Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 13, 2024

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- April 13, 2024

Modi Highlights Difference Between Gaming and Gambling

Prime Minister Modi discusses the distinctions between gaming and gambling with Indian gamers, inviting them to share concerns via email.

Tesla Explores Business Opportunities in India

India’s commitment to renewable energy attracts Tesla, with CEO Elon Musk praising Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives in sustainability.

Airlines Avoid Iranian Airspace Amid Heightened Tensions

Due to increased regional instability, major airlines like Air India and Qantas reroute flights to circumvent Iranian airspace, prioritizing passenger safety.

Maldives Seeks to Rekindle Indian Tourist Interest

The Maldives initiates a campaign to boost tourism from India after a decline in visitor numbers, planning roadshows across major Indian cities.

Germany Denies Entry to Controversial Surgeon

A British-Palestinian surgeon is barred from entering Germany due to his controversial statements, amidst tensions in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Russia Conducts Ballistic Missile Test

In a show of military strength, Russia tests an intercontinental ballistic missile amid high global tensions.

India Addresses Mysterious Deaths of Students in the U.S.

The Indian government responds to the alarming deaths of several Indian students in the U.S., calling for thorough investigations.

Congress President Kharge Defends the Party’s Longevity

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge emphasizes the historical resilience of the Congress Party and its commitment to democracy.

CBI Detains K. Kavitha Over Alleged Corruption

K. Kavitha faces CBI custody in connection with a financial scandal, highlighting alleged corrupt dealings.

India Issues Advisory on Misleading Health Drink Labels

The Indian government advises e-commerce sites to correctly label products like Bournvita to protect consumer interests, especially children.

Actor Ram Charan Honored with Doctorate

Vels University awards Ram Charan an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Arrest Made in Connection to Bengaluru Cafe Explosion

Law enforcement captures a suspect linked to a cafe explosion in Bengaluru, with possible connections to extremist activities.

U.S. Companies Experiment with Four-Day Workweeks

Several U.S. companies test a four-day workweek format aiming to reduce employee burnout and improve well-being.

Multiple Stabbings Occur at Sydney Shopping Center

A knife attack at a Sydney mall results in multiple injuries, with police neutralizing the assailant.

UK Revises Income Requirements for Family Visas

The UK government raises the salary threshold for family visa sponsorships, significantly impacting immigration rules.

Delhi Capitals Claim Victory in IPL Match

Delhi Capitals secure their second win of the IPL 2024 season, beating Lucknow Super Giants.

IPL 2024 Features Record-Breaking Sixes

This IPL season breaks records with an impressive number of sixes, showcasing exceptional batting performances.

Global Support Aids Kerala Man on Death Row

A crowdfunding campaign raises significant funds to support a Kerala man facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.

Assam Celebrates Rongali Bihu Amid Election Season

Assam’s Rongali Bihu festival brings festive cheer, intertwining with political campaigns during the election period.

Allegations of Extortion in Excise Policy Scandal

The CBI reports that K. Kavitha allegedly coerced a pharmaceutical executive to pay a large sum to AAP, linked to a policy scandal.

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