Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 5, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 5, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 5, 2023

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1-The CBI has filed a FIR against three people in the CBFC bribery case after actor Vishal made allegations.

According to sources, the CBI has filed a FIR against three individuals and unnamed members of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in response to actor Vishal’s claims that he was required to pay Rs 6.5 lakh in order to obtain a certificate for his film “Mark Antony.”

Following the incident, searches were conducted at four different Mumbai locations, including the homes of the accused people listed in the FIR.

2-Asian Games: Indian athletes accuse authorities of using “unfair means,” sparking a scandal over Chinese foul conduct.

When Olympic champion Neeraj Chopra’s first javelin throw attempt at the Asian Games was not measured, a tremendous uproar ensued. Adille Sumariwalla, the president of the Athletics Federation of India (AFI), praised Neeraj Chopra’s ability to handle pressure after he won the men’s javelin gold medal at the Asian Games on Wednesday.

The “Golden Boy” encountered several difficulties during the competition since his first throw, which landed between 83 and 87 meters, was disqualified owing to certain technological difficulties.

3-‘Get Out…’: India Baits Ex-Pak PM, Who Is Humiliated By His Own People | Watch

During his election campaign, Shehbaz Sharif, a former prime minister of Pakistan, was harassed and his convoy was attacked in Lahore. Sharif’s car was slammed by a mob that was enraged, and some of them even yelled at him to get out of his car.

Sharif’s embarrassment comes as Pakistan’s economic situation worsens and prices for necessities break all-time highs. In order to make space for a caretaker government before the January elections, Sharif announced his resignation in August of this year.

4-‘Surprise’: Akshata Murty ‘Gatescrapes’ Rishi Sunak’s Speech to Make Her UK Political Stage Debut

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s address was “gatecrashed” by Britain’s First Lady Akshata Murty. For “Best Friend” Rishi, Akshata made her political stage debut in the UK and provided first-hand accounts of the British Prime Minister’s life. Watch this speech you can’t miss.

5-Putin Sings Praise For “Wise” Modi As India Stands Strong For “Dost” Russia in “Share Very Good…

The Indian Prime Minister has received accolades from Russian President Vladimir Putin. PM Narendra Modi was praised by Vladimir Putin and described as a very wise man.

He continued by saying that India is developing rapidly under Modi’s leadership. This report has more information.

6-Trudeau was mocked for winking and sticking out his tongue at the new speaker of the Canadian Parliament.

Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, is currently embroiled in yet another controversy. For sticking his tongue out and winking at the new Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons,

Trudeau has come under fire. The Canadian prime minister’s behavior in the legislature did not amuse many users on social media; some even referred to it as “cringe.”

This comes after Canada experienced two consecutive international humiliations for honoring Nazi veterans.

7-Firms may spend Rs 3 lakh per second on advertisements in 2023.

World Cup: International brands are spending millions of dollars to be seen during the Cricket World Cup in India. The athletic event is an ideal opportunity for brands to reach the 1.4 billion cricket fans in the country.

8-After Neeraj Chopra won a gold medal in the Asian Games, his family began to celebrate.

Asian Games 2023: After India’s top javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra put on yet another incredible performance and won gold on October 4 in the Asian Games, his family erupted in joy. Satish Kumar, who was enjoying his son’s triumph, told ANI, “I was hoping that we will win gold.

This time, our nation’s joy has been increased by twofold because we received both a gold and a silver medal. Kishore Jena, who took home the silver medal, is progressing nicely and will eventually take home the gold. I’m delighted for both Neeraj and Kishore in equal measure.

On October 4, Neeraj Chopra defended his championship and wrote the history of the continental competition. Two Indian athletes competed head-to-head, but Neeraj won with his highest throw of the season at 88.88 meters.

9-Neeraj Chopra’s viral video of him protecting the flag from dropping after winning gold from the Asian Games

India’s top javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra did not let his supporters down on Wednesday in Hangzhou as he successfully defended his gold.

But more than the Asiad Gold, the Javelin star’s one action captured the hearts of the online community, and now, thanks to the virality of the act’s recordings, he is in charge of social media. Internet users have taken notice of Chopra’s great catch to prevent the national flag from tumbling to the ground after he threw a monster 88.8 meters to claim the top rank.

10-Shikhar Dhawan’s divorce was granted by the court due to his wife Aesha’s mental cruelty

Shikhar Dhawan, a cricket player, was granted a divorce by a Delhi court on October 4 as a result of “cruelty” committed against him by his wife Aesha Mukerji. Dhawan and Aesha were wed in 2012.

Zoraver Dhawan, their son, is now 10 years old. Judge Harish Kumar of the Family Court accepted the accusations made against Dhawan’s wife after concluding that she was unable to refute them.

According to the judge, Dhawan’s wife forced him into a “long-distance marriage” by moving to Australia and spending years apart from his son, causing him to experience mental anguish. The court granted Dhawan visitation rights in Australia and India but did not grant him permanent custody.

11-Shivraj Singh Chouhan washes the feet of women during the Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, CM Ladli Behna Sammelan.

On October 4, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, washed the feet of two women and offered arti at the CM Ladli Behna Sammelan in Burhanpur. In an effort to influence female voters, the women showered CM Chouhan with flowers and blessings as he washed their feet.

The Madhya Pradesh Civil Services (Special Provisions For Appointment Of Women) Rules, 1997 were amended by the MP government to grant women a 35% reservation. In a notification issued before the elections, the MP government announced this reservation.

CM Chouhan has already declared a 50% reservation for women in positions of teaching. Additionally, the MP government would pay for every expense related to girls’ education and ensure that they have access to high-quality education.

12-Judge extends Chandrababu Naidu’s legal detention until October 19

The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Chief N Chandrababu Naidu’s detention in the alleged multi-billion dollar skill development scam case was prolonged by the Vijayawada ACB court on Thursday till October 19.

“The inquiry into Chandrababu’s petitions for custody and bail have been postponed to tomorrow. The judge of the ACB Court announced that she would hear both sides’ arguments tomorrow.

As of right now, the judge has prolonged judicial remand till this coming Monday, the 19th, according to Chandrababu Naidu’s attorney Pramod Kumar Dubey.

13- 18 Geniuses Ignored: Jon Fosse, recipient of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Literature

The writing of all-arounder Jon Fosse from Norway is characterized more by form than content; what is not stated is frequently more illuminating than what is.

Fosse, who has written plays as well as novels, essays, poems, and children’s books, was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature on Thursday.

14- India wins its first-ever gold in squash mixed doubles at the Asian Games in 2023.

The squash Mixed Doubles team of Dipika Pallikal and Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu made history on Thursday in Hangzhou when they won a historic gold medal.

15-Asian Games 2023: PV Sindhu loses in the quarterfinals

The start of Day 12 of the Asian Games 2023 was depressing for India when PV Sindhu, one of the medal favorites, withdrew after losing to He Bingjiao in the quarterfinals 16-21, 12-21.

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