Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 23, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 23, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-August 23, 2023

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1-Special Prayers for the Safe Landing of Chandrayaan-3 in India

Across the country, prayers have been planned for the smooth landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon today.

2-Chandrayaan-3 Landing: The Indian community in the United States prays for a successful last minutes.

On August 23, India’s lunar mission Chandrayaan-3 will make a soft landing on the Moon’s surface. If successful, India will be the first country to reach the Moon’s less-explored south pole. People all over the world are hoping for the Lander Module of the Chandrayaan-3 to successfully land. Indian Americans conducted a special ‘Havan’ for the mission’s accomplishment in Virginia, United States.

3-Singapore: Ex-minister of Indian origin Tharman enters presidential election contest

Tharman Shanmugaratnam, an Indian-origin Singaporean, was officially announced today as a candidate for the affluent city-state’s presidential election on September 1, along with two Chinese-origin former business executives.

4-Chandrayaan 3 Approaches the Moon: Key Information About Its Lander And Rover

Chandrayaan-3 is just hours away from attempting to land on the moon, making India the first country to land a spacecraft on the lunar body’s south pole.

5-In South Africa, Indian-origin woman ties a ‘Rakhi’ to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi’s Visit to South Africa: When Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa on August 22, an Indian community woman tied a ‘Rakhi’ on him. Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at Waterkloof Airforce Base in South Africa on August 22. PM Modi will attend the 15th BRICS summit during his visit.

6- Chandrayaan-3 Successfully Lands On The Moon As India Makes History And A Billion Prayers Are Fulfilled

With the successful arrival of Chandrayaan-3 on the moon’s surface just moments ago, India changed the course of history. Days after Russia’s mission ended in failure, the Chandrayaan-3 lander successfully made contact with the moon’s south pole, which is regarded to be a possible source of water and oxygen. The rocket was launched on July 14 by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), taking off from the nation’s primary spaceport in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh.

7 – Pay Attention Now Chandrayaan-3 Scratched 1.4 billion Indian hearts on the surface of the moon.

Chandrayaan-3’s On the dark side of the moon, Vikram Lander has left the imprints of 1.4 billion Indian hearts. India is the first nation in history to set foot on the Moon’s South Pole. Watch the historic moment the Indian spacecraft Vikram touched down on the moon.

8-PM Modi’s First Reaction Following Chandrayaan-3 Success: “India On The Moon”

India becomes the first nation to land on the south pole of the moon, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the success of Chandrayaan-3. “When we see such historical events, we are quite proud. This is the beginning of a new India, Prime Minister Modi declared from South Africa, where he had joined the ISRO crew to see Indian history being made.

9-At the BRICS Summit, when security “caught” a man behind him, Xi Jinping stands awkwardly.

At the BRICS Summit, security personnel halted someone who appeared to be a member of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s entourage, and he was seen standing awkwardly. The Chinese President, who also met South African President Cyril Ramaphosa there and attended the BRICS Plenary Session, was perplexed by what had happened. As of August 24, Xi Jinping is attending the BRICS Summit 2023 in South Africa.

10-PM Modi At the BRICS Summit, He noticed the tricolor on the ground.

The reverence shown by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the national flag on the BRICS platform goes viral. During the BRICS group shot, PM Modi noticed the Indian tricolour on the ground. He took care not to step on the flag that was being used as a marker. The Indian Prime Minister respectfully took the tricolor and placed it in his pocket. Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, imitated Modi’s action. Ramaphosa took the flag and handed it to a representative standing beside the platform. PM Modi was then invited by Ramaphosa to present the flag to the representative, but he declined. PM Modi said he prefers to keep the Indian tricolor in his pocket.

11-Made-In-India CRPF’s Battle Against Terror in Kashmir Will Benefit from WhAP Armoured Vehicles | Details

A boost was given to the Central Reserve Police Forces (CRPF) in their fight against terrorism in the Kashmir valley. The Wheeled Armoured Amphibious Platform (WhAP) is a new generation of highly advanced vehicles that the CRPF has introduced. These vehicles can operate on land as well as in marshes and streams thanks to its water jets. The 12 outfitted soldiers, including the driver, may be transported in the 8X8 vehicles, which were created in collaboration by TATA and DRDO.

12-Biden Calls India “Most Important In The World,” Earning High Praise Before US President Visits New Delhi

India is regarded by the United States as the “most important country in the world.” The American ambassador to India relayed what Vice President Joe Biden said to him following his appointment. Joe Biden reportedly told Eric Garcetti that India was the most significant country in the world for him. India was referred to by the American envoy as the “center of the universe.”

13-When Chandrayaan-3 successfully touched down, ISRO scientists were on the moon (13-Chandrayaan-3).

Upon Chandrayaan-3’s successful touchdown, ISRO scientists were on the moon.

14- The Men And Women Behind Chandrayaan-3’s Success, According To ISRO Chief Chandrayaan 3

Men And Women Behind Chandrayaan-3’s Success Are Introduced By The ISRO Chief in Chandrayaan 3

15-Not Just Landing, ISRO Chief Says These Were Most Difficult Parts Of Moon Mission Chandrayaan 3

The Chandrayaan 3 mission’s project director, P Veeramuthuvel, started crying following the mission’s success. He expressed his happiness to the group and to all those interested in conversation. Being in charge of this mission and witnessing its success, he claimed, made him feel quite proud.

He assured everyone that the endeavor was successful from beginning to end. India is become the fourth nation to successfully touch down on the moon. On a sentimental note, P Veeramuthuvel said that India was the first nation to approach the south pole, or bottom, of the moon.

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