Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 13, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 13, 2024

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Cartoon Stirs Outrage with Gaza Ramadan Depiction

A cartoon from ‘Liberation’ has ignited a backlash for mocking the food crisis in Gaza during Ramadan, eliciting strong criticism on social media for its insensitivity.

Indian Forces Nab Pakistani Drug Boat

In a significant operation off the Gujarat coast, Indian security forces captured a Pakistani boat loaded with drugs valued at Rs 480 crore, arresting its crew in the process.

BJP Candidate Bansuri Swaraj Discusses Violence Against Women

Bansuri Swaraj, vying for a seat in the Lok Sabha, reflects on her mother’s legacy and addresses the issue of violence against women in regions like West Bengal and Manipur.

Biden and Trump Gear Up for 2024 Election Showdown

Joe Biden secures the Democratic nomination for the 2024 US Presidential Election, setting the stage for a potential rematch with Donald Trump.

Haryana Witnesses New Chief Minister’s Swearing-In

Nayab Singh Saini takes oath as Haryana’s Chief Minister, with notable absences and political tensions highlighting the event.

BJP Intensifies Election Campaign in Telangana

Amit Shah’s visit to Telangana marks a major push by the BJP, preceding an anticipated visit from PM Modi, as the party aims to strengthen its presence in the state.

Setback for Japan’s Space Ambitions

The explosion of Japan’s Kairos rocket on its inaugural flight marks a significant setback for the country’s space exploration efforts.

Tragedy Strikes Russian Military

A Russian military plane crashes in the Ivanovo region, adding to the tensions between Russia and Ukraine with all crew members lost.

Tamil Cinema Stars Oppose CAA

Thalapathy Vijay and Kamal Haasan voice their opposition to the Centre’s implementation of the CAA, aligning with concerns from their industry peers.

The ‘Sanskari Chor’ Incident

A thief in Meerut exhibits a unique blend of devotion and deceit, stealing a temple idol after offering his respects.

Nita Ambani Supports Women’s Premier League

Nita Ambani’s presence at a WPL 2024 match underscores her support for women’s cricket, highlighting the league’s growing prominence.

India’s First Elevated Highway Opens

The Dwarka Expressway’s inauguration promises to ease travel between Haryana and Delhi, showcasing India’s infrastructure advancements.

Tata Unveils Nexon EV Dark Edition

Tata Motors launches the Nexon EV Dark Edition, entering the competitive electric SUV market with style and advanced features.

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