Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 6, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 6, 2023

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1-India defeats South Africa by 243 runs in the ICC ODI WC 2023; Kohli scores 100 and Jadeja takes a fifer.

India vs. South Africa: On Sunday in this World Cup match, Virat Kohli delivered an immaculate birthday gift to his supporters by culminating an unbeaten innings of sublime patience and perseverance with his 49th ODI century, which propelled India to an above-par 326/5 against South Africa.

2-Outstanding performance! Prime Minister Modi lauds India’s victory over South Africa at the 2023 ICC World Cup.

India emerged victorious over South Africa in a decisive World Cup match by a noteworthy margin of 243 runs. The ascent of South Africa towards a formidable target of 327 runs was marked by a substantial collapse in the batting order.

Prime Minister Modi characterised the remarkable victory of the Indian cricket team as a “great birthday gift” for the birthday boy Virat Kohli. Team India received commendation from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and Home Minister Amit Shah. Minister of Sports Anurag Thakur praised the exceptional performance of Team Bharat during the World Cup.

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal likewise gushed over India’s decisive triumph over South Africa. Kohli reached a significant milestone on his 35th birthday when he tied Sachin Tendulkar’s record for the most overdue international centuries.

3-Nepal is struck by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake, and the Delhi-NCR area feels the shocks.

The National Centre for Seismology reported that on Monday, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 struck west Nepal and caused powerful vibrations to be felt in some areas of north India. It stated that the earthquake’s epicentre was located in Uttar Pradesh, 233 kilometers north of Ayodhya.

4-Delhi High Court lifts Sunita Kejriwal’s summons over voter list accusations, relieving the chief minister’s spouse

In response to claims that Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, had violated the Representation of the People (RP) Act, 1951 by enrolling in the voter lists of two separate constituencies, the Delhi High Court on Monday stayed the summons that had been issued to her by a trial court.

5-“India is utilizing distinct balls” | Wasim Akram refutes Hasan Raza’s allegation of ball manipulation

India’s remarkable undefeated record in the ICC World Cup 2023 is still intact following their decisive victory on November 5 over South Africa, who were bowled out for just 83 runs. Team India has dominated the competition, especially because of their devastating bowling attack. In the bowling category, Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah, and Mohammed Siraj have emerged as the top three performances.

However, several cricket observers from nearby nations are dubious about India’s dominance in bowling. Wasim Akram, a former Pakistani pacer, responded sharply to Hasan Raza’s allegations that the Indian bowlers receive different balls from the ICC, defending India’s bowlers. During 2017 ICC World Cup, the Indian speed bowlers have played a crucial role in helping their side turn the tide.

6-Deepfake awareness: Senior Bachchan demands an investigation, victim Rashmika Mandanna describes it as alarming

In response to her widely shared deepfake video, South actor Rashmika Mandanna stated on Monday that it is “very scary” how technology is being abused, while her co-star Amitabh Bachchan from “Goodbye” demanded that legal action be taken.

After a fact checker shared the deepfake video with the original footage of British-Indian social media star Zara Patel, Bachchan was the first to respond. She insisted that an immediate legislative and regulatory framework be put in place to address deepfakes in India. Bachchan responded to the tweet by saying, “Yes, there is a strong case for legal action.”

7-KCR Air Crisis| Helicopter Performs Cautious Landing at Farm House| Telangana CM Secure

Shortly after departure, a technical issue forced Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s helicopter to make an emergency landing at his Erravalli farmhouse. To be safe, the pilot decided to head back to the farmhouse. As part of his ongoing campaign for the upcoming Assembly elections,

KCR was traveling to Devarkadra in the Mahabubnagar district for a public gathering pertaining to elections.

8-Transgender Candidate Makes History by Entering Telangana Assembly Elections

Chitrapu Pushpita Laya, a transgender candidate from Warangal East, is about to create history by becoming the first of her kind to run in the Telangana Assembly elections. The Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has given this ground-breaking initiative its full backing by approving the B-form. Come learn more about this momentous occasion in Indian politics as well as the progress towards electoral inclusion.

9-Uttar Pradesh: A terrible pollution crisis has befallen Agra’s Taj Mahal.

Uttar Pradesh: The Taj Mahal, a once-iconic landmark, is currently polluted. The monument stood firm in spite of the haze, imploring us to safeguard its legacy and maintain its splendor.Come learn about Agra’s current air quality with us.

10-Deep Fakes: What is Rashmika Mandanna’s imprisonment due to the shadowy side of AI?

In the digital age, deepfake videos—a byproduct of sophisticated artificial intelligence—present a very worrying dilemma. These clever inventions blend the lines between fact and fiction by skillfully manipulating visual and audio content using AI algorithms.

One person’s voice and likeness may be smoothly superimposed onto another, creating a convincing illusion. We go into detail on the increasing use of AI to produce these kinds of videos in this video.

11-At the Kedarnath Temple, Rahul Gandhi feeds food to devotees and seers.

Rahul Gandhi, the Congress leader, gave food and tea this morning to pilgrims and seers at the Kedarnath temple in Uttarakhand. Yesterday, on his three-day visit to Uttarakhand, Mr. Gandhi offered prayers at the hill shrine.

12- At the Kedarnath Temple, Rahul Gandhi offers tea to pilgrims who are awaiting darshan.

On November 5, as part of his Kedarnath Yatra, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi served tea to pilgrims waiting in line for Lord Shiva’s darshan. Rahul Gandhi was present during the evening Aarti at the Uttarakhand temple of Kedarnath. His followers took selfies with him as he was doing Chai-Sewa.

13-The Delhi government offers 80,000 workers a ₹7,000 Diwali bonus.

Just before the much-awaited Diwali celebrations, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal promised a ₹7,000 incentive for government employees. The Delhi government has set aside a sizeable ₹56 crore for this purpose, the Chief Minister revealed at a news conference on November 6. This will help almost 80,000 Group B non-gazetted and Group C employees.

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