Vicky Kaushal’s In-Flight Charm: Actor Bonds with Adoring Female Fan!

Vicky Kaushal’s In-Flight Charm: Actor Bonds with Adoring Female Fan!

Celebrity couple Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif recently left Mumbai before her 40th birthday.

The individuals planning to commemorate the significant milestone in a hidden venue.

The pair also presented for the media at the airport located in Mumbai.

They journeyed to Maldives for her special day.

Currently, an admirer Aakriti Rana shared a recording during her meeting with the actor Vicky Kaushal while on the plane.

Going on Facebook, Aakriti published update lately.

The Films commenced with Aakriti gripping her passport while she stood having her bags.

She wrote, “Exploring an unfamiliar nation and something unexpected happened during the flight” on the footage.

Then, people noticed hiding her face using her palm when she stared ahead of her from her chair while on the plane.

She looked astonished by the sight she witnessed. Aakriti said, “Spotted someone whom I actually desired to meet” in the recording.

The companion, seated beside her, “Come on, let’s leave” as she disagreed.

Afterwards, she penned on the paperclip, “And Vicky Kaushal himself gave me a call.”

Her companion prodded Aakriti again, and she proceeded to the front of the plane.

Then Aakriti stood with Vicky with smiles on their faces for the photographer.

She stared at him adoringly and included a message in the video, stating, “See me (laughing emojis).”

Aakriti included the track Obsessed as the soundtrack for her video.

Sharing the article, she included a caption, “Omg he is so sweet! After I mustered enough courage to approach speak to him, the cabin crew directed me to go back.

Quarter of an hour afterwards, the flight attendant informed, ‘He needs to speak with you, come immediately. @vickykaushal09 I never fangirl over anyone, but his gesture led me respond (laughing emoji).”

In response to the article, some individuals discussed their personal accounts concerning Vicky.

Courtesy: aakritiranaofficial Instagram

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