Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 7, 2023

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Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 7, 2023

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1-“Shayari” in Parliament: Tales of the “Poetry War” in the Rajya Sabha between the Center and the Opposition

Both the ruling party and the opposition in Parliament use the poems and shayaries as a tool when arguing. This time, the “Poetry War” took place during a Rajya Sabha debate on the Delhi Ordinance Bill between Congressman Abhishek Singhvi and BJP Spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi.

2-PM Modi celebrates National Handloom Day and engages with employees.

On August 7, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the National Handloom Day events held at Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan. The ninth National Handloom Day will be observed on August 7 this year. Throughout the ceremony, PM Modi spoke with handloom weavers.

The timing is appropriate because the Swadeshi Movement, which was started on August 7th, 1905, promoted indigenous businesses, especially handloom weavers.

3-Watch as Raghav Chadha reads a poem in the Rajya Sabha in an original manner.

On Monday, August 7, the Delhi Services Bill was presented to the Rajya Sabha. Amit Shah, the Union Minister for the Interior, put it on the House table.

“I would like to mention the portion of the Mahabharata, which poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar has written in a very nice poem, in which Lord Shri Krishna went to Hastinapur as a messenger of peace, taking the proposal of peace from the Padvas,” said Aam Aadmi Party MP Raghav Chadha.

4-Watch the chilling video of Operation J&K: Army Kills Pak-Sent Hizbul Commander to Rekindle Terrorism.

In a terrifying video, the Indian Army is seen eliminating militants in Poonch, J&K. Two terrorists may be seen in the footage attempting to enter India. One of the two terrorists who were slain was Muneer Hussain, a seasoned Hizbul commander with responsibility for restarting terror. Muneer is responsible for a number of attacks on the security forces in India. He was the most senior Hizbul leader to be assassinated in Rajouri or Poonch in the previous ten years.

5-Dhankhar Scolds, “No One Wants Member Like You” Derek O’Brien: Rajya Sabha Drama Is At A High Level

The chairman of the Rajya Sabha, Jagdeep Dhankhar, lost his temper when TMC MP Derek O’Brien engaged in “theatrics” during the discussion of the Delhi Services Bill in the house. Derek O’Brien was scolded by Dhankhar and told to leave the residence right away. After being interrupted several times by O’brien, Dhankhar finally replied, “No one expects a member like you.”

6-Latest ISRO Chairman Update on Chandrayaan-3 Moon Mission: “Going Very Well…”

Chandrayaan-3 is progressing smoothly and is in good hands, according to ISRO Chairman S Somnath. This is happening as the spacecraft gets a little bit closer to a smooth landing on the moon. The intended orbit lowering maneuver by the spacecraft was completed successfully. On August 23, ISRO anticipates that the Vikram lander will touch down gently on the lunar surface.

7-Rajya Sabha approves the Centre’s Delhi Services Bill with 131 votes in favor and 102 against.

After a protracted and contentious debate, the Rajya Sabha today approved the contentious Services Bill, ushering in a new era of governance for Delhi. The measure, which must now be approved by the President, grants the Centre authority over the officials in Delhi.

8-China is thinking about limiting smartphone use to two hours.

The internet censor in China has suggested actions to lessen the amount of time kids and teenagers spend online. The guidelines prohibit internet use at night and restrict the use of mobile devices by anyone under the age of 18. Beijing-based Sun Tianyuan has more.

9-Rahul Gandhi’s Lok Sabha membership was reinstated; the opposition feels optimistic before the motion of no confidence

Rahul Gandhi, a prominent member of the Congress, has today had his Lok Sabha membership reinstated and is now permitted to attend Parliamentary proceedings. A review of his suspension has been ordered by the Lok Sabha Secretariat. After the Supreme Court granted a stay of execution in a criminal defamation prosecution stemming from his statements on the Modi surname in 2019, this member’s reinstatement arrives three days later. Gandhi’s return to the Lok Sabha, where he formerly represented Wayanad in Kerala, was made possible by the Supreme Court’s ruling in that case. The case involved Gandhi’s appeal against the Gujarat High Court’s decision to not grant a stay of execution. After the conviction, he was removed from the House in March of this year. His disqualification has been revoked as a result of the stay that was granted.

10-China Floods: Resentment grows in areas that were purposefully inundated in order to save Beijing

The administration claimed that the days-long downpour in Beijing and the surrounding areas was the biggest downpour China’s capital had experienced since records began keeping 140 years ago. The majority of Beijing had been spared the worst when the torrential rain finally ceased on Tuesday, in part because officials had made sure the floodwaters went elsewhere. After unprecedented rains caused authorities to divert water from swollen rivers to some populated regions for storage, resentment over the homes sacrificed to rescue Beijing erupted online, forcing the relocation of nearly 1 million people in China’s northern Hebei province.

11-WHO issues a warning over the new strain of Covid-19 variant that is rapidly spreading throughout the UK.

Concerning a brand-new Covid version that is rapidly spreading, the WHO has issued a warning. The warning has been issued as a result of reports that a new strain of the Covid-19 virus is spreading quickly in the United Kingdom, where health authorities are reportedly on high alert. The name of this sub-variant is Eris. It is known as EG.5.1 in technical speak and is rapidly spreading throughout the UK.

12-Spandana, the actress Vijay Raghavendra’s wife, dies.

In a sad tragedy, Spandana, the wife of Kannada star Vijay Raghavendra, passed away on Monday in Bangkok. According to reports, she had a severe heart attack while on vacation in Bangkok. Local media reports that as soon as Spandana became unconscious on Monday morning, she was promptly taken to the hospital. She was pronounced dead at the hospital after arriving there. The last rituals will be performed in Bengaluru when Spandana’s mortal remains arrive on Tuesday.

13-Imran Khan Arrest: Pakistan’s economic predicament is exacerbated by yet another wave of unrest

The politics of Pakistan have once again demonstrated that the only constant in the nation is change. Pakistan is no stranger to political unrest; nevertheless, it is currently caught in another cycle of unrest that is causing economic instability and a resurgence of terrorism. Pakistan appears to be returning to its default condition of a power struggle between various political groups, including the military and bureaucracy, as a result of Imran Khan’s latest imprisonment.

14- Rahul Gandhi Before the opposition’s no-confidence vote, the Congress leader returns to the legislature.

Rahul Gandhi, a senior Congress leader, had his membership reinstated by the Lok Sabha Secretariat on August 7. Gandhi’s conviction in the “Modi” surname remark case was overturned by the Supreme Court on August 4. This occurs at a time when the opposition bloc in India has demanded that PM Narendra Modi make a statement over the Manipur issue, causing many disruptions in the parliament. In March 2023, Gandhi was declared ineligible for the Lower House. He is back in his position as Wayanad MP. Leaders of the opposition rejoiced by distributing candy.

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