Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 10, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 10, 2023

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1-Akshay Kumar Was Called ‘Hypocrite’ For Ajay Devgan & Shah Rukh Khan’s Pan Masala Ad; Actor Clarifies

The recent Vimal Pan Masala advertisement with Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn has stirred up controversy. Due to negative feedback from fans, Akshay previously resigned as Vimal’s brand ambassador. However, His Most Recent Ad Has Fans Calling Him Hypocritical.

Akshay responded by stating that the commercial was actually shot in 2021 and outlining how it is legal to air previously filmed commercials up until the end of the next month.

2-Take A Look At These Priceless Images From Mahira Khan’s Pre-Wedding Celebrations!

Following a relationship spanning over five years, Mahira Khan married businessman Salim Karim. Guests from the couple’s family and close friends attended the wedding ceremony on October 2. The renowned Pakistani actress has been sharing priceless moments from the pre-wedding celebrations since the wedding.

3-AAP MP Moves Delhi High Court Over Bungalow Row in Raghav Chadha House

Aam Aadmi Party MP Raghav Chadha filed a petition with the Delhi High Court. The action was taken when a trial court overturned his plea in the controversy surrounding the government house. The Rajya Sabha Secretariat was given permission to expel him from his bungalow by the trial court’s order.

The MP has received a notice, and eviction processes have begun. AAP leader accused BJP of canceling his house and suspending him from office.

4-Controversy erupts as Pradeep Eshwar, a congressman from Kannada, is connected to a popular reality show

Pradeep Eshwar, a Congress lawmaker, is the subject of controversy for being involved with a well-known Kannada reality program. His involvement has drawn criticism, which prompted a report to be filed with the Karnataka Speaker calling for his immediate resignation.

5-Flipkart commemorates Big Billion Days’ tenth anniversary.

[PARTNERED] The Big Billion Days, one of India’s most anticipated shopping festivals, are currently underway. Flipkart’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, Jeyandran Venugopal, offers helpful insights on the innovative tech innovations that are changing how you shop forever.

6-To celebrate Navratri in Gandhinagar, PM Modi and Chandrayaan-3 are featured on “Ram Rajya” turban.

Gandhinagar (Gujarat): For the forthcoming Navratri celebration on October 8, Anuj Mudaliar of Ahmedabad has created a lovely turban. It will be the main attraction in Garba during Navratri and is known as “Ram Rajya.” Anuj Mudaliar will perform Garba while sporting this headgear and 9 kilos of traditional Garba outfit.

In addition to the depiction of Gujarati culture, Chandrayaan-3 has been portrayed prominently in the turban. Additionally, the turban includes representations of the Ram Temple and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

7-Rahul Gandhi criticizes the Shivraj govt. in Madhya Pradesh, saying the “dead are being treated in the BJP’s laboratory.”

L. K. Advani previously remarked that Madhya Pradesh serves as the RSS-BJP’s testing ground. The BJP has been engaging in corruption, which is killing the farmers, and we are witnessing fraud after scam. This is the BJP’s laboratory, according to Rahul Gandhi.

8-The Delhi Lt Governor approves the prosecution of Arundhati Roy in the 2010 speech case.

Arundhati Roy will be prosecuted in connection with her 2010 speech, in which she said Kashmir was not a part of India, according to the Delhi L-G’s approval.

9-Shubman Gill was hospitalized in Chennai due to a low platelet count and the ODI World Cup 2023.

Shubman Gill has been admitted to a hospital in Chennai, where his battle with dengue is still ongoing. The opener will not play in the ODI World Cup 2023 match between India and Afghanistan, it has already been established.

10-Spotify India Removes Free User Features

The world’s largest streaming service, Spotify, has added additional limitations for its free users in India, making them think about the advantages of the premium service. Free users will no longer be able to play songs in a particular order, replay tracks, or quickly jump to their previous songs as of right away.

11-NASA to Hold Asteroid Sample Media Call on November

In their first look at a sample recovered from the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, scientists found a lot more than they had anticipated.

12 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi recognizes and engages with Asian Games 2023 medalists

According to the most recent information provided by Times Now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi honored and spoke with the Asian Games 2023 champions today. The monumental accomplishment was praised by Prime Minister Modi, who said, “You may also play a big role in the Millets movement and nutrition mission. You should educate kids in schools more about healthy eating practices. Every area of the country is affected by progress.

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