Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 14, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 14, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 14, 2023

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1-“Sona Kon sa…” Aloo wala huh?”New ‘Aloo-Sona’ jab from PM Modi against Rahul Gandhi in MP’s Barwani

Prime Minister Narendra Modi poked fun at Rahul Gandhi’s potato remark on November 13 while speaking at a public gathering in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, ahead of the Assembly Polls, which are slated for November 17.

He went on to say that this gold might be potato-based. “Wherever Congress took control and delivered disaster, Congress might have promised the Golden Palace people…Which gold are they going to bring now? PM Modi remarked, “Out of potatoes?” Election day in the state is November 17. The results will be tallied on December 3. Legislators from 230 Assembly constituencies will be chosen by voters.

2-World Cup 2023: Rachin Ravindra is backed by Kane Williamson to do well in the semifinal match at Wankhede

The captain of New Zealand, Kane Williamson, showered all-rounder Rachin Ravindra with accolades prior to Wednesday’s ODI World Cup 2023 semifinal match between India and New Zealand at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

3-Diwali 2023: Joe and Jill Biden give a poignant message as the White House celebrates the festival of lights

US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden sent a touching message wishing everyone a happy Diwali. They ignited a “Diya” in order to “reflect Diwali’s teachings of choosing the light of unity, wisdom, and love over the darkness of hate and division.”

Joe Biden posted a video of himself and Jill Biden enjoying Diwali in the White House on X. Not just US President Joe Biden observes Diwali. Other world leaders also do so. At 10, Downing Street, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty also celebrated Diwali. On Diwali, S Jaishankar, India’s Minister of External Affairs, also met Rishi Sunak. UK PM Sunak was given a cricket bat signed by Virat Kohli by EAM.

4-Telangana polls: Asaduddin Owaisi refers to Revanth Reddy as “RSS Anna” following his remark about being a “khaki knicker.”

AIMIM head Asaduddin Owaisi said of Telangana Congress president Revanth Reddy, “His name is RSS Anna, he started his life from RSS…he won’t leave RSS.” Mohan Bhagwat currently controls the Congress headquarters in Hyderabad, and the hate speech he (Revanth Reddy) said is what the RSS believes.He will always be an RSS person, just as he was before. He detests those who wear skull helmets and grow facial hair.”

5-At the age of 94, PRS ‘Biki’ Oberoi, the former chairman of The Oberoi Group, passes away.

On November 14, 2023, Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi, the 94-year-old chairman emeritus of The Oberoi Group, passes away. Known by most as “Biki,” PRS Oberoi was well-known throughout the world for his chain of hotels.

6-Prez Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden’s Secret Service agents open fire on alleged carjackers

Late on Sunday night, three people trying to sneak into a parked SUV were shot by Secret Service agents assigned to guard Naomi Biden in Georgetown. One of the agents fired a shot after seeing the suspects smash a window, but no one was hurt.

A regional alert was sent to the Metropolitan Police by the Secret Service after the attackers escaped in a red automobile. This year, there have been over 750 reported carjackings and 6,000 cases involving stolen vehicles in Washington. The event comes after US Representative Henry Cuellar was carjacked close to the Capitol.

7-PM UK The Tory MP has sent Rishi Sunak his first letter of no confidence. Could he be removed?

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Rishi Sunak has received his first letter of no confidence since dismissing Interior Minister Suella Braverman. The MP for Rishi Sunak’s party, Andrea Jenkyns, sent a blistering letter to Sir Graham Brady, the head of the 1922 Committee.

8-Indian Student Count in the U.S. Exceeds China: Report | Justification

India now has more students in the United States than China! Find out the main causes of this striking change in the student population. Watch this space for a detailed examination of the most recent report that will illuminate the causes behind the increasing number of Indian students studying in the US.

9-Producer of “Euphoria” on HBO, Kevin Turen, Dies aged 44

Over the weekend, Kevin Turen, a 44-year-old producer of movies and television shows best known for his work on HBO series “Euphoria” and “The Idol,” unexpectedly departed away. The reason of death and more information were not made public.

10-Top Congressmen Will Begin Their Campaigns in Telangana on November 17, 2023 | Telangana Elections

Leading Congressmen Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi will be in the state for a considerable amount of the Assembly election campaigning.

11-Kumaraswamy Responds to Congress’s Charges of Power Theft for Diwali Lighting

The Karnataka Congress has charged JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy with stealing electricity to light up his home for Diwali. To be clear, Kumaraswamy stated that after learning about it, he disconnected the lighting’s connection to the power line, which had been installed by a private decorator.

12-US Supreme Court Issues First Ethics Code in Response to Concerns: An Explanation

There don’t seem to be any major additional obligations placed on the nine justices by the recently adopted Supreme Court code of conduct.

Mark Sherman, a Supreme Court reporter for the Associated Press, stated that the code does not establish any further enforcement mechanisms and instead leaves it up to the justices to comply.

In response to persistent criticism regarding trips and gifts that several justices received from affluent donors without disclosure, the Supreme Court revealed the code on Monday.

13-U.S. Elections 2023: Tim Scott, the only Black Republican in the Senate, withdraws from consideration for president

The field of contenders for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential primary has suddenly narrowed down to a select group of strong candidates.

Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina startled several members of his own staff a day ago when he announced that his campaign would be suspended, but it’s unclear if the GOP is getting any closer to unifying behind a distinct contender to former President Donald Trump.

Rather, it seems like Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis are getting closer in their battle for a distant second place. Additionally, despite mounting pressure to withdraw from the race entirely, several lesser-known contenders insist on continuing to fight for significance.

14-Mahadev Betting App case: Burman family disputes claims; Dabur group chairman and director are booked

In relation to the Mahadev betting app, Mumbai Police have filed charges against 32 individuals, including Mohit Burman, the chairman of the firm, and Gaurav Burman, the director of Dabur, under several fraud and gambling-related categories.

The First Information Report (FIR) states that, of the alleged suspects in the Mahadev betting app, Gaurav Burman is ranked number eighteen, and Mohit Burman is listed at number sixteen.

15-AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s Drawing of BJP & Congress Analogy During the Telangana Election Reactions

West Bengal Congress head Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury responded to Asaduddin Owaisi’s criticism of Telangana Pradesh Congress chief Revanth Reddy by saying that Owaisi is aware that his party reduces Congress votes, making it easier for the BJP to contest.

The verbal sparring between Owaisi and Reddy on their purported associations with the BJP or RSS has escalated in the run-up to the pivotal Telangana Assembly Election. Reddy was called a “RSS puppet” and accused of “dog whistle politics” by Owaisi, who insisted that the BJP and Congress are the same.

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