Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 3, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 3, 2023

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1- As the deadline for visas approaches, Britain will ‘Kick Out’ 100,000 Ukrainians amid the conflict with Russia.

There is a chance that more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees in the UK will be expelled. Unless the government steps in to give long-term clarity, more than half of these people, who came under programs like the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine, may have to leave by September 2025. In light of the escalating turmoil in Ukraine, conservative MPs and NGOs are pleading with the administration to find a solution before the visa program expires.

2-Viral: Watch How Troops Reacted When A Truck Rammed Into An Indian Army Camp In Kashmir

An army camp in Kupwara was struck by a truck in a video that is currently going viral. The event happened on July 31 when a Sumo vehicle and a truck collided. The quick action of the Indian army forces resulted in the immediate transfer of the injured to Srinagar hospitals, which helped save many lives.

3-India is Morgan Stanley’s “Most Preferred” Emerging Market in Asia; China is Downgraded

India’s position was recently upgraded by brokerage firm Morgan Stanley to “overweight.” The brokerage firm promoted India from position 6 to the top. India’s reforms and macro-stability strategy were identified by Morgan Stanley as the causes of the development. The company that released the research emphasized the robust economy of the nation. China’s classification has been reduced by the analysts to “equal-weight” at the same time.

4-India Rejects Pakistan PM’s Letter Requesting Talks, Saying It Wants “Normal Ties But” | Watch

The direct reply from India to Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s request for negotiations. According to India’s external affairs ministry, Pakistan must first establish a safe atmosphere free of terrorism for negotiations. Just two days after Shehbaz Sharif urged India to restore communication as its economic crisis worsens, the country responded.

5-Israeli “Tank-Killer” Spike NLOS Received by India; IAF To Fit Russian-Made Mi-17V5 With Deadly Missiles

Israeli Spike NLOS anti-tank guided missiles have been delivered to the Indian Air Force. The Russian-made Mi-17V5 helicopter fleet will incorporate the Spike NLOS. The Israeli-built Spike missile has a tremendous range and can eliminate enemy objectives that are concealed behind mountains. Here is all the information you require regarding the lethality of Israel’s sixth-generation Spike missile. Watch.

6-UK: Protesters climb onto the roof of Rishi Sunak’s home, cloaking it in black; the home is ‘Under Attack’

Greenpeace activists scaled the residence in UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s district and draped it in black material. In their demonstration, the protestors criticized Rishi Sunak’s new fossil fuel policies. In the UK’s Richmond, protesters were seen ascending the roof of Sunak’s residence. Sunak had already approved hundreds of new oil and gas licenses.

7-Police said a missing soldier from Kashmir who was found will be questioned.

Police announced today that an Army soldier who went missing in Kulgam, Jammu and Kashmir, last week has been located. After undergoing a medical examination, rifleman Javed Ahmad of the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry unit would undergo questioning, they added.

8-Passage of the Delhi Services Bill in the Lok Sabha despite a walkout by the opposition is among the top stories.

The Lok Sabha has approved the center’s bill regarding the management of services in Delhi. Just after the measure was approved by the Lok Sabha, the opposition MPs left the building. This came after a full day of intense debate over various grounds of contention and top news events.

9-Amit Shah: “Narendra Modi Will Be Prime Minister In 2024,”

In 2024, Amit Shah predicted that Narendra Modi would be elected to a third consecutive term as prime minister. “Your alliance is something that worries you. Your goal is to advance your alliance. In your opinion, enlisting the support of more parties will help you beat the BJP. The next prime minister will be Narendra Modi, so create as many parties as you like, said Amit Shah. In the Lok Sabha, he was introducing the divisive Delhi Services Bill.

10-New Cancer Drug: Researchers create a medication that kills cancer by focusing on tumors

The discovery of a revolutionary cancer-killing chemical by researchers at the City of Hope, a premier cancer research and treatment center in the US, has provided hope to millions of people. This recently found “cancer-killing pill” uses “targeted chemotherapy” to kill solid tumors.

11-Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife are divorcing after 18 years of marriage.

After 18 years of marriage, Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, and his wife Sophie have announced their separation. Given his emphasis on the value of family life, this development represents one of Trudeau’s most major personal difficulties since taking government in 2015.

12-Allahabad High Court permits ASI Survey, Muslim Side to Appeal to Supreme Court in Gyanvapi Mosque Case

On August 3, the Allahabad High Court dismissed the Anjuman Intezamia Masjid Committee’s request and ordered that the Asi Survey of the Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi proceed. The Muslim side is now thinking about appealing the survey decision to the Supreme Court.

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