Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 24, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- October 24, 2023

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1-Afghanistan defeats Pakistan in the 2023 World Cup; historic victory; even more historic humiliation of Pakistan

Hashmatullah Shahidi led Afghanistan to their first-ever ODI victory against Pakistan on Monday. The team’s impressive performance prompted Afghan and Indian cricket supporters to share celebratory memes on social media. The jovial banter reached its zenith as cricket enthusiasts engaged in cordial exchanges, highlighting the region’s ardent cricket culture.

2-Indians are at the top of the list of immigrants gaining citizenship in prosperous nations.

Indians are leading the way in acquiring citizenship in some of the world’s wealthiest nations. We investigate the causes of this phenomenon and its effects on individuals and societies. Join us for a discussion on the global migration landscape and its consequences.

3-New Zealand Team Meets Dalai Lama Before Match Against Australia | World Cup 2023

Prior to their Cricket World Cup 2023 match against Australia, the New Zealand cricket team employed a distinct pre-match custom. They visited the Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj in search of inspiration, with the spiritual leader posting a photo on Twitter. Before their crucial match in Dharamsala, this meeting is regarded as a spiritual boost.

4-Bhishan Singh Bedi has died; Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin comments on Bedi’s passing.

Regarding the passing of legendary Indian spinner Bishan Singh Bedi, former Indian cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin remarked, “I have never seen a stronger spin bowler than him. Bishan Ji was an exceptional individual who taught us a great deal. It is a significant loss for the cricket community.

5-Sri Lanka Approves Free Tourist Visas for Seven Nations | India is one of them

The cabinet of Sri Lanka has approved visa exemptions for visitors from India, China, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, and Thailand. The pilot programme, in effect from now until March 31, seeks to increase tourism and attract five million visitors.

The change streamlines visa procedures, thereby saving time and money. The Cabinet also proposes a system of electronic tickets for tourist attractions.

6-Prisoner Goes Live on Facebook, Threatens Opponents En Route to Court in Uttar Pradesh

A shocking incident in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, disclosed that a prisoner, Kartoos Yadav, broadcast a live video on Facebook from a police van en route to court using a mobile device. Threatening adversaries, the video sparked concerns regarding inmate privileges and prompted law enforcement to act swiftly. Security protocols are undergoing reevaluation.

7-Donald Trump refers to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban as “Turkey’s Leader” in a viral video and criticises Joe Biden over Israel.

On October 23, while delivering a speech in Derry, New Hampshire, former US President Donald Trump confused the identities of the leaders of Turkey and Hungary, committing a diplomatic gaffe. Trump stated that he had received praise from Viktor Orban while criticising incumbent President Joe Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Trump referred to him as the ‘leader of Turkey’ despite the fact that he is the Prime Minister of Hungary.

8-PM Modi’s Dussehra Speech: Ram Temple A ‘Sign Of Victory Of Our Patience’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday called upon people to root out distortions like casteism and regionalism in the society, saying the Dussehra festival should also mark triumph of patriotism over every evil in the country

9-Wasim Akram Rips Into Pakistan Over Fitness Concerns | PAK vs AFG | ODI World Cup 2023

Pakistan cricket team’s poor fielding during ODI World Cup 2023 has been the greatest concern for them and Wasim Akram was left furious after fielders once again let the Men in Green down vs Afghanistan

10-Bengal offers adieu to goddess Durga with ‘Sindhoor Khela’ ground report from Kolkata and Delhi

On the occasion of Vijay Dashmi, women send farewell to Goddess Durga with a ritual known as ‘Sindoor Khela’. This ritual takes place on the final day of Durga Puja, a significant festival in India, particularly in West Bengal.

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