Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 26, 2023

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1 Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 26, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 26, 2023

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1-The 15th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks tragedy | India remembers

The horrific terrorist strikes that rocked Mumbai on November 26, 2008, occurred fifteen years ago. The coordinated attacks by a group of terrorists, commonly known as 26/11, shocked the country and the world. The lessons acquired from this sad incident are still vital for maintaining global security, and its wounds still exist in the collective memory of those who saw it.

2. Life in Prison for Four in the 2008 Murder Case of Soumya Vishwanathan

Four men—Ravi Kapoor, Ajay Kumar, Baljeet Malik, and Amit Shuklawere given life sentences in jail by a Saket court in Delhi for the 2008 murder of journalist Soumya Vishwanathan.

The defendants were fined ₹1.25 lakh apiece and were charged with Murder and MCOCA. Ajay Sethi, another accused, was sentenced to three years in prison. After Soumya Vishwanathan was shot and killed in Vasant Kunj, the court found him guilty in October, and now he is being sentenced. Because of its effect on journalistic safety, the case that was first connected to a robbery attracted public attention.

3-Kerala laments, Cochin University tragedy: Four people are killed in a stampede during a concert.

During a live concert at Cochin University, there was a stampede that left over 60 people injured and four students dead. The abrupt stoppage of the rain caused panic and mayhem. The chief minister of Kerala canceled cultural activities and convened an emergency meeting. Ministers will evaluate the circumstances, and an investigation into the event is in progress.

Event safety is a topic of discussion following the disaster. Medical reactions are supervised by Health Minister Veena George, who focuses on tending to the injured, some of whom are in serious condition.

4- “Leave This Place”: Dutch Prime Minister and potential Geert Wilders Advises Muslims in a New Viral Video

The undated speech of Dutch anti-Islamic populist and PM candidate Geert Wilders, in which he criticizes Islam and Muslims, has gone viral. The speech is purportedly made in response to his far-right party’s unexpected win in the Netherlands.

However, HT is unable to independently confirm the video’s date and location. In his address, Wilders refers to Islam as a religion of “hate and terror” and vows to crack down on Muslims, their mosques, and Islamic centers. For additional information, watch the video.

5-After being freed from Hamas custody, a 9-year-old Israeli child was reunited with his father | Watch

Israelis rejoiced over the release of Hamas hostages. To welcome the hostages, a group of Israeli citizens gathered in the Petah Tikva area around Schneider Children’s Hospital sung the traditional song “Shalom Aleichem.”

Another video showed a nine-year-old Israeli boy who had been held captive by Hamas for 49 days meeting his father for the first time. Check out this video.

6-Rahul Gandhi wins over voters at the renowned Bawarchi restaurant by serving Hyderabadi food.

Rahul Gandhi enters a Hyderabad restaurant in the latter part of Telangana’s election campaign and strikes up a conversation with the staff and customers.In a video, the former president of the Congress was seen directing Mallikarjun Kharge’s campaign for the party.

The results of the impending November 30 polls, which will pit the incumbent BRS against the Congress and the rising BJP in a three-cornered race, will be revealed on December 3. Telangana is now governed by the BRS.

7-Watch: Online Video Shows Cricketer Mohammed Shami Saving A Life in Nainital

Watch this amazing video of Indian cricket player Mohammed Shami jumping into action to save a victim in a car accident close to Nainital. Watch the video to see how Shami’s prompt action and kind assistance saved a life. Get more motivational tales from your favorite athletes by subscribing!

8-Cities in Canada Break Tradition: Unusual Warmth Resulting in November Without Snow During El Niño

November in Edmonton is odd since there isn’t any snow, which is uncommon for the city. At the weather station at Edmonton International Airport, the last snowless November occurred in 1928. This year is the first in the station’s history that there hasn’t been any snowfall in November, despite previous close calls.

The present El Niño weather pattern, which produces warmer and drier conditions, is blamed for the anomaly. Edmonton should see a warmer and drier winter, according to the forecast.

9-Mallikarjun Kharge: “Confident Congress Will Form Government” in reference to the Telangana Assembly Elections of 2023.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge claims that the BJP’s efforts to reveal a secret deal with the BRS and the AIMIM’s choice to run for just nine seats in the state are evidence that the BRS has the backing of the party as the fight for Telangana enters its final phase.

According to him, the Congress will have a sizable majority—enough to stave off attempts to remove its members of parliament following the elections.

10-BJP Chief of Telangana, G Kishan Reddy: “Amit Shah’s Campaign Will Get Full Support

The BJP’s effort for the Backward Classes would succeed in the fight for Telangana, according to state head and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy. According to him, the BJP is not a third player but rather the front-runner, exclusively speaking to TM Veeraraghav of NDTV.

11-“You Have Violated…”: Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao Receives A Notice From The Poll Body

The governing BRS working president and IT Minister K T Rama Rao was sent a notice by the Election Commission on Saturday for allegedly approaching a government institution here and utilizing the platform for political activities. The commission requested a response from Rama Rao by Sunday afternoon.

In its notification, the EC stated that it had received a complaint from Congress MP Randeep Singh Surjewala, alleging that on November 20, Rama Rao, a well-known BRS activist, went to the “T-works” office and engaged with a number of young people who worked there.

12- Neeraj Chopra On Preparing for the Olympics in Paris 2024: “I Will Give 100%”

On November 26, elite javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra declared that he would give it his all to represent his nation at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

Neeraj Chopra declared, “I’m going to start getting ready for the Olympics in Paris, and I’m going to travel overseas for that. I’ll put everything on the line to bring home a medal for the nation. Indian sportsmen put on an incredible show at the Hangzhou Olympic Stadium on October 4, winni countryman Kishore Kumar Jena. Notably, the dates of the 2024 Paris Olympics are set for July 26, 2024, through August 11, 2024.

13The Animation Film Directed by Assam IAS Officer Gets Multiple Awards

The cartoon feature Lachit The Warrior, which was produced by Mina Mahanta and Indrani Baruah and written and directed by senior IPS officer Parthasarathi Mahanta, has been selected for the International feature Festival of India, 2023 (IFFI) ‘Indian Panorama’ sectio.

14-IPL Retention: Gujarat Titans Retain Hardik Pandya, Who Will Not Return To The Mumbai Indians

In stark contrast to media reports indicating that Hardik Pandya would return to the Mumbai Indians before to the IPL 2024 auction, the all-round player was signed by the Gujarat Titans on Sunday.

15-Mann Ki Baat: Prime Minister Modi Requests ‘Big Families’ Not to Have Foreign Weddings

The trend of certain “big families” having weddings overseas worries Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who on Sunday urged people to have these events in India to prevent money from leaving the nation.

Modi stated in his Mann Ki Baat radio show that individuals should prioritize buying wedding-related items manufactured in India alone.

“Wedding season has also started at this point. According to several trade associations, this wedding season may bring in about Rs 5 lakh crore in revenue. All of you should prioritize buying wedding-related merchandise created in India alone, he advised.

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