Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 30, 2023

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- November 30, 2023

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1-Watch Arnold Dix celebrate the crew’ successful rescue from the Uttarkashi Tunnel.

Watching in rapt attention from around the country was the rescue of 41 workmen who had been trapped in a collapsed Uttarakhand tunnel for 17 days. After enormous drilling machines failed to break through the debris, numerous agencies had to be involved in the rescue, which turned into a protracted engineering effort requiring the creation of backup plans.

The Indian Army, police, and several other organizations, together with national and disaster relief teams, labored nonstop to rescue the 41 men who were stranded beneath the collapsed Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand.

Arnold Dix, a tunnel expert who provided guidance to the government and agencies during the rescue, was another important player in the operation.

2-Elon Musk uses profanity and criticizes sponsors in the midst of an anti-Semitic post row.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has abruptly increased hostilities with advertising by swearing at them during an interview. This occurs amid escalating controversy about a purportedly anti-Semitic tweet that Musk posted on his social media account on X, the former Twitter.

During a conversation at the New York Times DealBook Summit, Musk made the divisive comments. He took aim at the advertising directly and swore at them.

3-Assembly Elections 2023: Today’s exit polls How Different from Opinion Polls Are They?

Many Indian states held elections from November 7 to November 25. Results for all states will be released on December 3, with Telangana voting today. Tonight, exit polls that predict the makeup of the government and the number of seats held by each party will be made public.

These are distinct from exit polls, which record actual voting behavior, and opinion polls, which forecast voter sentiment before to elections.

4-Traditional Meitei wedding: Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram wed

Today, November 29, Randeep Hooda and Lin Laishram were married in Chumthang Sanapung, which is located in Langthabal, Imphal West. Imphal was reached on November 27. Following their visit to the temples to seek blessings, Lin and Randeep went to Loktak Lake and a relief camp located in Moirang.

“Taking a leaf from the Mahabharata, where Arjuna married Manipuri Warrior Princess Chitrangada, we are getting married with the blessings of our families and friends,” stated their official wedding statement. We are overjoyed to announce that we will wed in Imphal, Manipur on November 29, 2023, and have a reception in Mumbai thereafter. We ask for your blessings and affection for this union of cultures as we begin out on this adventure, for which we will always be thankful and indebted. Lin and Randeep (sic) in light and love.”

5-US Report: Thousands of UFOs in Earth’s Orbit, Creating Difficulties for Threat Detection

Earth’s orbit is swarming with UFOs, according to a recent USSF assessment, which makes it difficult to spot threats and complicates the space force’s task. The volume of sightings makes the work of personnel more difficult, bringing with it unfamiliar phrases like “patterns of life” and “abnormal observables” that require definition.

The USSF is dedicated to tackling the complexity related to UFO phenomenon in space, even in the face of these challenges. To learn more about this fascinating story on the USSF’s difficulties with strange UFOs in Earth’s orbit, stay tuned for updates.

6-Telangana Elections: Actors such as Jr. NTR, Naga Chaitanya, and Allu Arjun voted

Prominent figures from the Telugu film industry, including Allu Arjun, Jr. NTR, Chiranjeevi, and Nithin, cast their ballots early on Thursday, when the state’s polls opened at 7 a.m. Chiranjeevi cast his ballot at Jubilee Hills’ Obul Reddy Public School with his wife Surekha and daughter Sreeja in tow.

Jr. NTR and his spouse Pranathi cast their votes at the same polling place as Chiranjeevi, joining the line with everyone else. Along with seasoned actor Venkatesh, Allu Arjun exercised his right to vote at the BSNL polling place in Jubilee Hills at 7 a.m. Watch this now.

7- A YouTube channel based in Chennai becomes a Rs 150-Crore EduTech startup.

An EduTech startup valued at Rs 150 crore was once a YouTube channel situated in Chennai. That is the tale of Guvi Geek, which was developed at the Research Park of IIT Madras. Guvi, an online computer education platform founded by three techies who resigned their professions, empowers and transforms students, especially those from smaller towns, into a pool of employable talent by teaching coding in vernacular languages.

The brand is about to go worldwide. Sam Daniel of NDTV chatted with the co-founders about their motivational tale, goal, and advice for aspiring business owners.

8- Results of the Telangana Election Exit Poll for 2023 | KCR in Peril in Telangana As Congress Advances

Telangana Exit Polls: The party of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR), Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), is trailing the Congress handily in Telangana, according to exit polls.

According to exit polls conducted by India TV-CNX, the Congress might secure 63-79 seats in the 119-member house, while BRS would secure 31-47 seats.

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