strong storm made landfall, tens of thousands of people evacuated their homes in southern China and Vietnam.

12-Hasiba Noori, an Afghan musician, was killed by unidentified assailants in Pakistan

According to Pakistani media sources, Hasiba Noori, a female Afghan singer who was looking for asylum in Pakistan, was sadly killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen.

13-Extreme Heatwaves: As the sweltering heat persists, Death Valley in California reaches 53 degrees Celsius.

Despite the health risk, people visit Death Valley, one of the hottest places on earth. It is anticipated that temperatures there will reach 54 degrees Celsius, or 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

14-Happy birthday, Priyanka Chopra! Career milestones for the “Desi Girl”

On July 18, Priyanka Chopra celebrates her birthday. The global superstar reaches the age of 41. Miss World 2000 was none other than Priyanka Chopra, the ‘Desi Girl’ of Bollywood. She has been making waves in the business ever since. For information on how she got to be a “Global Icon,” please watch the video.

15-A threat of a 26/11-style attack is received by Mumbai Police in connection with the case of Seema Haider.

Today, a threat to carry out an act resembling the 26/11 Mumbai attacks was made over the phone to the Mumbai Police. Additionally, Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were apparently targets of the caller. The phone conversation was related to Seema Haider, who fled Pakistan with her four children and entered India illegitimately via Nepal. Additionally, the caller allegedly threatened Seema with an attack if she did not go back to her place of origin.

16-Actress Sofia Vergara and actor Joe Manganiello, have announced their divorce.

In a joint statement, Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello announced that they are ending their marriage. The Couple ‘Difficult Decision to Divorce’ in a Statement to Page Six. After seven years of marriage, the two have decided to part ways.

17-Deepika Padukone’s Project K Look

Project K, a highly anticipated film, provided the first look at Deepika Padukone’s character. Viewers are eager to learn more about the movie and Deepika’s mysterious role after seeing the poster, which features a mesmerizing close-up of the actress. But even when she doesn’t say much, her presence is still compelling. The production company behind this cinematic extravaganza, Vyjayanthi Movies, proudly shared the look,

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