Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 24, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 24, 2023

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1-Ohio shoots dead Indian PhD student; university laments loss; investigation ongoing

Unsettlingly, a young Indian student studying for a doctorate in the US was shot and killed in Ohio while driving his automobile. The 26-year-old, known as Aaditya Adlakha, was a PhD candidate at the University of Cincinnati Medical School studying molecular and developmental biology.

2-Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse: 46.8 metres were drilled before another technical issue prevented rescue efforts.

Since November 12, 2023, all eyes have been focused on the rescue efforts, which have been stepped up to free the 41 workers who are stranded within the collapsed tunnel in Silkyara, Uttarakhand.

The officials are drilling an additional two metres to reach the workers after successfully inserting broad pipes up to 45 metres through the debris.

3-OpenAI Warned of an AI Breakthrough, Associated with the Removal of the CEO?

OpenAI’s AI Breakthrough Warnings: Associated with the CEO’s Removal?

4-Actor Prakash Raj was summoned and charged by the ED in a ₹100 crore Ponzi scheme.

Famous actor Prakash Raj is being summoned by the ED about a ₹100-crore Ponzi scheme connected to Pranav Jewellers. In response to allegations of fraud, the ED raided jewellery chain locations. The brand ambassador, Raj, says nothing. Investigations resulted in the recovery of gold and cash. Irony is added to the issue when Raj’s summons coincides with his criticism of government strategies and ignites political disputes.

5-Indian Navy Veterans Row Death: A Glimmer of Hope As Qatar Grants Appeal

India’s appeal against the death punishment for eight Navy veterans in an accused spy case has been accepted by a court in Qatar. India’s appeal will now be reviewed by the Qatari court, and a hearing date is anticipated soon.

India has pledged to investigate all legal avenues to bring the eight former Navy personnel back after expressing shock at Qatar’s decision to sentence them to death last month.

6-The proposal to withdraw the CBI case against DK Shivakumar is approved by Karnataka

According to sources, the Karnataka government, which is governed by Congress, has accepted a suggestion to drop a case that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was investigating to determine whether Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar had assets that were allegedly disproportionate.

They stated that the state cabinet was presented with a recommendation from the home department to transfer the probe to either the state police or the anti-corruption body Lokayukta.

7-Famous Bhojpuri YouTuber Malti Chauhan Was Found Dead, and Family Says Murder Was Done for Dowry.

Tragically, 30-year-old Bhojpuri YouTuber Malti Chauhan was found dead in Uttar Pradesh under dubious circumstances. Her body was discovered hanging at the residence of her in-laws in the village of Kali Jagdishpur, which is under the Mahuli police station’s jurisdiction.

Now that Malti’s father, Deepchand, has filed a case accusing her husband Vishnu of killing her, the focus is on him. Deepchand claims that the day before Vishnu passed away, she had picked up Malti from her mother’s house. In an attempt to further complicate the tragedy, he also claimed that a rupture between the couple had been caused by Vishnu’s supposed liaison with another woman.

8-IND vs AUS, First T20I: Suryakumar Yadav Motivates India to Win Two Wickets Against Australia

In their first T20I match on 23 November, Team India defeated the Kangaroos by 2 wickets as they took to the pitch for the first time since losing to Australia in the world cup final.

9-The Batting Partner Gautam Gambhir Most Likes Is The One Who Took India To Several Spectacular Wins

Gautam Gambhir, the Indian batsman who won the world cup, recently disclosed who his favourite batting partner has been over the course of a 12-year career.

10-Rashid Khan Has Surgery on His Lower Back; Mohd Nabi Posts a Photo

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has verified that prominent Afghan cricket player Rashid Khan recently had minor lower-back surgery in the United Kingdom.

11=Indian Aircraft Losing Signal Over the Middle East, Aviation Norms

Amidst accusations of such interference in the Middle East, aviation watchdog DGCA has sent a circular to airlines and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) on countermeasures against threats from jamming and spoofing of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

12 – Following Sam Altman’s return to OpenAI, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella states, “AI Is Really Just A Tool.”

Sam Altman Made His Way Back To Openai After A Five-Day Scramble. Microsoft CEO and Chairman Satya Nadella stated that technology, including Al, is only a tool after his return. Ahead of Thanksgiving, Nadella wrote an internal memo to staff highlighting the extraordinary rate of invention, particularly in light of the world’s “continuous hardship and uncertainty.”

13-Mamata Banerjee Claims India Would Have Won If Eden Gardens or Wankhede Had Hosted the World Cup Final

At the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata on November 23, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her disappointment over India’s loss in the finals while speaking to Trinamool Congress Workers. If the finals had taken place at Wankhede (in Mumbai) or in Kolkata (at Eden Gardens),

Team India would have triumphed. Our players were required to wear saffron, or gerua. According to Mamata Banerjee, as reported by ANI, “The Players Resisted, So India Team Did Not Have To Wear Saffron Jersey During Matches.”

14-Government to Name Officer to Take Action Against Deepfake Content and Establishes Online Platform Deadline

The Centre Will Name A Representative Soon To Address Deepfake Content Properly. The Centre also believes that the laws currently in effect and the IT regulations contain explicit provisions addressing deepfake content, thus it has asked social media platforms to align their terms of use with the regulations within the next seven days.

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