Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 17, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 17, 2023

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1-Viral: Woman enters UP toll booth, pins employee to ground after squishing her face

Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh produced a frightening video that has since gone viral. According to a complaint made by the toll company, a woman was seen on surveillance video yelling and threatening a female toll plaza employee when she was asked to provide her identity card. The staff member’s face gets squished, her hair pulled, and she is eventually pinned to the ground by the woman. The woman is then brought out of the booth by two men. Observe what transpired.

2- “Madness”: Dudhsagar Falls trekkers are fined for “violating the rules,” and a video of sit-ups becomes viral

A video of trekkers being forced to perform sit-ups at Dudhsagar Falls is becoming viral online. A group of visitors reportedly received punishment from the railroad police. For participating in the trek against the constraints, they were made to perform sit-ups. In the video, hikers can be seen performing sit-ups while a man holds a baton. An enormous crowd can be seen in another video near the falls at the Goa/Karnataka border. The complete story is in this report.

3-Army Releases Video Of Pakistani Terrorists Approaching India in J&K | See What Followed

In a video that the Indian Army has made public, Pakistani militants can be seen approaching India along the Line of Control in the Krishna Ghati sector of the Poonch district. As part of the operation to kill the infiltrators, the army forces and Jammu and Kashmir Police personnel already stationed in the region apprehended and shot dead the two terrorists.

4-Congress Slams BJP Over ‘Ghost’ NDA Meeting Amid Opposition Huddle: ‘PM Modi Rattled…’

The Modi-led BJP was mocked by Congress, who claimed that the massive opposition gathering in Bengaluru had alarmed the party. According to Congressman Jairam Ramesh, the BJP is now attempting to resurrect the partnership, which had turned into a “ghost.”

The senior Congress leader claimed that while the NDA was previously not discussed, efforts are now being made to give the coalition new vitality. This occurs the day before the NDA meeting, which is slated on July 18 in Delhi.

5-Rocket-Launched Attack On A Hindu Temple In Sindh, Pakistan | Key Information

Following the destruction of a 150-year-old temple in Karachi, Pakistan, a mandir in the province of Sindh was targeted. In Kashmore, Sindh, the attack was conducted with rocket launchers. The attackers broke into Hindu homes nearby as well as the temple. According to reports, 8–9 attackers shot randomly at homes and the Hindu temple.

6-Rajya Sabha Elections: S Jaishankar and Derek O’Brien are Two of the Eleven To Win Without A Challenge

11 leaders are expected to be elected without opposition to the Rajya Sabha, including Trinamool Congress leader Derek O’ Brien and Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. The governing BJP will pick up a seat, bringing its total number of representatives in the Rajya Sabha—where the government lacks a majority—to 93. On July 24, there will not be any vote as planned for the six seats in West Bengal, three in Gujarat, and one in Goa because there are no rival candidates for these positions. The deadline for withdrawing nominations to challenge the results was today.

7-Floodwater from Assam floods Kaziranga Park

The second wave of monsoon floods in Assam have not changed the situation there for the previous two days, and almost 1 lakh people are now in danger. The UNESCO World Heritage Site noted for its one-horned rhinoceroses, Kaziranga National Park, has seen the first floodwaters approach the park.

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