Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 25, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News-March 25, 2024

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Student at Prestigious Institute Arrested over Suspected Extremist Ties

An IIT Guwahati student has been apprehended by the Assam police, accused of attempting to align with ISIS through a communication sent via his LinkedIn profile. Investigations were spurred by an email where the student expressed a desire to join ISIS, leading to his arrest and the discovery of a flag resembling those used by ISIS.

Kangana Ranaut Embarks on a Political Journey with the BJP

Bollywood icon Kangana Ranaut, alongside other notable figures, has joined the BJP’s roster of candidates for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Her political venture begins from Mandi, her hometown, signaling a new chapter in her illustrious career.

BJP Announces Star-Studded Candidate List for Elections

In its fifth candidate announcement for the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP unveiled a list featuring celebrities and former political figures, marking a strategic blend of glamour and political prowess in their election campaign.

India’s Strong Rebuke to Pakistan at IPU Parliament

During the 148th IPU Parliament session, India responded sharply to Pakistan’s remarks on Kashmir, highlighting India’s robust democratic values and criticizing Pakistan’s democratic track record.

Army’s Holi Festivities at the Border

Indian Army personnel stationed at the LoC celebrated Holi with traditional fervor, emphasizing unity and camaraderie amidst their rigorous duties.

Elephant Clash at Kerala Festival Sparks Concern

A violent confrontation between two elephants at a temple festival in Kerala raised alarms about animal welfare and public safety, underlining the need for stringent safety protocols during such events.

US Ambassador Experiences Holi in India

Eric Garcetti, the US Ambassador to India, shared his first Holi celebration in India, highlighting the festival’s universal appeal and the cultural exchange between the two nations.

Nationwide Celebrations of Holi Highlight Unity and Joy

Across India, the Holi festival was celebrated with enthusiasm and traditional rituals, reinforcing the cultural significance and the spirit of community among the populace.

India Expresses Solidarity with Russia Following Attack

India’s External Affairs Minister extended condolences to Russia in the aftermath of a devastating terror attack in Moscow, affirming strong bilateral relations and shared concerns over terrorism.

France Escalates Terror Alert Post Moscow Attack

In response to a deadly attack in Moscow, France heightened its terror alert to the maximum, reflecting growing concerns over global security and the persistent threat of terrorism.

Opposition Rallies Behind Kejriwal in Delhi

A major rally is set to be held in Delhi by the opposition INDIA bloc, showcasing solidarity against the arrest of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and signaling a united front against the central government’s actions.

Biden and Trump Dominate Louisiana Primaries

The presidential primary in Louisiana saw President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump reaffirming their lead within their respective parties, indicating a steady build-up to the forthcoming electoral contests.

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