Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 24, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-July 24, 2023

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1-Amazed by Lukashenko, a Russian bride rushes to Putin for a photo; the viral moment

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, encountered an odd person while at Kronstadt. A bride sprinted over to Vladimir Putin to take a photo with him. The Russian President complied and struck up a conversation with the bride, who was a “fan.” On social media, the encounter’s footage is currently going viral. Many viewers of the video referred to the woman as a “lucky and blessed bride.” Despite alleged western propaganda, Putin continues to enjoy high approval ratings among Russians.

2-Russia intensifies drone warfare and creates drones that can conceal themselves for weeks before killing their target.

A scary new drone has apparently been added to Russia’s arsenal. These UAVs have the ability to hibernate, situating themselves on towering vantage points and on building rooftops, ready to attack with deadly accuracy. The hibernation component allows the drones to go inactive for weeks before being reactivated, drastically cutting the amount of time needed to prepare for an attack to just a few seconds. Learn more about these dangerous drones by watching the video.

3-The ‘Brutal & Terrible’ Incident Of Women Being Paraded Naked in Manipur Has The United States Lamenting It

The viral video showing women from the Kuki tribe being stripped and paraded naked before reportedly being gang raped has caused the U.S. State Department great alarm. According to Reuters, the U.S. described the occurrence as awful and expressed its condolences to the victims. The American response comes as the Manipur police have identified 14 more people from the disturbing footage.

4-Sweden Faces Quran Burning Fire, Islamic Organization Suspends Special Envoy from Stockholm

In response to recent instances of the Holy Quran being desecrated in Sweden, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has suspended the status of the Swedish government’s special representative to the OIC. Anger and large-scale protests were aroused by the Stockholm desecration of the Holy Quran in a number of Muslim nations. An Iraqi resident of Sweden who calls himself an atheist declared on Thursday that he intended to burn the Holy Quran in front of the Iraqi Embassy in Stockholm.

5-Fiery Showdown Over Manipur: Derek O’Brien of the TMC vs. Jagdeep Dhankar in the Rajya Sabha I Watch

Regarding the Manipur violence situation, the opposition is pressuring the Modi administration. Demanding a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, opposition parties staged demonstrations both outside and within the parliament. The opposition persisted in interfering with parliamentary proceedings inside. Jagdeep Dhankar, the chairman of the Rajya Sabha, was spotted yelling at TMC MP Derek O’Brien and accusing him of undermining the chair’s authority.

6-“Gehlot MLAs Punched Me,” a Sacked Minister in Rajasthan Cries, Claiming He Was “Dragged Out Of Assembly”

Rajendra Singh Gudha, a recently fired minister from Rajasthan, was allegedly attacked within the state Assembly. After challenging the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, Gudha was marched away. He attempted to offer a “red diary,” which he thinks has the potential to spark political unrest. Gudha broke down after being expelled and vowed to expose the Congress Party.

7-Rerun of “Seema Haider”: Married Indian Woman Visits Pakistan to Meet Her “Lover” After Forming an Online Friendship

Anju, an Indian woman, traveled to Pakistan to meet Nasrullah, a Facebook buddy. Anju, a 35-year-old from Uttar Pradesh, traveled all the way to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Dir to meet Nasrullah, a 29-year-old from the Upper Dir region of KPK. Security officials in Pakistan are reportedly looking into Anju. To learn more about Anju’s love story, which has been compared to Seema Haider’s, watch the video below.

8-Fraudsters With China, Terror Links Swindle 15,000 Indians Out Of 700 Million Rupees

Bangalore PoliceIn a massive fraud ring with Chinese handlers, 15,000 Indians were defrauded of more than Rs 700 crore in less than a year, according to the Hyderabad Police. According to the police, some of the money was wired to a Hezbollah account in Lebanon, and some of it was sent to China via Dubai.

9-A Look at How Twitter Changed Under Elon Musk, As Blue Bird Becomes ‘X’

Elon Musk has changed a lot of things since he took over Twitter, but his most recent action will revolutionize Twitter in a way that has never been done before. He wants to do rid of the blue bird from which “tweet” is derived, which is the Twitter emblem. The platform will adopt the moniker “X.

10-“Want Her Dead Or Alive?”: Mother of Murdered Manipur Woman Asked Manipur News

A tribal mom in Manipur had a terrifying phone call to make in order to learn where her daughter was. The person on the other end of the line asked, “Do you want your daughter dead or alive?” She was a female. Mother wasn’t really given an option, though. They later learned that her daughter had passed away. Her hair and blood were discovered plastered on a structure in Imphal. The body has not yet been given to the family. “I still find it difficult to accept the situation, and I occasionally hold out hope that my daughter would come back because I haven’t seen her in person.

11-After Chandrayaan-3, India is preparing for its first solar mission with ADITYA-L1.

This time, ISRO plans to launch “Aditya-L1,” India’s first solar mission, to study the Sun. The PSLV-XL rocket will lift off from the Sathish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota for the Aditya-L1 mission. The ISRO Chief stated that the organization is aiming for the end of August as the deadline for the launch of the Aditya-L1 mission. Spacecraft will first be launched into a low-Earth orbit before being propelled into Lagrange point L1 using the on-board propulsion system. About 1.5 million kilometers separate the Earth from the Lagrange point L1 in the Sun-Earth system. Seven payloads will be carried by the spacecraft to observe the Sun’s photosphere, chromosphere, and outermost layers. Dr. V. Narayanan, an ISRO scientist, also discussed the Aditya-L1 mission’s specifics. Aditya-L1 would require roughly four months to travel from launch to L1.

12-Smriti Mandhana responds to Harmanpreet Kaur’s denial of disrespecting the Bangladesh captain

A dramatic match between Bangladesh and India in the third and final women’s one-day international resulted in Harmanpreet Kaur destroying her stumps after being dismissed.

13-Barbie surpasses Oppenheimer in box office receipts worldwide

Barbie, a beautiful and colorful fantasy comedy directed by Greta Gerwig, enthralled viewers and became the year’s largest premiere with a remarkable $155 million opening weekend. Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan’s R-rated historical drama, also had a strong debut, selling an astounding $80.5 million worth of tickets. Fans flocked to see Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s performances in Barbie, which contributed to its unprecedented popularity. Both movies drew enthusiastic audiences. Barbie continued to succeed on Day 3 of its box office takings, thus cementing its status in the entertainment world.

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