Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-February 8, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-February 8, 2024

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High-Level Political Meeting: Chandrababu Naidu and Amit Shah

TDP President Chandrababu Naidu met with Union Home Minister Amit Shah in New Delhi.
Naidu also had a meeting with MP Jayadev Galla, who recently announced his retirement from politics.
Galla praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership in his farewell speech.

Shankar Mahadevan’s Grammy Triumph

Shankar Mahadevan won the Best Global Music Album at the Grammys 2024 with Zakir Hussain.
Mahadevan expressed heartfelt gratitude, emphasizing the achievement of dreams.

Nikki Haley’s Setback in Nevada GOP Primary

Nikki Haley lost the Nevada GOP primary to “none of these candidates.”
Donald Trump, not competing in the primary, mocked Haley’s defeat.
Despite the loss, Haley’s campaign remains undeterred, criticizing Trump’s remarks.

Poetic Critique from Samajwadi Party’s Dr. Ragini Sonker

Samajwadi Party MLA Dr. Ragini Sonker criticized the Yogi Adityanath-led government.
Her critique focused on electricity projects and the Ayodhya Ram Mandir, delivered in a poetic manner.

Election Day Internet Shutdown in Pakistan

General elections commenced with mobile services suspended to ensure security.
The elections saw early voter turnout amidst a backdrop of violence leading to 30 deaths.
A public holiday was declared to facilitate the voting process for over 128 million registered voters.

Miss Japan 2024 Resignation Amidst Scandal

Karolina Shiino, Miss Japan 2024, resigned due to a scandal involving a relationship with a married influencer.
The controversy led to public debate and Shiino’s apology on Instagram.
The Miss Japan Association accepted her resignation, marking a significant moment in the pageant’s history.

Royal Duties Resume Amid Family Health Challenges

Prince William returns to royal duties following King Charles III’s cancer diagnosis.
The Prince of Wales participated in an investiture ceremony and a fundraising gala for London’s Air Ambulance Charity.
Prince Harry visited King Charles for a brief reunion, amidst ongoing family health concerns.

“Putin Challenger Barred from Election”

Russia’s Central Election Commission disqualifies anti-war candidate Boris Nadezhdin from the presidential race, citing his opposition to Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

“Congress Releases ‘Black Paper’ Against Modi Government”

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge criticizes the Modi administration with a “Black Paper,” alleging a decade of failures and injustices.

“Imprisoned Leaders Vote in Pakistan Elections”

Imran Khan and other jailed political figures utilize postal ballots to vote in Pakistan’s general elections, highlighting ongoing political tensions.

“Biden Forgets Hamas’ Name”

A video captures U.S. President Joe Biden struggling to recall Hamas’ name during a press briefing, sparking social media backlash.

Eiffel Tower Metals in Olympic Medals”

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic medals will feature metal from the Eiffel Tower, blending tradition with celebration.

“Karnataka Bans Hookah to Protect Public Health”

Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao announces a statewide ban on hookah sales and consumption, citing health concerns and WHO statistics.

“Vikrant Massey & Sheetal Thakur Welcome Baby Boy”

Actors Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur celebrate the birth of their first child, receiving widespread support from fans and celebrities.

“Kapil Sharma’s Allegations Against Car Designer”

Comedian Kapil Sharma accuses car designer Dilip Chhabria of financial misconduct, marking a significant legal dispute involving high-profile personalities.

“Congress Counters BJP with ‘Black Paper'”

In a stark political clash, Congress challenges the Modi government’s decade-long record with a ‘black paper’, aiming to highlight alleged failures and injustices.

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