Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- August 6, 2022

Latest News, Breaking News, Global News- August 6, 2022

1-Voting for the 2022 vice presidential election will take place today; Dhankhar vs. Alva

The NDA nominee Jagdeep Dhankar and the opposition candidate Margaret Alva will square off in the vice presidential election on Saturday.

While the numbers are shifting in the NDA candidate’s favour, senior politician Alva has called for a deliberate vote.

The Parliament House building will host the vote, where MPs will cast their ballots.

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2-UK PM Optimistic Rishi Sunak surprises Liz Truss in a debate victory.

At a crucial debate with front-runner Liz Truss in the campaign to become the next prime minister of Britain, Rishi Sunak on Thursday appeared to pull off a surprise victory in front of a studio audience.
However, after an electronic voting system malfunctioned during the Sky News debate, the audience strongly favoured Sunak in a show of hands, despite surveys favouring Truss to win the vote among Conservative party members.

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3-According to Amit Shah, today’s Congress protest sends a message against Ram temple

Amit Shah, the union minister for the interior, charged that the Congress was engaging in appeasement politics in response to the party’s widespread black-out protests over inflation and unemployment.

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4-Tejas charms the United States, Australia, and 5 other nations. multipurpose, extremely nimble supersonic jet

Australia and the United States, both members of the Quad, have expressed interest in the Tejas.

Malaysia has received an offer from India to purchase 18 Tejas (indigenous light combat aircraft).

In a $6BN contract, the IAF chose to purchase 83 Tejas planes, with deliveries set to begin in 2023.

With a focus on defence domestication, the Modi administration has been working to sell Tejas.

5-Elon Musk criticises Twitter for suing India and explains the full exchange

In his response to the complaint Twitter filed in the Karnataka High Court, Elon Musk referred to the Indian government.

When outlining his justifications for pulling out of the Twitter deal, Musk referenced India.

According to the Tesla CEO, Twitter filed a “risky lawsuit” against the Indian government.

6-Protesters in Eastbourne disrupt Liz Truss during a Conservative leadership hustings

After being stopped by protesters during tonight’s fourth formal Conservative leadership hustings in Eastbourne, Liz Truss lashed out at “militant activists.”

There was a brief halt in the action as the protesters were led out of the building. One of them appeared to yell “shame on you” at the Foreign Secretary.

7 Whether you like him or not, history will judge you on this. Boris Johnson

How will Boris Johnson be remembered in compared to Theresa May now that he has outlasted her in office?

May, who became prime minister in 2016, held the position for three years and twelve days, and as of this Friday, Johnson has held the position longer since he took office on July 24, 2019.

8-Israeli researchers develop the world’s first artificial embryo without sperm

For the first time ever, a synthetic embryo without an egg or sperm has been produced by scientists.

95 percent of the cells were normally functioning.

How did this function? See this video to learn more.

9-After Rahul Gandhi called PM Modi “Hitler,” the BJP demanded that he stop “shaming democracy.”

Rahul Gandhi, a senior member of the Congress, declared on August 5 that India is experiencing the “death of democracy” in a stinging attack on the BJP-led federal administration.

Gandhi also stated that the RSS now has complete control over all Indian institutions.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, a senior member of the BJP, retaliated against Gandhi by accusing him of defaming democracy.

10-Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin sends the first Egyptian and Portuguese into space successfully

Six more passengers were successfully placed in orbit on Thursday by Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship, which launched from Site One in Texas.

The spaceship launched for a brief journey into space.

Sara Sabry became the first Egyptian astronaut along with Mario Ferreira, the first Portuguese astronaut.

On the New Shepherd space mission, while other crew members experienced zero gravity, a giddy passenger is heard shouting, “I am spinning.”

Blue Origin broke a milestone by sending the first astronauts of Egyptian and Portuguese ancestry into space on its third space tourism mission of the year.

This is the sixth crewed launch for Blue Origin, which began human spaceflights last year by launching its founder Jeff Bezos and his brother Mark into orbit.

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