Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- September 21, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- September 21, 2023

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1-India-Canada dispute: NIA produces a list of terrorists and gangsters, some of whom have ties to Canada

The National Investigation Agency on Wednesday unveiled the images of 43 notorious accusers, some of whom are domiciled in Canada, amid the current diplomatic spat with that country.

These people, who are accused of engaging in a variety of criminal offenses, are also thought to be connected to terrorist organizations. Some of the suspects have had their pictures made public by the NIA.

2-Learn why and how NASA intends to shut down the International Space Station by 2031.

According to NASA, the International Space Station will be deorbited before the end of this decade. It would signal the end of its life, according to NASA. The US Deorbit Vehicle (USDV) is the subject of a proposal from the space agency.

As part of the ISS’s predetermined retirement, the USDV is a spacecraft created to safely deorbit the station. According to NASA, it is intended to be a key part of the plan to guarantee the orderly and safe decommissioning of the ISS.

3-Rahul Gandhi travels to Anand Vihar in Delhi while sporting a coolie outfit and carrying luggage: Watch

Rahul Gandhi, a congressman from New Delhi, unexpectedly paid a visit to the Anand Vihar Inter State Bus Terminal (ISBT) on Thursday morning. The Congress leader is seen in an online video wearing a coolie costume, carrying a bag on his head, and being surrounded by coolies.

Gandhi can be seen in the video walking about with a blue bag on his head as the audience, which included coolies, sang “Rahul Gandhi Zindabad.”

4-Pakistan: Mulan schools undertake a new program to combat climate change.

A new program has been launched by schools in Mulan, in southern Pakistan, to combat climate change through education. Local educators support the younger generation in the area in adapting and even thriving by shedding light on the facts behind recurrent droughts, heat waves, and floods.

5-Lord Shiva will be the motif of the Varanasi Cricket Stadium, and the PM will inaugurate it

A new international cricket stadium that combines contemporary sports with the spirit of Kashi will soon be built in Varanasi, a city renowned for its rich cultural legacy and spiritual significance.

6-Hacker Posts False Death Announcement on Donald Trump Jr.’s X Account

The son of the former president, Donald Trump Jr., had his X account hacked, which led to the fake statement, “Donald Trump is dead.” Wednesday saw many tweets from Donald Trump Jr.’s verified account, one of which read, “My father, Donald Trump, has passed away.”

Even though the stolen account’s tweets were finally deleted, one of them had more than 140,000 views before it was.

7-A school in Assam accepts plastic bottles from students as payment for education rather than fees. learn more

As ridiculous as it may seem, this Assamese school uses a distinctive system for submitting fees.

This Assam school takes plastic bottles as payment for tuition. The pupils are required to provide 25 plastic bottles each week.

8 – Because of Trudeau’s Khalistan accusation, India isolates Canada and suspends visa services

India has temporarily paused its services for issuing Canadian visas after issuing a warning to its residents about traveling to Canada. The action was taken at the same time that Justin Trudeau stated that Canada was rearranging its diplomatic personnel in India in response to threats made on social media.

Relationships between the two countries have deteriorated as a result of Trudeau’s Khalistan scandal against the Modi administration.

9-Modi Invites Biden As Republic Day Chief Guest | New High In India-U.S. Relations

The U.S. President has been asked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the Republic Day festivities in 2024 as the chief guest. Joe Biden received the offer outside of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, according to U.S. representative Eric Garcetti. Biden will be the second American president to attend India’s R-Day as the head guest if he agrees.

10 Indian medical graduates are now eligible to practice in the US, Canada, and Australia

Now that the National Medical Commission (NMC) has been granted World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) recognized status for a period of ten years, Indian medical graduates will be authorized to practice medicine abroad.

11-Watch Special Show On September 21 At 9:30 PM | Rafale: India’s Cutting Edge

Rafale is India’s cutting-edge aircraft. A frontline airbase’s nighttime takeoff, protecting the northeast from the menace of China. We give you a complete impression of the young Squadron pilots on the special edition of Left, Right & Centre as they prepare to face India’s problems on the China boundary. Only NDTV 24X7 will be broadcasting the show on September 21 at 9:30 p.m.

12-Around the Lake Palace and Leela Palace in Udaipur via boat

The wedding of Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha is being planned in Udaipur. The Leela Palace is the location, and Parineeti and the ladkiwale will be staying there. Raghav will take a boat from the Lake Palace to the Leela with his baraat.

13-The couple ‘Laxmi Ji Aayi Hain’ announces that Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar had a baby girl.

A baby girl has been born to singer Rahul Vaidya and his wife, actress Disha Parmar. On September 20, the couple posted the exciting news on social media. Rahul stated, “The Mummy And Baby Both Are Healthy And Doing Perfectly Well!” in the caption.

A cartoon of a little elephant wearing a pink bib was shared by the couple. On the image, “It’s A Girl” is written in pink. On July 16, 2021, Rahul and Disha became husband and wife. The Wedding took place in Mumbai.

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