Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 15, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 15, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 15, 2023

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1-Putin’s Unprecedented Salute To India On Independence Day | ‘Your Country Has…’

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, lauded India on its 77th Independence Day. Putin congratulated India and hailed its rise to prominence and status as a major actor in the world. Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, and other foreign leaders also wished India a happy Independence Day. Watch

2-China rejects the West’s call to isolate Putin and sends its defense minister to Belarus and Russia.

In the midst of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine, China has once again ignored the US-led West. Despite requests from the West to isolate Russia, Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered his defense minister Li Shangfu to visit Russia and Belarus. Li Shangfu is at the Army Day Forum in Moscow right now. After that, he will meet with Russian officials before traveling to Minsk.

3-France accuses the United States of betraying its allies over Niger, saying, “Don’t Need Enemies With Allies Like These…

According to reports, France is furious with the United States for sending Victoria Nulland, its deputy secretary of state, to Niger to meet with the military authorities. Paris doesn’t need enemies when it has allies like Washington, according to a report in the French newspaper Le Figaro, which cited officials in the foreign ministry. The source added that the US did things that France could not possibly have dreamed of.

4-As Prime Minister Modi raises the tricolor at Red Fort, IAF Dhruv helicopters drop petals.

As PM Narendra Modi raised the National Flag at Red Fort on the 77th Independence Day, millions of Indians felt a sense of pride. The IAF’s Dhruv chopper’s dropped flower petals after the flag-hoisting. Prime Minister Modi was given a guard of honor at the Red Fort before the Tricolor was flown.

5-PM Modi’s Message Of Peace From The Ramparts Of Red Fort: “India Stands With Manipur”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi incited unrest stir the northeastern state of Manipur from the Red Fort ramparts. According to PM Modi, Manipur can only move forward in peace. He claimed that both the State and the Center are working hard to find a solution. Watch PM Modi’s message to Manipur on Independence Day.

6-PM Independence Day 2023: Modi Applauds Grammy Award-Winning Artist’s Performance Of The National Anthem

On the eve of Independence Day, artist Ricky Kej, a three-time Grammy winner, released a 60-second video of an instrumental performance of the Indian National Anthem. The film, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “will undoubtedly make every Indian proud.” The largest Symphony Orchestra in the world performed this rendition of the national anthem at London’s renowned Abbey Road Studios.

7-Russia releases dramatic footage of a raid in the Black Sea; NATO weapons are destroyed, and Ukrainian troops are killed.

Dramatic Black Sea raid images from August 13 when a ship headed towards the Ukrainian port of Izmail was stopped by Moscow’s Navy were published by Russian forces. Separately, the Russian Ministry of Defense also made available video of an assault on Ukrainian troops and equipment in the Western Military District.

8-Akshay Kumar Proudly Displays Indian Citizenship on I-Day; Excited Supporters Wonder Where The Haters Are?

When he released the documentation proving his Indian citizenship on X, formerly known as Twitter, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar silenced his critics. Akshay Kumar received his Indian citizenship documents on the 77th anniversary of Independence Day. His ecstatic followers flooded Twitter with memes directed at people who have frequently questioned the actor’s citizenship. View their responses here.

9-Tricolor Lighting on Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge and Victoria Memorial

On July 4, the tricolor was illuminated on the Howrah Bridge and the Victoria Memorial. On August 15, 2023, India will commemorate its 77th Independence Day.

10-Independence Day 2023 | PM Modi’s Major Statement Regarding 2024: “Will Return To Red Fort Next Year If…

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech today in Delhi’s Red Fort saw him raise the flag, discuss the enormous potential that lie ahead for India, and take potshots at his political adversaries. He concluded by stating that if people’s blessings are with him, he would return the next year.

11-Beating retreat ritual at the Attari-Wagah border marks the 77th anniversary of independence.

The Grand Trunk Road’s Attari-Wagah boundary is where the Beating Retreat Ceremony takes place. It was the only road connection between India and Pakistan until the Aman Setu in Kashmir opened in 1999. On a global scale, it is known as a Beating Retreat border ceremony. A procession of soldiers from both sides kicks off the event every evening just before sunset, and it concludes with the expertly timed lowering of the flags of India and Pakistan.

12-After the Pakistani flag was not raised in time, the Indian flag was flown at Burj Khalifa.

The most significant holiday in the nation is Independence Day, which is lavishly observed by Indians both at home and abroad. A number of other nations take part in the great celebration in their own distinctive fashion. UAE also honored India’s Independence Day by illuminating the tricolor on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. This occurs the day after Pakistanis were miffed that the flag of their nation was not flown on the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates.

13-Thousands of people are advised to seek protection as Typhoon Lan makes landfall in Japan.

As a slow-moving typhoon made landfall in western Japan early on Tuesday, more than 800 flights were canceled and tens of thousands of houses lost power, prompting officials to issue flood and landslide warnings. Typhoon Lan, which originated in the Pacific Ocean and made landfall 400 kilometers (250 miles) south-west of Tokyo, struck the southernmost point of Wakayama Prefecture.

14-NASA’s InSight mission data sheds new information on the rotational speed of Mars

Mars is rotating more fast than it did in the past, based on data that NASA’s InSight lander had gathered there. The now-retired InSight was equipped with a variety of tools, including as antennae and the Rotation and Interior Structure Experiment (RISE) radio transponder. During the mission’s first 900 days on Mars, the equipment were employed to monitor the planet’s rotation. According to the statistics, the planet’s rotation is increasing by around 4 milliarcseconds each year2, which results in a fractional millisecond reduction in the duration of a Martian day each year.

15-Italy’s Mt. Etna is currently erupting once more, forcing Catania Airport to temporarily close.

Following an eruption from nearby Mount Etna, flights to Catania in eastern Sicily were grounded, adding more travel complications to the already troubled Italian airport. Overnight on Sunday, the 3,330-meter-tall volcano erupted, spewing lava and ash thousands of feet above the Mediterranean island. Before morning, the lava flow stopped, although one of the craters was still spewing ash. The airport operator stated in a statement that flights to and from Catania, a well-known tourist destination, would be delayed until 6 am on Tuesday morning, crushing hopes that they would restart on Monday night.

16-Donald Trump and 18 other people have an arrest warrant out for trying to rig Georgia’s 2020 elections.

A grand jury in Georgia has accused former US president Donald Trump and 18 of his associates for their alleged involvement in a plot to rig the Georgia state election that he lost to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in 2020. Donald Trump and his 18 co-defendants have been given arrest warrants and a short window of time to surrender, according to Georgia’s chief prosecutor Fani Willis. Everyone must turn themselves in by noon on Friday, August 25, 2023, which is the present date.

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