Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 22, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 22, 2023

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1-South Africa’s welcoming of PM Modi for the BRICS summit included dance, music, and a guard of honor.

To attend the BRICS Summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in South Africa. Upon his arrival, the Indian PM was given a formal greeting. Along with musicians and dancers, the PM was welcomed.

2-Sensational Shift in UK Policy; Russian “Hostile State” Phrase Banned by British Officials

Many people in Moscow were shocked by the most recent choice the UK made about Russia. The UK Foreign Office had previously forbidden its employees from referring to Russia as a “hostile state.” In official documents and even internal contact between civil officials and different government agencies, the phrasing has virtually been forbidden. Several UK government agencies have had negative reactions to the change in policy. Russian analysts are perplexed by the change’s motivations.

3-Beautiful New Images Of The Moon’s Far Side Are Sent By Chandrayaan-3 Before Its Historic First Landing

On Wednesday, August 23, Isro’s Chandrayaan-3, its ambitious third lunar mission, will try a soft landing on the moon. The Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has been updating the globe on the images of the Moon collected by Vikram, Chandrayaan-3’s Lander, as excitement for the mission’s landing grows.

Isro uploaded a video showing a close-up of the solitary satellite orbiting the planet. The Lander Imager Camera 4 on board the spacecraft captured the footage on August 20. It shows the Moon.

4-Russian Diplomat Applauds India’s Lunar Mission, Calls Chandrarayaan-3 A Success

In its most recent report on India’s lunar mission, ISRO published the most recent images of the moon taken by Chandrayaan-3 from a distance of 70 kilometers. The space agency posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that everything were “continuing smoothly” and that systems were getting routine checkups. Meanwhile, the ambitious moon program of India was hailed as a success by the Russian consul general in South India. On August 23, Chandrayaan-3 is supposed to make a soft landing on the moon.

5-Russian scientist injured in the 5-Luna-25 crash was hospitalized and said, “This Was My Last Hope.”

The renowned Russian scientist Mikhail Marov, who worked on the ambitious program, has been crushed by the failure of the Luna-25 mission. A few hours after the Luna-25 crash, 90-year-old Marov was taken to the hospital. The Russian scientist reportedly reported a significant decline in his health, according to Independent. During pre-landing maneuvers, Luna-25, Russia’s first moon mission in nearly 50 years, crashed.

6-Russian Envoy Criticizes American Efforts to Weaken India-Russia Relations; “Our Friends Not Falling For…

Denis Alipov, the Russian ambassador to India, has criticized the United States for openly attempting to sour relations between his country and Russia. Denis Alipov described India as a “growing global power, playing a positive and increasingly noticeable role in international affairs” in an interview he gave to a Russian publication.

7-BRICS Summit: PM Modi is welcomed by the Indian community in South Africa

PM Modi is welcomed by the Indian community in South Africa.

8-Actor Prakash Raj has case against him because to Chandrayaan-3 posts.

A police station in Karnataka’s Bagalkot district has taken actor Prakash Raj into custody after he allegedly insulted Chandrayaan-3, India’s planned third moon mission, in a social media post.

9-Extradition of 26/11 suspect Tahawwur Rana to India is postponed by a US court

In defiance of the Biden administration’s plea, a US judge has halted Tahawwur Rana’s extradition to India, where he is being tried for his role in the 2008 Mumbai terror attack. Tahawwur Rana is a Canadian businessman of Pakistani descent.

10 Rajnikanth explains his touch of Yogi Adityanath’s feet gesture

In response to the recent uproar over his behavior of bending down and touching Yogi Adityanath’s feet while he was visiting Lucknow, superstar Rajinikanth has provided an explanation. He claims that regardless of the person’s age, he has a propensity of prostrating himself at the feet of a yogi or sanyasi. Currently enjoying the success of his movie “Jailer,” Rajinikanth recently made news when he met Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, in Lucknow. Watch.

11-The head of the Spanish Football Federation apologizes for kissing the winner of the Women’s World Cup.

Luis Rubiales, the head of the Spanish Football Federation, recently found himself in hot water for kissing a prominent player. He expressed regret for kissing Jenni Hermoso after Spain won the Women’s World Cup on Monday. After Hermoso, 45, received her medal after the Sydney final, Rubiales planted a kiss on her. Spain was outraged by his acts.

12-Qamar Mohsin Shaikh, PM Modi’s Pakistani Rakhi Sister, Is Excited To Meet The PM On Rakshabandhan

Qamar Mohsin Shaikh, PM Narendra Modi’s Pakistani Rakhi sister, has promised to tie him a rakhi on Raksha Bandhan in Delhi.

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